Would you Like to Get Paid for  your Advice, Passion, Knowledge, Expertise?

Exclusive event shows you the ‘hidden’ secrets to make people pay you handsomely for your passion, advice or knowledge & how you can build a highly successful online business in the process (Even if you are just getting started)

Dear friend,

Do you have a message you want to share with the world?

Do you have specialized knowledge, skill, talent, passion or expertise that could help change someone else's life?

Would you like to get paid for your advice, knowledge, passion or expertise?

Your advice, knowledge, expertise or passion has the ability to change someone’s life FOREVER.

The impact that your advice, knowledge, passion or expertise can have on someone at the right time in their life is immeasurable.

It could help to save marriages or restore relationship, repair families, change someone’s health, it could make someone find happiness, it could restore hope, it could help someone make more money, it could free someone from detention, and it could grow businesses,etc.

The impact of your advice, knowledge or expertise is  IMMEASURABLE.

Let me even shock you right now, no matter where you are right now in your life, you have a form of advice, knowledge, expertise or passion seating inside of you and someone needs that ‘thing’ inside of you.

The most valuable thing you have right now is NOT the businesses that you run, it is NOT the career that you cherish, it is NOT the investment that you own, it is NOT even the real estate that you control.

The most valuable thing you have right now is what you know.

Your passion, knowledge, expertise or advice is the most valuable thing you have right now. What you have inside your head is the most important that you have.

That is the GREATEST asset you have right now.

There are over 7 BILLION people in the world today and millions of people are depending on that 'thing' you know.

These days, we don’t have to depend on PhD holders to teach us everything, we can learn from people who are just a few steps ahead of us.

That is exactly where you come in, people are ready to pay you handsomely for the joy and satisfaction you can bring to their lives.

Don't under-rate, undervalue, under-estimate  that 'thing' inside your head (your passion, expertise,knowledge). It means the entire world to millions of people and they will happily pay you for changing their lives.

How cool is that?

It doesn’t matter what industry or topics it is, it could be on fitness, motivational, relationship, cooking, yoga, dating, business, law, spirituality, real estate, just about any topic.

If you have a successful business, people want to learn how you did it and they want to pay you high fees too.

If you've passed a professional exam, people want to know how you passed that exam so they too can pass it and they are ready to pay you for it.

If you have a successful marriage, people want to know how you did it because they also want a successful marriage and they're ready to pay you.

If you can cook very well, people want to learn how to do it because they also love good food like you.

The point is... If you have done anything or can do anything successfully, people don’t only want to learn how to do it, they are also ready to pay you handsomely for your advice, passion and expertise.

Like Bobby Scott said we live in an information and knowledge-based economy.

Your passion, knowledge, expertise or advice has the ability to change someone’s life and you can launch a new online business empire doing just that.

If you go to Google right now, you will see that MILLIONS of people around the world are looking for your help, the same thing is happening on Facebook, LinkedIn and many other places online.​

The point is, people are looking to pay for your advice,knowledge,passion and even life experiences.

people are looking for you to pay you for your advice, your knowledge, your expertise and even your life experiences.

The BIG QUESTION is, How Do You Do It?

How do you take what you already know or have like your advice, passion, expertise or knowledge and structure it in such a way that it solves people’s problems and also have them pay you handsomely for solving their problems, while you build a massive online business empire in the process?

Hello my friend, my name is Johnson Emmanuel.

11years ago, I was just like you. I didn’t know that I had ‘something’ inside of me.

I didn’t know that people were ready to pay for my advice, my knowledge, expertise and passion.

All I knew was that I was very passionate about a few things. I will learn about those things I was passionate about, and then implemented what I learnt into my life and business and got INCREDIBLE results.

People started asking me what I was doing that was getting me the kind of massive results that I was getting.

I told them and many of them started asking for my help, and I started advising them.

At first, I was surprised that people could pay me high fees ‘simply’ because they took my advice, implemented what I told them and got massive results.

CNN,Fox,Forbes, New York Times,ABC,LOS ANGELES TIMES and many other mainstream media outlets started featuring my students because of the amazing results they were getting.

Top ranked podcasts and American radios started inviting me to share my strategies with them.

Infact, one of the top ranked podcast that invited me was CONSCIOUS MILLIONAIRE PODCAST, which INC magazine described as THE TOP BUSINESS PODCAST in the world.

All these are as a result of helping people with my advice, my skills, expertise and passion.

I started to help even more people do what I was doing and some of them were getting better result than myself.

