If You Can Overcome These "5  Obstacles", I GUARANTEE You'll Earn Millions Of Naira Per Month As A Consultant, Even If You DON'T Have Prior Knowledge, and The Economy In Shambles,  OR...

I'll PERSONALLY Write You A $500 Cheque For Wasting Your Time! (Seriously, Just Try Me!)

Dear friend,

If you can overcome these 5 little obstacles, you'll become a highly paid consultant who'll...

Make UP to 2.5Million Naira Per Month even If You DON'T Have A Prior Experience OR...

I'll PERSONALLY write you a $500 cheque for wasting your time, no story!

The And oh, it doesn't matter if you are a beginner or if you have failed 1,000 times or even if you're a veteran consultant, or even if the economy is in shambles.

Some of these people make as much as 9million naira per month, while some others earn several thousands of dollars a month.

If you can overcome these 5 obstacles like they did, you too can have a consulting business that makes millions of naira monthly.

I'm talking about people...

Like Tomiwa who is a Marketing Consultant, and makes millions of naira every single month, working from his house, with just a laptop, internet and notebook.

Or, the woman I popular call Jessy who is an Anger Management Consultant whose company did almost  $1.5million in the last 16moths.

Or ,Vivienne who is a part time  Relationship & Sex Consultant that makes as much as N3.5 per month working exclusively with wealthy clients in top Nigerian cities.

These are a few of the hundreds of people I've directly worked with to launch their own consulting business that makes millions of naira every month.

The weird thing is, they are in some UNBELIEVEABLE industries and markets like Management, Productivity, Wardrope, Lactation, Gift wrapping, Marketing, Sex, Relationship, and countless of other niches and markets.

Wait a minute, did you see that?

Gift wrapping consultant?

Yes, Gift wrapping!

And even Lactation consultant?

These people smile to the bank monthly.

You can be the next, I can guarantee that you'll not fail.

Look, if you have a skill, expertise, experiences or even passion, I can help you become a multi-million naira consultants that smiles to the bank months even...

If you don't have any prior experience.

If you don't know anything about marketing.

If you don't know how to use technology.

If the economy is totally in shames.

If you have failed several times before to make money online.

If you think you're not good enough.

The best part?

I'll Guarantee That You'll Succeed OR I'll Write You A Cheque Of $500.

Think I'm just talking, right?

Try me!

Seriously, TRY me!

The worst that will happen is that you'll get $500 cheque for wasting your time, and the best is that you will have your own consulting business that makes millions per month.

Eitherway, you're the winner!

See, if you can overcome these "5 little obstacles", you'll effortlessly be able to launch your own multi-million naira consulting companies, fast.

It's the same obstacles I overcame.

It's the same obstacles my students overcame to launch their own multi-million consulting company.

Anyway,let me quickly share a short story with you...

It's about how I overcame the 5 little obstacles that keep people abject poverty, lack and wants

It's the same obstacles we all face even though we pretend about it, all of us, me and you.

And the truth is, if you can overcome them like I  did (and like hundreds of my students have done), I firmly believe you'll make your first N2.5m in the next 30days as a consultant.

I'll also tell you the FASTEST way to solve any problem in life.

So, are you ready?

Want me to tell you these "5 little obstacles" that might even be holding you down but you may not even know it, and most importantly, how to overcome them?

Obstacle #1: "My Self-Realization Day".

I was there, sitting in my plastic chair, wearing my singlet, hungry, and completely confused about life and where I was headed in life.

I had read about consulting BUT i knew a consultant who stayed on our street.

I saw the man several times in the coupon house opposite our house. Every morning, you'll see him wearing his glasses and carrying a black briefcase.

One day, I asked my landlord what he does, he replied  "The man say he be consultant, which kind yeye consultant?".

The man was broke.

Flat broke!

However, as I kept researching what it meant to be a consultant, and what they do, I started seeing some very rich guys who are consultants.

You know how you see broke pastors, and rich pastors?

Then, you'll say you want to be a rich pastor, not a broke one?

Exactly that feeling is what I got.

So, when I saw these other consultants online, they looked very successful, I liked their lifestyle, and wanted to be like them BUT I kept hearing little voices that were saying...

'You failed English twice in WAEC, this isn't for you, Johnson".

You're NOT good enough.

Poverty is a normal thing.

This is not for you'.

