Attention, DEEP POCKET CLIENTS buyers!

Can This “Mysterious Marketing System”

Add Extra N10million, 50million, N100million or even More to Your Business in the next 90days

Even in the midst of pandemic and turbulent economy?"

From Johnson Emmanuel,

Wednesday,22nd May,2024,

Dear friend,

Most businesses are just a tweak away from adding extra N10million, 50million, N100million or even more to their businesses in the next 90days (or even less).

For example, one of our clients who is in the travel industry was struggling to survive, they couldn’t meet their obligation, then they reached out…

Guess what happened?

Ya, you guessed right!

I showed them the exact tweak they needed to make, and they did, and within 24hours, they had N2.5million, and within 4months, they were doing 80million.

Another client who is a consultant was struggling, we did just one tweak, everything changed for them. In 18months, they did 120million in sales.

Yet, another client who is in the dating/sex niche did about N2.5M in sales in Feb. 2020 Valentine, we did a few tweaks, last Valentine (of 2021), in just 6days, they did N15M.

We also did the same thing for our client who is in construction/real estate, and their business literally blew up.

It works in every market under the sun.

Look, I have had the absolute pleasure of working with clients in more than 60 different industries, the key thing we often do for all of them is making one-tweak or a few tweaks.

BUT every business is different, what works for A may not work for B, but at the end of the day, you just need to make one-tweak or a few tweaks to experience a financial windfall in your business.

The question is…

What specific tweak or tweaks do you need to make for your own specific situation so that you’ll outsell your competitors, generate DEEP-POCKET clients who’ll salivate to pay you, and rapidly have your financial windfall?

I want to hand you what I believe is one of our most power (and effective) marketing system;

Predictable Profit Protocol.

Here’s How It Works;

You and a member of our growth specialists (in some rare cases, you may be lucky to have me) will sit down for 30-45minutes via skype or Zoom.

We’ll look at your pricing model, your sales process, your offers, your marketing campaigns, your messaging, etc.

Based on what we discover, we’d then deliver a customized Predictable Profit Protocol that will generate emergency cash for you within  the next 24hours, 7days, 14days, 21days, 30days, 60days, 90days, etc.

Look, you'd see it clearly, that's why it is called "Predictable Profit Protocol"...

Everything is clear, and fully customized for your own specific situation.

Now, this will automatically become your strongest & most potent marketing arsenal that you’ll unleash on your competitors.

Unleash it on them and smile as they run for their lives.

Let me warn you quickly…

If you CAN NOT handle torrential downpour of deep-pocket clients, or if you are not ready for rapid growth, this is NOT for you.

This is for growth-focused people.

Anyway, immediately after this meeting with us, if we like your personality, we might extend an invitation to join our program "Growth & Scale Consulting", where you'll be working DIRECTLY with me for 3months to 12months.

Although we’re NOT currently accepting clients, but as a buyer of Deep Pocket Clients, I'm ready to waive that, and bring you in through the “backdoor”...

BUT oh, this is NOT for everyone

Infact, we'd NOT accept everyone who applies because it is strictly for;

1: People who have a business that is already running, and simply want to run much faster and further.

2: It is for people who have the ability and willingness to invest in themselves.

The keyword here is “ability”.

Preferably, you should ALREADY have some fund setout or be able to raise it within hours.

This is NOT  a cheap program, it is NOT for people who are price sensitive, it is NOT for people who prefer price over value, this is for growth-driven people.

And oh, if you're scared already because of the fees, this is NOT for you.

Our clients come to us because they prefer Rolls Royce over Danfo, they come to us for value, they come to us because they need life-changing result rapidly.

3: You must have a great product, and should be able to deliver massive value to your audience because if you can’t do this, it’ll be hard for us to help you.

That’s it, it’s as simple as that BUT…

I want to be sure that we’re speaking with ONLY folks who are ready and able to invest in themselves.

We don’t want time wasters.

So, for that reason;

Immediately you click here to apply, you'll fill-out a very simple application process so that we get to know where you're and where you're seeking to go...

Then, you’ll be expected to make a REFUNDABLE deposit of N15,000.

No worries, you’ll get your N15,000 back UNLESS I take you as a client, and in that case, I’ll apply it to your tuition.

So, you’ll get it back.

I’m just using it to filter away the unserious people.

You get?

And listen to this…

I absolutely believe that you’d love the Predictable Profit Protocol and you’d want to become a client, but if for some weird reasons you don’t...

I’ll send you $100 as compensation for your time.

So, it is either you get $100 as compensation for your time OR you’ll get a new  failure-proof system that will help you add an extra N10million, 50million, N100million or even more to your business in the next 90days.

Either way, you’ll come out the winner.

So, click here to apply.

Now, I must add, this is one-on-one stuff, so it is practically impossible for us to do it for long, we have set our own internal limit, once we hit it, this page will be down, and sadly, you won't be notified.

And yes, I mean that last statement, this is not some stupid "marketing gimmick".

If you have followed me long enough, you'd have known that when I say something is going away, I mean every single word.

I'm not like those "gurus" who dont mean what they say, they dont know what they're doing...

So, the best thing to do is apply now before your crazy competitor beats you to it.

The time to act is NOW!

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