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16 Jul 2024.

Hey friend!

I really want to talk to you, as a friend.

Yes, that is how I see you, a friend...

And I really need you to pay close attention, because you're about to see something NEW.

Many people talk about how great I am when it comes to marketing.

And they're right BUT there's a secret, and I'm going to share it with you today.

Well, maybe it is not a secret sha.

When I started, I told myself that I would never be a "marketing teacher", instead I would be a practitioner.

In my company, Havanzer, our clients trust us with millions of dollars in ad spend.

So, we have the luxury of doing countless marketing & sales tests UNLIKE most "gurus".

Also, our portfolio companies also spend alot of money.

We even have a "marketing lab".

So, when I talk marketing or sales, i'm actually talking from a vantage point.

Ok, let me give you an example...

We ran this campaign for a client in South Africa.

We did alot of "magic" that explode their sales beyond their own imagination.

For example, in one of the ad copy, we had said;

"Get This FREE Training".

The ad was going well, we were getting leads.

So, we decided to test because we want more result;

That's how we tried this...

"Get Exclusive Access To This Training, For Free".

Can you spot the difference?

It looks the same but it is not.

Infact, the second change brought some crazy result that the clients are still unable to meet up with sales demand.

I tell people to "create desire and demand" for their products and services, majority don't get it.

We didn't only start getting leads, they started falling like snow, and our cost per lead fell down heavily.

OR, another campaign we ran recently...

We spent $12,000 on ads, and the client made $112,903 in sales.

We've learnt alot, and I want to share some with you.

This year alone, my team has managed millions of dollar in ad spend and done over 300 different marketing tests.

See, I want to give you EVERYTHING.

I said "Give", I didn't say "Tell", can you spot the difference?

BUT, I wont give it to just anybody.

I'm open access to The Emmanuel Gang...

A premium audience that I share real marketing, sales, mindset and serious money making ideas with.

Currently, we have 112 members.

So, I'll be sharing premium stuff, the type of stuff that you cant find anywhere.

The ads, the copy, the targeting, the pricing, everything...

NOT only my own, those of my clients, and my friends around the world.

The goal is to give you everything you need, and you'll get it...

Twice in a month, directly from me, via email.

Yes, twice a month.

It is NOT quantity that matters, it is quality.

I pay for Netflix, I dont even use it because there are too much stuff there, and it is easy to get confused.

So, this is premium email that you can easily consume and execute on ASAP.

And you'll be getting it for 12months.

Yes, 1 solid year.

And we open the door ONCE in a year, and...

Usually, the doors are open for just 48hours.

Our current members paid N65,000 per year and that's not even the thing...

Aside the money, you'll NEED to apply or have an existing member introduce you.

Even if you want to pay $1,000, that is NOT important to us, what is more important is that you have to first apply because...

Our current members are A-players, and we want only A-players to join them.

We're opening it NEXT MONDAY for N130,000/year.

We're opening it on Monday morning, 8am Nigeria time.

Here's What I'm Going To Do For You...

First, 90% of our existing members have already started renewing their subscription for the next 12months.

I only need 50 people to join my existing members because i dont like crowd.

Members often send me direct email most times, and I'm obligated to respond.

If there are too many members, it means, I wont be able to respond BUT...

If you pay N75,000 between today and Tomorrow, Friday  June 18,2021, you'll have access.

Yes, I'm knocking off N55,000 if you act now.

You'll be saving N55,000.

This isn't just some newsletter, this is premium stuff, and you'll have a 12months access

You know me, and how I run stuff...If i say 50 people, nothing under the sun will change that.

Anyway, you have a chance to pay N75,000 today.

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You missed out!

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