And just about anything you can think of.

Prior to this time, I used to believe all those silly silent voices until...

One day, I was tired.

I was feed up.

I'll call it the day of my "self realization".

That day, I went to my small mirror, I looked at it and screamed "No body is better than me". "I'm the best!". "I can do anything I set mymind to do".

That was the last day...

The last day I ever heard those little voices.

Today, clients pay me as much as $10K for one hour consultation.

Consultation Fee

Let me advise you, my dear friend.

I want you to take this advise very seriously, because it is the difference between where you are now, and where you want to go.

If you make this moment your "self realization" day, you'll see how easy it is to launch a multi-million naira consulting business.

You'll even be shocked.

You'll end up asking yourself why you didn't do it all these years.

Secondly, always get help from someone who has conquered any obstacle that you want to conquer.

It is my secret.

It is also the secret of hundreds of my student.

Never face a goliath in ignorance, you'll be defeated shamefully.

That's how to conquer any obstacle in life or business.

If you can overcome this obstacle, you'll own a highy profitable, money making consulting company, and...

You DON'T need experience to start.

 You DON'T need to be great at technology

You DON'T need to have huge following on social media, even if you have zero following,  AND...

If you think people are already doing what you want to do, it is good thing for you because they are doing it because they are making money.

If they're making money, you too can.

Anyway, like I said...

Face your obstacle BUT never face it alone, get help from someone who can help you navigate through.

Obstacle #2: "Shattering The Table"

When I got started, I was hungry for growth.

So, I did what everyone else was doing.

I was making the exact same offers they were making...

I was also getting the types of clients they were getting.

One day, I did the unthinkable...

10X my fees.

It was scary but I did it, then I noticed something...

I had way more money than them. 

So, I could hire the best talents, I could do anything I wanted, my company exploded.

When they were zigging, I was zagging.

If a client paid them $100, clients were paying me $1,000.

Infact, one of my students did well over N50M recently from what I showed him. He even applied it to his real estate consulting business.

I can help become rich, quickly!

I can help you get clients who will pay you millions per month, and you'd easily grow your monthly revenue to millions.

I can help you shatter the table of limitation and financial stagnation.

Look, if you can shatter the table (instead of hiding under the table), you can charge anything you want.

Instead of going to hide under the table, shatter it!

That's what I did.


DON'T just shatter the table...

You might regret it, get help from someone who has done it before, and has a proven results. 

Obstacle  #3: "Nightmarish Clients"

If you work with a nightmarish clients, even when you go to bed, you'll see them in your dreams.

One time, I had a lot of nightmarish clients.

The stress was crazy.

I would go to bed thinking about them.

The stress they were given me was getting to me badly.

Before they'd pay you $100, they'd ask you 1billion questions.

One day, I was frustrated, I few up with them.

I raised my price.

I 10X.

The funny thing is, although those clients left me, the ones that stayed made me more money...

Instead of my revenue to go down, it skyrocketed.

It's so sweet to work with top-clients.

You workless and earn 10X more.

See, the type of clients you want with will determine the amount of money you'll have.

If you work for kings, you'll get a king's reward.

If you work for a broke client, you'll get a broke client reward, and I'm sure you don't want that or do you?

Let me be honest with you..

Better Clients Pay More, Pester You Less.

Ironically, as I charged 100x what I use to charge, I got fewer  debate about price.

Now, I want you to do something for yourself right now, lift up your left hand and repeat this after me;

"I will never work with a nightmarish clients".

Seriously, say it, I'm waiting!



Look, I dont know what you're charging or what it is you want to charge BUT i want to tell you that there are clients who will pay you ANYTHING you decide to charge.

Just take a look at this;

If someone like me could, a Nigerian , can charge Oyinbo companies $10K for a 1hour consultation, you can charge anything.

Obstacle  #4: "It Is Them' Syndrome"

Oh, many people are guilty of this one.

When I was in Uniben, I had this friend then (not sure where he is now).

One day, we were going to our hostel, we saw some flashes of great cars, and I said "great car, I'll have them one day".

He looked at me and said "where was my father when his mate were making money?".

He was referring to his father.

Do you know what I told him "If you don't work hard, your own children will look back one day to ask you the same question".

He was stunned at my response.

Obviously, he thought I was going to support his "lame" excuse.

