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Hear what they say

I’ve never failed to implement any marketing strategies from you. Always packed with insights. I’m glad to report that we closed the year with $1.4m, cash in the bank.

Gbenga Omitosho

Agency Owner

This shouldn’t come to you as a surprise but It has to be said. I used one of the ideas you revealed to make 10fold my investment. It’s money well spent.

Andy Mukolo

Agora Copywriter

Hi Johnson , it's official! We finally have a 6-figure month. $113k month. Dude, you just helped me restore back my confidence. Thanks for your help.

Rushang Chauhan

B2B software tech

This dude knows how to make crazy money for businesses and they do it with lightning speed which to me is insane!

John Lee Dumas

Founder, EOFire

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What's The Scalers Memo?

And why you should care?

What's It About?

This is an exclusive newsletter for ambitious entrepreneurs and change makers selling premium offers (high ticket stuff) who would love to get their calendar fully booked with highly qualified prospects, and have a close rate of 60%+, all on autopilot...

Without touching complicated and convoluted funnels. It's currently free but $79/month later.

Who's It For?

  • Ambitious entrepreneur selling premium offers, that is anything upwards of $2K.
  • It's best for coaches, consultants, professional services providers, and anyone selling on the internet.
  • Any business selling B2B or enterprise packages and want more sales appts, demo sessions, etc.

We Literally Wrote The Book, Deep Pocket Clients;

How To Get Steady Streams of  High-Paying Clients, Outsell Your Competitors, & Rapidly Explode Your Revenue.

Deep Pocket Clients went from zero to 6,000 sales in less than 48hours in pre-order and then became an Int'l best-seller.

This book shows anyone who sells high ticket offers, anything upwards of $3,000, to attract high-paying (wallet-ready) clients regardless of what you sell.

These guys book Deep Pock Clients, hear what they say!

We doubled our monthly profits just by implementing your strategies in...

Guess what? Already closed four premium clients within 10 days!

You helped me raise my price by a whopping 165%. Interestingly, clients didn't stop coming.

Clearly, you're one of the "marketing gods" as far as this space is concerned. That's why I always magnet you.

The Scalers Memo

The Scalers Memo newsletter is for businesses selling Premium Offers (high-ticket items), and want to get their calendar fully parked with sales appointments with highly qualified big spenders.

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