This 'Scalers Operating System' Will Double Your Sales, Revenue and Profit In 60days OR I'll Double Your Refund...

even in corona pandemic & hARSH economy!

Dear Business Owner,

You are stucked!

You're a business owner but things are probabaly not how they should be.

Corona virus has completely changed the entire world, and the hostile economic situation is NOT helping either.

I know it because i did a recent survey and a whopping 92.3% of entrepreneurs say they're stuck.

You do everything within your power yet you don't seem to be making the type of progress you want.

You're rotating but not progressing like the old barber's chair.

It is like getting to a "5-Junction".

Ok, let me explain it better.

You're driving to a very important place, ane everything seem great until you get to a junction that has 4 different directions...

I mean a 5-Juntion.

It's the most miserable state to be as an entrepreneur.

It has happened to me in real life.

There's a place in Benin city called "5 Junction", it's pretty popular.

One time, as a kid, I got there, and I was confused because i wasn't sure which of the roads to take.

This is how it looks.

Imagine travelling to a destination without a problem until you get to a "5 Junction"...

Should you return back to where you were coming from, or turn right or left?

The sad thing is, you can even spend 2years at that spot, and sometimes, you'd not even know it.

One of our clients who is in the beauty & cosmetic business was at a spot like that for 3years.

She wasn't growing, she was rotating.

She couldn't grow beyond what she was making.

At first, sales picked up, and things were good but all of a sudden sales stopped.

What was even confusing was that she was still doing the exact same activities that brough the initial "sales spike".

Ofcourse, she was confused, she didn't know what next to do to get to the "nevel level" until we installed...

The Scalers Operating System

Into her business.

As soon as we did, her entire business exploded.

Her  revenue grows yearly, she works less and makes more.

And incase you're wondering, who the heck is this? 

Well, my name is Johnson Emmanuel.

You may have heard that Africa dot com crowned me "The #1 Marketing Magician" in Africa because of the terrific stuff i'm able to do for large to medium size companies, OR...

You may have seen my name on countless US based business shows and publications.

OR, you may have seen me on TV or Radio shows.

OR, you may have heard of my book, Passion To Dollars that sold over 40,000 copies.

OR, you may have even read my new book, Deep Pocket Clients that thousands of people love including industry giants.

akintunde felix review deep pocket clients

Regardless of how we "met", I'm the guy that even top marketing experts and marketing agency turn to when they need help with their own business.

Look, I can help you.

Ok, i mean, I want to help you, and I mean it.

I want to EXPOSE you to a system that will completely turn everything thing around.

A system that I has been tried and tested in over 60 different industries.

I'm specially inviting you to a special "backdoor" meeting where I'll show you the ultimate system that will change the game for you.

Both of us will INSTALL our new system...

The Scalers Operating System

Into your company.

And I guarantee that within 30-60days of installing it into your business, you'll double your revenue and profit or, I'll double your refund.

Yes, I said it, and I mean it.

Look, this same system is what I have used to build all of my companies in phone communications to baking & confectionaries, to relationship & dating, ecommerce, marketing agency & consulting and even in our food business.

We've tried it in all the "weirdest" of industries and it works like magic...

NOT just for us but for our clients too.

I delibrately REFUSED to release it to the public before now UNLESS you're a VIP client of mine,and...

It's not even like, I'm releasing it to everyone now, just 3 people ONLY.

Here's How It's Going To Work

We'll have a LIVE session for 2hours, and we'll be digging deep into your business for this two hours.

For the first time ever, you'd have the opportunity of having me LIVE for 2hours, and all my focus wil be on your business.

We'll even record the session and send it to you.

Look, I'm not going to do what most people do...

Send a link to watch some videos.

I call it "video dumping".

That's what most "gurus" do because it's the easy thing to do but that won't help you, I know it. So...

Instead, I'll do the ACTUAL work with you for 2hours or more.

We'll use the Market Pyramid Method to help you design your offers, and get the exact people who'll pay you good money.

We'll also use the "Market Distribution Network" to help you generate steady flow of clients.

Look, this is how to get more clients, more sales, more revenue and more profit 24/7, with consistency and predictability.

What about if you're not sure what your "next move" should be?

I'd be helping you personally.

Look, this is the craziest thing I've ever done.

This system will uncover "Hidden profit" centers within your business that you'd never see, and we'll quick tap it and skyrocket your profit.

This system will also show you EXACTLY people who have money to pay you right now despite the pandemic and harsh economy so you don't waste time with "broke" people.

This page will not contain everything I'd love to show you about "The Scalers Operating System", it'll completely transform your business BUT i'm taking ONLY 3 people.

Yes, let me say it again, 3 people.

It's actually a beta program, and I'm allowing only 3 people have this with me.

Look, this is going to be a "deep dive" into your business, and we're going to locate,map and tap all the profits centers within your business.

We'll even look at sales, and how to make it consistent, and predictable.

Few weeks ago, a coporate client paid us as much as N5,000,000 to come help them with stuff like this.

But no worries, I'm not going to ask you for anything close.

I'll even personally help you review your entire marketing, including your ad,copy, offers, etc.

It's going to be the best 2 hours of your life, and I know it.

However, like i said, it's not for everyone.


Who Is It For?

You must already own a business that you want to scale.

I prefer people who are already making money but want to make even much more.

And like i said, this is a beta program, so i can only take 3 people, and if i pick you, you MUST agree to give me a video review of your result in a 30-60days.

This is not for people who love to doubt things or who are not ready to move swiftly.

And ofcourse, you MUST be ready to take action swiftly, no delay or procrastination.

What To Do Next?

First, if you know me, you'd know that our clients are mainly foreign clients.

Like 95% of our clients are foreign clients, people based outside of Africa.

So, i probabaly should be charging $5,000 for this but again, I wont.

Businesses are going through alot, and I have made up my mind to help by TRULY helping.

I know I can create a total turn around for you, almost overnight.

So, like i said, it's for only 3 people, and this window of opportunity will go away in the next few hours because i'm sending this page to my "inner circle mentorship members" and I can bet that they'll take up all spaces.

Infact, if this page is still up now, just know that it's a miracle.

I STRONGLY believe it will go away in few hours because I need only three people, and after that, this page will automatically go down.

All you need to is to pay just N150,000 only...

NO! Cancel that!

Just N23,500 ONLY!

And yes, I'll even send you the recording of our session so that you can review it again and again.

I know it's very cheap considering that our clients pay thousands of dollars for stuff like this but I'm delibrately making it this cheap because I want to help you TRULY, and I don't want money to be the "road block".

money back


30 day guarantee

100% "You Cannot Lose Your Money" Guarantee for 30-Days

Purchase With Confidence...It's Risk Free!

Look, if you go through this session with me, and in implement everything I told you, and you still didn't get result, just show me that you did it, and instantly, you'll get a double refund.

I can promise you this because i know I can change your entire business.

All you need to do now is to use the link below;

Once you make payment, my team will instantly reach out, and a date will be schedule between today and the next 8hours.

And oh, once we're done with the 3 people, we will completely shut "access".

So, it's now up to you, and mind you, you have nothing to lose whatsoever because our money back guarantee is there.

The risk is on us completely.

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