Many people are like that today, they blame...

The government.

Their friends.

Their Uncles, everything and everyone blamable.

Guess who they never blame


Is the government guilty?

Here's how I see it;

See, when you complain about people or things, you give them huge power over you.

You loss control.

You give them the power they shouldn't have.

I came to Lagos with ONLY my old "forward bag", I didn't complain, things were wrong.

If you want to be in control of your life, never ever complain or make excuses about anything

My friend was suffering in Enugu, life was hell for him.

One evening, he followed Dan Dollars night bus to Lagos. 

He didn't know where he'd stay, He didn't know anything about Lagos, he didn't know alot of things.

He just moved!

The only thing he had was the shirt on his body, nothing else.

Today, that same guy has properties scattered in choice areas of NOT just only Lagos but in Dubai.

Want to be in charge of your life?

Make no excuse, just do it!

Laura is one of my students, instead of complaining and making excuses, she learnt how to get premium clients from me, within 10days, she got clients who paid her millions.

Don't complain,just learn from the best!

Don't complain, do it!

Obstacle  #5: 'Two In One' Battle.

 '2 in 1' mistakes IS what alot of people do.

I couldn't' launch a successful consulting business because I was lying to myself.

First, I said 'I'm too busy, I don't have time'.

Is this not a  thing we all do?

We claim we are too busy and we don't have time.

We keep procrastinating, sabotaging ourselves.

A few years ago, I heard my pastor say 'everybody has time. You give your time to what you think it's important' and it hit me.

We all have time.

We lie to ourselves that we don't have time or we say  'it is not the right time' to justify our  procrastination, and sometimes, laziness.

There's never a right time for anything.

Secondly, and this is very huge...

I lied to myself that I could do it on my own by 'figuring it along the way' and "I'll Google it through'

Let me share a story with you...

When I was much younger, I wanted to learn how to bike.

One day, I took my dad's bike.

I brought it out and sat on it but before you could even say 'Johnson Emmanuel' I fell down terribly and got myself badly injured.

So, I decided to be smart.

I begged someone to come teach me how to bike.

I was happy because I said 'finally, I'll be able to bike'

My happiness was cut short after 20minutes into the 'adventure' when both me and my 'bike coach' fell down terribly and got terrible injuries on our bodies.

I soon discovered that my 'bike coach' wasn't a good biker and it's even been long he biked.

Again, we all do this but the truth is...

If you want to learn anything, learn from people who actually do the thing, NOT talkers but DOERS!

Never lie to yourself that you'll figure it out along the way when you can quickly get someone to learn from.

When you go learn directly from people who have done what you are seeking to do, it increases your chances of success and reduces failure.

Want to be a great consultant that ACTUAL impact lives. and make crazy loads of millions per month like...

My Student Who Made Over 50Million Naira In 4Months As A Consultant!

Learn from the best, you will become the best.

Let me give you the solution to any problem in life BUT before I do, let me add one more thing.

It's a lie we often tell ourselves.

This is a BIG bonus.

We always lie to ourselves that we do not have money.

Priscilla Canice is one of my amazing students, she wanted to get into one of our programs but couldn't afford it but she refused to let money stop her.

She told me that money will never stop her. She said she was going to look for the money to get into the program even though she wasn't sure how the money will come, she just believed it will.


Runs  Business That Rakes In Multi-Million Every Single Month

On your left is the picture of me and Priscilla when she forced me to go have lunch with her because I changed her life.

What if she had said (like most people) "I don't have money?"

Trust me, she would have been at the same spot.

I learnt something from her story, if we want anything, if we truly  want to do something, nothing can stop us, not even money.


The reason we don't do it is because we dont want it enough, so we make excuses.

And you know the worst thing?

If you don't pay with money, you'll pay with time.

And that's the worst of it all, time.

So, eitherway, you'll pay.

Paying in time is the worst thing in life.

When you pay with time, you'll regret it for the rest of your life because you can recover any amount of lost money, you can never recover time.

You know that already, don't you?

When you see an opportunity, don't make excuse, don't complain, don't procrastinate, just rush it. That's what it takes to be successful.

Let me quick add this,If you want to solve any problem in life, do this...

Look for someone who has overcome that same problem,

 and learn from that person.

If you want to learn how to drive, meet someone who actually drives to show you how.

