Finally Revealed For The First Time Ever (but for 24hours ONLY)…

The Simple, Fastest & "Mysterious Selling” Formula That Easily CLOSES "HIGH-PAYING" Clients In 10 Minutes...

No Matter How High You Charge,Guaranteed!

01 Dec 2023

Dear friend,

If you give me the next 3minutes, I’ll hand you a ‘secret selling’ formula that will help you close more big-ticket clients in the next 30days than you closed in the last 12months

And I mean the affluent clients!

             Clients who pay big money...

Even if you’ve not been able to land any rich client before and regardless of whatever fees you charge or what you sell...

And oh, regardless of what the economists (and economy) is saying.

I finally cracked the code a few years ago.

The code that lets me...

       Close Multi-Million Naira  Clients, in minutes!

Recently, one of my amazing proteges, Tomiwa Ogunremi got the SURPRISE of his life.

I asked him to join me to go WATCH how I close HIGH-PAYING clients because he was desperate to learn it

So, instead telling him...

I wanted him to experience THE ART OF CLOSING in real-time...

When we got into the meeting, in less than 10minutes, we closed the prospect, and cheque (of multi-million naira) exchanged hands.

It is the same system we use to close all of our 'big ticket' prospects around the world, and it is also what our clients use to close their own clients.

When Tomiwa saw what happened, he couldn't believe it.

He kept asking me “is it that easy?”.

I said  “YES” but it wasn’t always like that.

It is NOT for millions of people.

Infact, almost everyday, I get heartbreaking emails like this...

It is easy for me because of the system you're going to get today, and for years, I refused to share it with the public, until now.

It is easy for me because BUT...

It was not easy for people like Sandra, who is one of our premium consulting clients.

Sandra runs a four-year old human resource company, and they needed to close clients who pay big money...

They were getting prospects.

They were getting calls and inquiries.

They were always going to meetings with prospects.

They were doing all the follow-up but…

Whenever it got to the time to make payment, the prospects start “ghosting” them.

If they go for 15 business meetings, if they are lucky, they’d close one, and that is in rare cases, because most times, it is “ghosting” by the prospects.

Out of anger and frustration, she suspended the head of sales.

She brought in a sales “guru” to help, but the matter got worse.

She became frustrated and starting seeking help, it was then our path crossed.

I gave them this exact same system, they started closing 7 out of 10 prospects.

One day, she told me that she even tried to 'Google her way out' but she met dead-end.

Let me confess to you too...

When I was trying to close big ticket clients, i turned to Google thinking was that Google had the answer.

As great as Google is, there are some "precious" answer that you wont find there, and even if you find what looks like answers, you'll be more confused.


Because all the these 'gurus' will be giving you contradictory advice, and sadly, most of them do not even practice what they teach because...

They make a living by teaching, and not by 'doing', spot the difference? 

By depending on Google, you'll even end up not closing the prospects, you'll lose the money that you deserve, and you'd have wasted your precious time.

Today, Sandra's business is flourishing, and they are one of the fastest-growing HR company on the continent.

This tool I'm going to give to you today can't be found anywhere else in the world, NOT on Google.

I've only given it to few of my ELITE clients who have used it to generate insane amount of revenue.

I've been using it within our agency and premium consulting company to close HIGH-PAYING CLIENTS.


Regardless of what you sell, no matter how high your fees are... real estate, consulting, cars, insurance, coaching, professional services, etc.

As long as you want to CLOSE big ticket clients...

This is your 'missing link'.

I was forced to create this tool because one time, I was desperate to close a big-ticket client, after spending hundreds of dollars to buy some materials, I still couldn’t close any.

The problem wasn’t me.

The problem wasn’t the prospects.

The problem was the material I was using.

I had to urgently create a solution, and that is how this manual was born.

