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The N150Million Offers...

The "Magnetic Offers" Secrets To Create Offers That's So Good People Feel Stupid Saying "NO" AND...

Make Them LITERALLY Beg (with money in their hands) To Buy From You, Make 11X More Sales Than You Did In The Last 10Months While Automatically Exploding Profit BEFORE December 31, 2021...

Even If... the economy is in a deep sh*t.

Even If... you've had a rough 2021.

Even If... you have zero customers.

Even If... you're competing against giants in your market.

Even If... you have a small (or zero) marketing budget.

And yes, ESPEACIALLY if you want additional N10million, N50million, N100million  (or much more) in sales from your business BEFORE the end of December, 2021, and...

If you want people (who have money) to queue up, and literally beg to buy what you're selling, no matter the price, no matter what market you're in.

Incase you're wondering "who the heck is this"...

My name is Johnson Emmanuel, I can help you make way more money than you can think off.

I've done it for myself, our clients and even for my competitors...that include some of the biggest names in marketing.

Top Digital marketers in lagos Nigeria

I want to hand you what I consider the most potent tool in my marketing arsenal.

I want to help you win...

In a BIG way!

I want to show you my "Magnetic Offers" protocol in a RARE 90miniutes live event. I've never done anything close, and I'll be sharing ALL my "top secrets"...

What we've use to help our clients create offers that have generated tens (and tens, and tens, and tens, and tens) of millions of dollars in sales.

See, no matter what amount of money you think you're making right now, I can bet that you're making way less than you should be making.

How do I know?

I know because I've worked with companies (and entrepreneurs) who thought they'll killing it UNTIL we came in to show them that they were actually dying slowly.

As soon as we gave them this "Magnetic Offers" protocol, revenue and profit went crazy. They couldn't believe their eyes...

People that were happy making 1.5Million naira per month started to make 1.5Million per week.

And companies that were making N1.5 million naira per week started to make N10million naira per month, and they're now on track to hit 90million in 2021.

I can help you make way more money than you're currently making from your business, that's why my clients call me "The Money Maker" because I'm actually a "Money Maker".

Ogwudire Amaka Joy

I thought about my pricing for 10days. I was going to charge N300K for a deal. After going through your offer framework, I decided to charge N2,000,000. I was stunned how easy I closed the deal. Now, I know there are clients who can pay big money. Thanks,Johnson.

Almost all the people above here only used one of my frameworks, imagine If you use the entire complete system, what do you think will happen?

AND If you allow me, I can fill this entire page with comments like this BUT this is NOT about me, it is about YOU.

So, In this ONCE in a "lifetime" LIVE workshop holding on November 5, 3PM Nigeria time...

A Tiny Piece of What You’ll DISCOVER In This LIVE Event:

  • The 3 NEWLY DISCOVERED ways to Charge A Lot More Than You Currently Do (NO, I've never shown anyone, this is NEW, as in NEW discovery, and it's insanely powerful)
  • The "Mini Market Big Money" Protocol we use to laser focus on neglected markets that's overflowing with ALOT cash
  • The “Unfair” Advantage Pricing Protocol….how we 20x’d a client pricing (and got more people to say "YES"…we've also deployed it to multiple markets, and the results are insane, It's one of this greatest discovery ever)
  • How To use the "Cycle of Price"  to outspend your competition even if you have a small marketing budget.
  • How to use Price you never get price comparison again, even if you charge 100X more than your biggest'll permanently (and forever) DESTROY price comparison. (It's insanely powerful)
  • How To use the Unbeatable "Value Equilizer"….to make what you sell worth 50X more in the eyes of your they can easily pay you way more than anyone else.
  •  How To use "Scarcity Authentication" to make your prospects buy from you at ANY price (without lying, pressure or manipulation) AND... at the EXACT moment you want them to, WITHOUT delaying and procrastination.
  • How To use "ethical time pressure" to get prospects to buy RIGHT NOW.

We're just getting started.

We're even yet to scratch the surface...this is going to be a 90minutes life changing encounter because you'll still get...

  • The "never told", "never seen" and undisclosed offers blueprint that built Apple, Google, LinkedIn and Tesla. (If there's any reason why you should attend this event, this is one of it. I paid alot of money to access this secrets but I'm giving it to your free).
  • The complete teardown of an offer blueprint that built a $3Million pest control company in less than 18months (This blueprint works for all markets, regardless of what you sell)
  • "Watertight Guarantees" make ANYONE say "YES" (even people who wouldn't want to buy and those sitting on the fence).

NO...that's not all.

There's alot more.

You'll also get...

3 Special Bonuses

  • My proven 13 favorite guarantees word-for-word to swipe for yourself...swipe this and watch your bank account ring ceaselessly.
  • The N175Million Offer Blueprint...Get the entire (and exact) offer blueprint that made one of our clients N175 million...yes, the exact offer and swipe it, and crush your competitors like fine powder.
  • The "Profit Takers" blueprint...The 6 NEWLY discovered ways to make way more profit than you're currently matter your price point, no matter your market.

This is just the "starting point", there's more!

When is this live event holding?

November  5, 3PM Nigeria time.

It's going to be live, and it'll run for 90minutes...We may even do some LIVE practical.

What's The NEXT THING to do?

I know what's on your're probably saying "this will be very expensive", and you're correct BUT...

I'm not going to charge you what I initially had in mind.

I'd want to charge $1,000 (or even more for this live event)...

And if I do, it'll still be worth it.


If you pay $1,000 to learn this secrets, and you make $20,000, do you think it'll be worth it?

Ofcourse, it'll be because you'd have made "extra" $19,000 that you'd never have made.

But businesses are going through alot, and there's even dollar scarcity, you wont pay anything close.

Now, I'm going to make the CRAZIEST offer ever...

You'll invest ONLY N50,000 BUT...

I'm doing something crazy.

You'll invest N25,000 today, and the other N25,000 will be paid after 60days.

Why I'm I doing that?

I want you to invest N25,000 today, after the live event, you have 60days to execute everything, you'd have made alot of money, so paying the balance N25,000 will be very easy.

Infact, I believe that you'll make alot more money that you'd even want to give me way more than N25,000...I believe you'd add 'something" ontop to say "thank you" to me.

money back


60 day guarantee

"Make N500K In Atleast 60days OR Get Your Money Back" Guarantee

Register With Confidence...It's Risk Free!

Register for this live workshop, execute, and if for any reason you don't make atleast N500,000, show us you did the work, and we'd IMMEDIATELY send you a N50,000 refund without any excuse. It's that simple.

The risk is completely on me.

Who else can do this?

I checked, no one.

Just click the link below to register.

Again, this even holds this FRIDAY, 3PM, and it is LIVE.

This is only for you if you want to win big before the end of the year, and we have a limited number of people we can take.


This is a "rare" stuff, and we don't plan to give everyone our secrets.

So, NOW is the time to act, we might take this page down without notice as soon as we hit our numbers. I can't guarantee that you'll see this page up after now.

Now is the time, what's going to hold you?

Here's the link below.

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