The truth is, anybody can do it.

people are looking for you to pay you for your advice, your knowledge, your expertise and even your life experiences.

Your passion, knowledge, expertise or advice has the ability to change someone’s life and you can launch a new online business empire doing just that.

People like you who have done it...

Take the case of Jeanine who happens to be one of my students.

She wanted to know how I was helping other people get incredible results in their businesses, she wanted me to help her do the same thing.

I agreed and she paid me handsomely. She took my advice and implemented everything into her business and she grew her revenue by 306%.

If you are like me and you don’t like maths, let me explain what that means.

If she was making $10,000 per months but as a result of taking my business growth advice, her revenue jumped from $10,000 per month to $30,600 per month.

She refers to me as a ‘marketing beast’ because of how my advice helped her grow her business.

Take the case of my good friend, John Lee Dumas whose passion is GOAL SETTING, PRODUCTIVITY & PODCASTING

 Just recently, he said to me  ‘Johnson, we have made over $10,000,000 since we first launched’’ 

He was in the US military, he knew he had something inside of him that could benefit the world but he had many obstacles. 

He thought he needed a lot of technical skill to launch his own online business empire but he later found out that he didn’t need it. 

He didn’t have the money to invest in coaching but he managed to pay $1,000 as a 'mentor-ship fee'.

Fast forward to 2017, John has turned his passion for productivity,goal setting and podcasting into a $10,000,000 online business empire.

When I started sharing my advice and expertise with other people, I found out that making people pay me for what I was doing wasn’t as hard as most ‘gurus’ would want me to believe. 

Over the years, I have had the pleasure of working with some amazing (and the best of the best ) entrepreneurs and business owners from America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Europe and some parts of the middle east and I didn’t only change their lives with my advice, they paid me handsomely for changing their lives.

Like I have showed you already, I’m not the only person who has turned my advice, passion, expertise or knowledge into a thriving business.

Take Sarah Jones for example, she help guys who are shy to find their perfect women. The guys come to her and she advises them.

Every single month, she makes over $20,000 per month, that is $240,000 per year or N96,000,000 every single year, just by advising men on how to attract women.

Did you just scream...

'Oh My God!'

Hahaha! I get it.

Can you see that your advice, passion, experience or expertise is worth way more than you can ever imagine?

No matter what your passion, expertise, talents, skills or knowledge is, people need your help.   The best part is, they are ready to pay you HANDSOMELY and you will end up building a thriving online business empire.

Take the case of Chandoo who lives in rural Indian without constant electricity and good internet connection.

He advises people on how to use Microsoft excel.

He has been able to take his passion and expertise to the rest of the world and today, he has successfully built a business that is worth over $1,000,000 per year business.

You too can do it.

I want  to share all my best strategies, tools and processes with you in an EXCLUSIVE LIVE event titled...


It’s is a FREE one day event that will help you take what you already know and have (your advice, passion, skills, expertise, knowledge or life experiences), share it with the world so you can transform the lives of millions of people who need your help and have them pay you handsomely for it while you build a massive online business that gives you a lot of fortune, opportunity to change lives and the freedom to do other things you love.

This EXCLUSIVE live event will show you step by step,how to make people pay you handsomely for your advice, knowledge and expertise so you can build a flourishing online business empire even...

  • If you are NOT techie and you hate all things technology
  • If you have tried multiple times and failed countless times.
  • If you are very busy and you hardly have time for yourself
  • If you have attended countless seminars and spent thousands of naira (or dollars) on other training and programs that you think are a total waste of your time and money.

This is NOT  a 'feel good' event.

It is NOT a comedy show like AYLIVE or something like that, of course, I'm still going to make you laugh HEAVILY because I love fun a lot. ​You'll be learning and having fun at the same time but it's more serious than comedy. LOL!

It is not a 'motivational talkshop'. It's an event that is full of ACTIONABLE stuff that you can implement immediately.  

'Raw gold' content. No BS.

PURE eye pooping and life changing content.


In This Summit, You’ll Discover…

3 SIMPLE steps to discover your 'most profitable' advice, passion, knowledge or expertise that people are ready to pay for right now.

The only 5 web Pages you need (yes there are only 5) to launch your own business. Heck yes! You don’t need most of the things people ask you to get, you can start with ZERO tech skill like I did. Just 5 web pages.

How to position as an 'AUTHORITY' in your market so people can know,like and trust you. (Hint: This will make them pay you any fee you ask)

The 5 business models that get maximum returns and a simple test to identify which one of these models works best for you.