If you want to learn how to be a fast reader, meet someone who is a fast reader.

What about if you want to be consultant that rakes in millions of naira every single month? 

Then, you jump into;

The High-Paid Consultant

The Guaranteed Blueprint To Launch A Multi-Million Naira Consulting Business In 45days,Without Error, Without Guesswork, Even If You're A Newbie, Even If You're NOT Sure What To Sell, Guaranteed!

For the first time, I'm teaching the advanced mechanics of growing from an "broke" consultant…to a multi-million naira consultant, and doing it in record time.

This is NOT a bunch of videos like others do,this is a complete program, an implementation blueprint.

This is a real live, step by step to learn the secrets hundreds of my students in ore than 50 different niches are currently using to crush it.

You'll walk away with specific examples and case studies on how to dramatically  start, grow & scale your consulting business — including a step-by-step action plan and  CUSTOMIZED support  for your specific business.

Here's a "sneak peek" of WHAT you'll learn...

Week 1: Plotting For The Big Money

  • How to discover a simple but brilliant MONEY-MAKING idea that is guaranteed to build 7, 8 (or even 9) figure consulting business.(HINT:  Some of my clients have used it to scale to almost 9figures consulting companies, you'll meet them inside the program)
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  • The 7 (forgotten) niches that can pay you BIG money as a consultant, even if you have no experience. (HINT: Someone I know has built a $10M consulting business from one of them)
  • NOT sure of what you want to sell or the niche to go in, or you think you have no idea? Get my tested framework to help you discover exactly what people are ready to buy.
  • Discover the 6 "growth levers" to grow ANY consulting business like crazy in 2022 and beyond. (HINT: This is pure gold)
  • What you should do the exact opposite of what others are doing IF you want to make millions of naira per month as a consultant, and EXACTLY what to do.

Week 2:The Money Flow Box

  • The EXACT (and only guaranteed way) to become a highly paid, highly respected consultant, and build a consulting company that makes several million of naira per month, in the quickest time, even if you're just getting started today.
  • The 3 unconscious mistakes that will you perpetually poor as a consultant, and how to completely avoid it.
  • How to move from your existing 'low paying' clients into a higher echelon of  high-paying clients who happily pay premium fees.
  • How to move from a   "no body" in your industry and get better clients, higher fees, lower stress…life and business can only be good when you do.
  • Discover  'The PFF Method' that allows me  to charge 100x  more fee than my biggest competition, and exactly how you can do the same.
  • How to  3x, 5x, even 10x your fees…while working for better clients .
  • Exactly where to find starving, wallet-ready high-paying clients who are not bothered by  fees, what to say to them and how to say it so that they keep coming to you anytime you want them.

Week 3: 'The Maximum' Revenue Model

  • Learn the 2 big shifts that dramatically boosted my revenue (quadrupling it from 2012)…and how you can apply them to your business and why you will never grow until you do.
  • How to triple or even quadruple your business — without spending more time on your business (Hint: I'll show you the exact system I used to 4X my business WITHOUT spending more time).
  • How to use  'The LHF System' to massively grow your revenue without spending any money on ads
  • How to turn ''1 time business' into repeat business and double or triple your Average Customer Value.
  • The "Johnson Emmanuel Method" of making way 10X More Money without acquiring more customers.
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  •  How To Completely Avoid "Balloon Clients" and "Balloon Marketing" so that you can hit BIG Revenue and Profit fast.

                     Week 4: Maximizing Your Marketing

  • How to avoid the 3 critical marketing mistakes most consultant make (again and again).
  • The  #1 'critical' factor that will determine if you will succeed (Hint: This is what separates successful consultant from broke consultant.).
  •  How to generate a consistent (& predictable) stream of highly qualified, ready-to-buy potential customers using battle-tested, step-by-step inbound and outbound marketing strategies.
  • How to sell much MORE THAN your competitors...even if you're up against an 'industry giant' and how we consistently grow despite having 'deep pocket' competitors'.
  • The EXACT marketing system you need to have right now in-order to guarantee consistently inflow of premium clients who are willing,able and ready to PAY YOU ANY PRICE.

PLUS, you get the...

The 9-Figures Proposal Framework

I want to give you the EXACT  9-Figures proposal framework that top consultants are SECRETLY using to close mouth water 9-figure deals. 

