Deep down your heart, you know you want to own a multi-million naira business because it will help you have more money, give you more time and you will be able to have more freedom, right?

So, what is ringing in your head?

'It's not just the perfect time'

Sometimes ago I was with a friend who wanted to start a new business and he was complaining about the amount of money he had and how 'the time wasn't right'.

The amount of time he spent complaining about the money he had would have been enough to find some creative ways to get the money he wanted.

He decided to wait for 6 months to hustle for the money he wanted, and he did wait.

When the six months came, the money was still not complete.

One of our mutual friends asked him to wait for another three months, he waited but it turned out that the money that person was expecting didn’t come through, and my friend’s capital was depleting because  he has already started touching some parts of the money.

He eventually waited for 18months and couldn’t get the money he wanted, he decided to let that vision die like that and pursue other things.

I learnt a lesson from his experience.

Never wait for the perfect time, instead, perfect the time yourself.

My friend gave birth to a beautiful girl some months back, I asked him 'dude, do you think this is the right time to have a baby?'

Guess what he replied...

'I heard there's never a perfect time'

Nothing can be truer.

 I hear people all the time who say what they have is not enough but the truth is that, whatever you have is enough to get started.

Look at the story of the Biblical David, he wanted to kill Goliath, he had nothing but stones.

 Naturally, if you want to kill a giant like Goliath, you would need to use grenades, machines guns or even weapons of mass destruction, not just stones.

Remember Samson?

 He had to fight and the only thing he had was the jaw bone of an ass and it was the only thing he used.

Do you know the story of CNN?

Ted Turner started CNN from single room but today, CNN is the biggest TV brand in the world.

Mark Zukerberg  started Facebook from his dormitory and today Facebook has over 3.5 billion users .

One thing you must know is that everyone who built a sustaining business started from scratch. 

Think of Google,Amazon,Facebook,Paypal,Twitter and any BIG business today.

They were once small and they grew to their ‘greatness’.

No one is born great, we grow to attain greatness.


I’m not sure how old you are now,may be 20 years,or 35 or even 55, no matter what your age is now, you were once a baby.

You eventually grew to be the man or woman you are now.

So, no matter where you are or what you have, if  you want to start a business…

Quit complaining and waiting, just  start now!

The bitter truth is that, what you have right now is enough to start.

 Imagine what would have happened if Mark Zukerberg had to wait for the perfect time like my friend did, probably, we will never see Facebook.

What about if Ted Turner had decided to wait until he has enough money to build the current CNN studio, chances are, he will never have started and CNN would not have existed.

The world need the ‘small thing’ you have, it is enough to get started.

If you can’t prove that you will grow small thing to a big thing, you will never ever be able to grow a big thing to a GREAT thing.

Quit waiting for the perfect time, it is an illusion that exists on in your mind.

 Don’t wait for the perfect time, this is the perfect time to start whatever it is you want to start.

Just like the biblical Daniel, he believed that the stones he had was good enough to do the job, you also have to believe that what you have is good enough to get the job done.

Go for it and you will be very happy you did.

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