The simple automated marketing system that you need to set-up so that clients will be banging your door with money every single day. Clients should chase you instead of you chasing them. (HINT: This will help you make money while you are snoring away at 2am)

· A step by step blueprint on how to find and target the RIGHT people who have money to pay you right now, EXACTLY what to say to make them say 'Oh my God, please collect my money'. This will help you avoid time wasters and people who are broke.

The simple Tool to help you hit your  financial goal, no matter how much it is.

How to launch (or relaunch) your own online business with a bang and avoid the ‘nasty’ mistakes that most people are making that has made them frustrated and on the verge of giving up their dreams.

...and so much more, this is just a tip of what I'll be covering.

I want you to know that the world need your advice, passion, expertise and knowledge and in this live event, I want to help you take it to the world

So, if you are like me who thought that making people pay me handsomely for my advice was IMPOSSIBLE, if you are a tech newbie like me, I totally understand. If I could do it, you can even do much better because chances are, you are smarter than me.

Unlike most other events where you pay over N100,000 and they just bang your head with all the 'what'' without a mention of the 'hows'.

Let me say this, i have heard people say 'passion is all you need', 'follow your passion' and bla bla bla. Well, people who say that don't know any better, after-all, you can't give what you don't have, so let's not blame them.

Passion, advice, knowledge or expertise is NOT enough, it has to pay your bills and for that to happen, you need to know how to monetize it, that is why many people have have great passion, skills, expertise are dead broke.

I have seen professors who are broke. I have seen medical doctors,lawyers and accountants who are dead broke. I have seen a lot of great writers, authors, speakers, bloggers who are leaving from hand to mouth.

That is not how it should be and again, it is not their fault.

It's because they don't know how to monetize their advice,passion or expertise or most times, they go to the wrong people for help.

No need to blame anyone, no need to judge people. 

The goodnews is... I will not only EXPOSE everything to you, I'll NOT hold anything back, Never! I'll give away the farm and it's 100% FREE.


If you are like John Lee Dumas who could not afford to pay $1,000 to his coach but overcame that and now controls $10,000,000 without having tech skills or any form of ‘special advantage’, you can even do better and i'll show you everything in this summit.

If you are like Sarah Jones who was in a 9-5 job and really wanted to quit her job but she was scared.

Fear of the unknown and infact, her boss probably didn’t want her to go for a training like this but she decided to take the leap and went, today she has built a business that pays her over N96,000,000, that is N96,000,000 every single year. What if she had listened to that 'fear' and 'doubts'.  Conquer any fear or doubt like Sarah Jones and show you for this Summit afterall, it's FREE.

If you are like Chandoo who is from rural India, lacks constant electricity and internet network, today he’s gone on to turn his passion to over $1,000,000 business, he simply shows people how to use Microsoft excel. 

Don't make any excuse, if someone who stays in a village could build a $1,000,000 just by helping people with Microsoft excel, you can do it. Just make sure you show up for this Summit and you will learn all the tools, blueprint and strategies, I won't hold anything back, NEVER!

You can do even better, the odds are in your favour.

​My friend, Padebi has a very interesting story to share. Here is a woman he couldn't even pay her coaching fee, she managed to pay it.

​Today, she's gone ahead to build a 7-figures online business using ONLY her passion and expertise.

She's the founder of the business savvy chick Academy, a sales coach and client attraction genie

She will be sharing her stories with you. You gonna love her.

Dayo Samuel is one of my good friends. 

He's a podcast host and tutor. He runs a very amazing podcast, I've been featured as a guest and we rocked it, the guys is a rock-star podcast host.

He started few years ago and today he's crushing it with his online business using online his skills and passion.

Did i tell you he has international clients? Heck yes! He gets  paid in dollars like me. LOL!

The question is, ARE YOU THE NEXT?

Again, this Summit is 100% exclusive.


Don't stop reading because I'm going to say something very important now...

For your seat to be secured for this Summit, you'll need to pre-order my book...

FREE ’ fool you because the value you will be getting will be way more than what most ‘gurus’ charge N100,000 for, I promise you. Anyway, it’s free but all I ask is that you PRE-ORDER the hard copy of my upcoming back;

PASSION TO DOLLARS: The Ultimate PLAYBOOK To Turning Your Passion, Knowledge, Advice or Expertise Into A $1 MILLION Dollars Online Business In 11 Months

If you must have any book aside your Bible or any religious book, this book should be the next. The title says it all.