Week 5: Systems & Automation

  •  Revealed for the first time: My  'exact' 5 step marketing system that turns  'first timers' to high quality clients even while I sleep...(Hint: It's the exact system that made me 2X more money while I was away from my business for 7days attending to a family emergency).
  •  The ONLY 3 types of systems you need right now to consistently grow your business WITHOUT all the 'guesswork'.

...and many more.

TOTAL VALUE = N650,000

You Also Get The Following Life-Changing BONUSES Once You Join Today!

Bonus #1: £19,000 Partnership Alliteration.

Don't have money to run ads or don't know how to do it?

No worries!

I'll hand you the tool I use to land BIG consulting clients from around the world WITHOUT spending a dime on advertising.

Yes, WITHOUT spending a kobo.

See, I want you to get started today as soon as you get into the program today.

So, you'll get the exact tool and process I use to get clients and partners WITHOUT spending money on ads.

2weeks ago, I used it to get a partner in London, and I closed £19,100 in a single weekend.

This amount is even one of the smallest we have closed using our "Partnership Alliteration" system.

It's insanely powerful.

I've used it to land several clients and deals as a consultant, and my clients have used it too.

Value: N150,000

Bonus #2: The "BIG Money Spender" Box

Want to get clients who can easily pay N3M each or $10k?

It's easy to do, and I'll show you.

The "BIG money spender" box will show you exactly how to harvest a stampede of HUNGRY consulting clients, who are scattered allover the world, ready to pay you big money in naira and dollars.

PLUS, you'll also get my NEVER-SEEN-BEFORE highly coveted training that I charged $1,000 for, to show you how to easily and effortlessly get clients from abroad, clients who pay in several thousands of dollars.

This is a two in one.

Value= N175,000

Bonus #3: The Secret Vault

I can't even believe I'm adding this but I have to add it, because i want you to get running quickly. It's my highly coveted marketing vault.

I'm opening it up for you to access it...

You'll get Instant access to these word-for-word systems and scripts.

I've also included a collection of resources in the "Secret Vault."

You'll get the exact scripts, surveys, guidelines, job listings, contracts, and agreements I use to run my business.

Script: Charging More Fees Without Losing Clients

Script: Standing Tall & Owning Your Pricing

Script: Asking Clients for Referrals

Script: Asking Clients To Sing Your Praises

Script: Reaching Out to Influential People With BIG Audience for Partnerships

Sample: The Exact Direct Mail I Sent Last Month That Brought 4 High-End Clients

Sample: The CORE-4 web pages that wins deep-pocket clients, everytime.

Sample: The message that massages the ego of the clients, and make them buy even before you ask them.

Script: Clients closing script.

These are the actual script and sample we developed and still use till date.

Value: N120,000

Bonus # 4: "Behind The Scene". Watch Me Close A 15 Million Naira Consulting Client, LIVE

Don't know how to close a client?

WATCH me LIVE, closing a client who eventually paid N15,000,000 for a 3months consulting program.

I've done it several times.

What to say, how to say it, and exactly how to ask for the money without making the client run away, and also exuding confidence.

This only is PRICELESS to any consultant.

Value: N200,000


There's even more...

BUT, I wont mention them, find them out inside the program.

There's a PRICELESS secret bonus that you only get to see when you join the program. This is huge. It's almost a $10K bonus that will change your life.

So, the total value so far?

 Total value of N1,295,000

Crazy, right?

That's almost N1.3million naira.

I'm NOT going to ask you to pay that.

I'm a nice guy and we all don't have the same economic power.

Ok, what about if I ask you to pay just N500K?

 Will it be too much?

I think that is fair enough because I'm so confident that this program will completely change your life...

BUT again, I'm NOT going to ask you to do that.

My head of accounts say you should pay N300,000 and you'll immediately get access into  this program, RIGHT AWAY  BUT...

I asked her to shut up!

So, i decided to charge you only N149,999 only for the program.

Yes, I'm slashing it down for you.

Don't Pay N1,295,000. Invest ONLY N149,999 less than N150K

'Johnson, are you crazy?'

'Shut up!' 

I'm not crazy.

Let me even oil the deal  for you but, first,  here's are direct quotes from other people who have bought products from us:

I'm even giving you what I call the BOLDEST GUARANTEE in the world and it is my ...

90Days Money-Back Guarantee!