         Inside it, you’ll find…

  • EXACTLY what to do in your first 5minutes when you get into a meeting with a prospect (HINT: If you do this, the prospect will be the one begging you to collect their money, and you will close the prospects literarily in minutes.)
  • How to ‘turn the table around’ and make the prospect pay you quickly instead of “ghosting” you.
  • Exactly what to do to AVIOD hearing 'I'll get back to you' OR 'Let me speak with my wife/husband' etc. (and instead, make the prospect commit immediately)
  • What to do if your prospect begins to sound disinterested -- do this and they’ll practically beg to do business with you (It’s counter-intuitive but works like crazy)
  • How to "twist the table" in your favour so that instead of qualifying yourself to the prospect, the prospect will be the one qualifying himself (Once you know this, no prospect will ever do shakara with you again, you'll be the one doing the shakara)
  • Is the prospect on the fence and having indecision problem? Do this little thing, and he'll not only jump off the fence, he'd immediately buy from you, no matter your fees.
  • The ONLY 3 questions to ask in the first 3minutes to find out if the person is serious or a tire-kicker (HINT: Once you know this, you'll know peace)
  • The exact formula my little 6months old nephew taught me about closing big ticket clients ( and it works like magic. Tested it in different industries, it’s insanely powerful)
  • How to use the “new currency” to make prospects who have not even met you before pay you big money. (HINT: The “new currency” is NOT crypto, it is not bitcoin but without it, you’ll never be able to close big-ticket clients)
  • One simple (but insanely powerful) technique that will make you never chase prospects again, instead, make them chase you (HINT: When you install this technique, instead of you been under pressure to sell, the prospects will be the one salivating, begging to buy.)
  • How to INSTANTLY know if a prospect is serious or not, so you’ll never waste your time and money chasing a prospect that is never going to buy.
  • How to the "reversal method" to handle your prospect objection BEFORE they even arise. (HINT: Once you master this simple technique, prospects will be the ones salivating to pay you.)
  • How to completely eradicate prospects who talk big but never make payment.
  • When should you market, when should you sell, when should you close? (HINT: Big-ticket clients are busy people. If you make mistake with this, they’ll never buy you).
  • The ultimate 'no pressure' question to ask a prospect, and watch him jump over you with his money. 
  • How to make a prospect respect you, listen to you and do what you say they should and when you say they should do it (HINT: Most people suck at this, and they never get the sale.)
  • The One simple question to ask them so they will pay you instantly without wasting time or raising objections.

And many, many more, this are just a tip of the iceberg.

This manual is filled with battle-tested strategies to help you close big-ticket clients very quickly, and it's simple and fun to read.

So, quick question...

            How much is a prospect worth to you?

Let's assume currently, you have 10 prospects that you want to close.

Each of them will pay you N1,000,000 naira.

That means a prospect is worth N1M to you but maybe the problem you’re having now is, 'how do I make them give me the money in this tough economy'

There’s a way!

What if you use my system to close at least 6 of them, that would be 6million naira.

And I’m not going to ask you to pay me 6million naira, not because this system is not worth it.

It is even worth 3times that but considering the economic situation in the country, asking for that would be mad.

I’m not even asking you to pay me 1million naira.

I’m NOT going to ask you to pay me N500,000.

I won't do that.

All you do is invest small N13,500 and you’ll instantly have access to this tool, so you can start closing those clients today.

In fact, if you get this tool today, and you easily close just one prospect, even if he pays you a paltry N200,000, you’d be getting FREE N186,5000 as profit.

What if you charge millions per client?

What if you are able to close 10 clients per month who pay you millions?

If you get this manual today...

You'll ALSO Get a Special Bonus...

                The Super Star Closer

Which is a complete, BRAND NEW training program on the perfect closing for big ticket clients.

I'm releasing it in 3weeks, and the price is N250,000.

BUT if you get this tool for mere N13,500, you'll be getting THE SUPER STAR CLOSER for free.

Yes, 100% FREE.

I'm literally giving you stuff worth more than 500,000 naira for just N13,500 and...

You have nothing to fear as you’re covered by our solid money-back guaranteed.


Money Back Guarantee

100% Money Back Guarantee

Get it,use it and if it didn't work as promised, show us you did the work, and you'll get 100% refund, and you'll still keep the products. So, you have zero risk.

     BUT there’s a problem…

A big one.

This is only for 24hours.

After 24hours, this entire page will be completely deleted, and you won't find it again.

Think I’m kidding?

People who know me know that when I say a thing is going away, it is going away.

I don’t do all those crappy marketing that says “it is going away” when the sellers know it is not.

If I tell you this is going away, and never to return, I mean every single word.

It’s best to get it now.

Now, is the time to act.

Thanks for reading.


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You missed out!

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