It's not because I'm the author, it is because the book is very good. The book is so good that Chris Brogan had to write the forward. 

If you don't know Chris Brogan and you are selling anything online, then you don't know anybody. (Hint: He has built a multi-million dollar business, chairman of OWNERS MEDIA GROUP and 11 times New York Times Best Selling author)


To secure your seat to MONETIZE YOUR PASSION SUMMIT, all you need to do right now is;

1: Pre-order my book for N2,500 (this covers shipping too) instead of N4,500 or $27 (for my international audience) that the book will be sold when it's released to the public without any  Summit like MONETIZE YOUR PASSION SUMMIT like this one.

This isn't a thing you should procrastinate, you have to do it RIGHT NOW because the SUMMIT is June 3, 2017, every seat must be secured on 20th May because we want to treat every participant as a KING & QUEEN,our event planning desk need to plan for you, we have only 70 seats and they are filling up fast because we are also using Facebook adverts to fill them up

If this page is still up, then you are lucky because once we hit 70, I'll bring down this page without any form of notice to you.

Just click the link below to get started right now

DATE: JUNE 3, 2017


VENUE: Ikeja, Lagos (Exact location to be sent to only 70 people who pre-order my book, we wont bring in more than 70 people)

Once you do that right now, you will be guaranteed a ticket to MONETIZE YOUR PASSION SUMMIT 2017.

If you pre-order now,we will ship the hard copy of the book (PASSION TO DOLLARS) to you anywhere you reside in Nigeria in July but you will get the FREE ticket to attend  MONETIZE YOUR PASSION SUMMIT 2017 on JUNE 3, 2017

I know a lot of people will charge you as much as N100,000 for this type of live event and the value you will get may not even be close to this and I get that. I want to over deliver 'pure' content to you because your success is my success.

Once you pre-order my book for just N2,500 (free shipping to you anywhere in Nigeria), you will get a ticket to the live event!

And in case you're still wondering why I'm doing this...

Well, there are actually a few reasons...

  • Its because I’m on a mission to raise 5,000 successful entrepreneurs before the end of 2018.
  • Because (unlike other "experts") I don't make all of my money teaching others 'how to make money' (I actually run real businesses online which includes marketing agency, eCommerce,software,etc)... so I’m not a ‘talker’, I’m actually a ‘DOER’ so I'll not be hurt if I help for free.
  • I want to build a robust ‘life-time relationship with you and I feel the best way to show you that I truly care is by giving you some of my best stuff for free and let the value of that speaks for me. The good old way of ‘value in advance’.
  • To show you what is real and what is not... I'm not going to lie. I think 99% of ‘gurus’ over complicate this whole thing, it’s either they have not done it themselves or they are still trying to figure it out. We will be showing you how SIMPLE everything is so you can launch your own highly profitable business ASAP.

Time is off ESSENCE

Unfortunately, we only have limited seats for the SUMMIT, very limited. We reserve seats on a first come, first serve basis and once we hit the capacity, we won’t take more. 70 seats ONLY, and they are fast filling up because we are using facebook to advertise the Summit right now, you've got to do it now.

Secondly, you can only get PASSION TO DOLLARS for N2,500 before may 20th,2017 and after then, it will be sold for N4,500 because I can't keep it beyond 20th because for every pre-order made, i lose N2,000 or $27 ( that my international audience pay for the book)

I know many people use 'fake urgency tactics' to make you buy their stuff. They tell you something is going away and when you come back, you still see it. People who do that are trading their integrity for money. I don’t do that. When I say it is going off, it is going off. It's best you pre-order the book right now and secure your (FREE) seat to MONETIZE YOUR PASSION SUMMIT on June 3, 2017.

It’s best you secure your seat right now because you may never have this kind of life-changing opportunity again.

Thanks for taking the time to read this letter, I look forward to seeing you at MONETIZE YOUR PASSION SUMMIT 2017.


Johnson Emmanuel

PS: Incase you are like me who starts reading from the end of a page, the 'koko' is that, I'm inviting you to a FREE live event themed MONETIZE YOUR PASSION SUMMIT 2017.

It's a one day event that shows you how to make people pay you for your advice, passion, knowledge or expertise​ and then you will build a highly successful online buiness in the process, this event is 100% FREE!

​However, for you to secure your free seat, you'll need to pre-order my new book PASSION TO DOLLARS for just N2,500 (including shipping), the Summit is on June 3, we have only 70 seats, it's on first come, first serve basis.  You must secure your spot before  20th but it's best you do it now. Just click here to secure your seat

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