Get into this program, do what it ask you to do, If you do not get the result, SHOW ME YOU DID THE WORK, I'll immediately refund you, and add $500 cash gift to say "sorry for wasting your time". No story! Think I'm kidding? TRY ME & SEE!

When you enroll in the PROGRAM today, you have a FULL 90-days to go through the PROGRAM 100% risk free, it is on me.

The entire course is a step-by-step system...

That means, if you don’t have an idea for a course yet, you’ll know that I show you how to do this in Module 1, Lesson 2.

If you’re working on developing consulting services or you're not sure what to charge, you’ll know you need to watch Module 3 Lesson 2.

If you think you need more leads and premium clients banging on your door, you’ll know to watch Module 2 Lesson 3.

I made the system so easy to follow that I believe ANYONE can do it. And that’s why I put my money where my mouth is:

You can go through the program for a full 90 days, and if you don’t get results, email our support team, prove that you did the work, and you’ll get 100% of your money back.

So, join THE HIGH-PAID CONSULTANT today, and I’ll show you how to find a profitable idea, how to turn that idea into an effective  multi-million naira consulting business, and then I’ll walk you through how you can start getting premium clients..

I can 100% guarantee that you will get massive result.

How's that for fair?

However, there's a bad news.

Actually, two bad news.

1: This offer and this page will go away in hours, no extension.

Once this offer goes away, it is gone, and oh, this is not some stupid marketing gimmick.

If I say it is going, it is actually going.

I don't do those stupid manipulative marketing, I mean it, it'll go away in few hours.

I honestly cannot guarantee that you'll get it again after now.

Secondly, due to time limitation and the fact that I'll personally be calling everyone who got into this program, there's a limit to how many people i can take in.

The best thing to do right now is to GRAB THE  PROGRAM and if you already know that you have a solid 90days money back guarantee.

The time to act is NOW.

Time is running out,my friend.

Frequently Asked Questions.


Yes, it is for you if you, this program will show you how to start the consulting business and the best part is  that,you dont need any thing else to get started  than the willingness to get started.

You don't need any degree or certification, you're go to go as you're now!


Yes, you should jump in, right now! 

You're already into the game but you are not growing as fast as yo would love to, this program will help you get structures and clients that will immediately stimulate your growth.


Good news! You do not need an idea to join. In module 1, I’ll show you how you can generate high paid consulting business ideas in 15 minutes or less.

The best part?

 I’ll then show you how to “battle-test” this idea in the real world so that you’ll know that it’s a PROFITABLE idea.

I truly believe that every single person on Earth has a “high-paid consulting idea” hiding inside their brain, and I can help you find that idea with the proven tools and techniques I share inside this brand-new program.

If You Made It This Far - Take This As A Sign...

I’m the least “woo woo” person I know…

...but what I can tell you is this:

If you made it this far down the page, it’s a sign.

It’s a sign that you know you want to start - and grow - a  highly profitable CONSULTING BUSINESS.

Maybe you’ve thought about it for a while…

...or maybe you just started thinking about it recently.

It’ doesn't matter.

You saw the life that comes alongside a profitable consulting business that actually makes 'serious' money...

You saw how consulting are the closest thing to real steady income…

You saw how anyone can start - and grow - a consulting business…

Even if they don’t have an idea.

Even if they never consulted before.

Even if they know nothing about “tech.”

The question is: what are you going to do about it?

You could think about it some more.

You could put it off for “some day.”

Or, you can take this year by the horns, go all in , and win it.

And with my “Try The Whole Program” Guarantee, it’s truly risk free.

When you enroll in the course today, you have a FULL 90-days to go through the course 100% risk free.

 If you feel as if the program just didn’t work for you, email our support team, show us you did the work, and we’ll issue a prompt and courteous refund where you’ll get double your money back

Earlier I told you about my first ever attempt at stated a consulting business.

And I shared with you that I almost pulled the plug.

What happened?

The fear of failure  and self doubt overcame me.

And instead of doing what I felt was right, I thought it would be so much easier to just 'trying' to use 'shortcut' 

I built a multi-million dollar consulting business …

...and I hope my last few words on this page will be the gentle nudge you need to do what you already know you need to do.

 Just remember, now’s the time to make a decision.

So make a decision to pursue your passion, to stop trading time for money, and I’ll see you on the inside of the the program.

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