Finally Reveal For The First Time Ever...

How One Nigeria-Based Entrepreneur Charges Foreign Clients $10,000  Per Client, And Still Get A Long List Of  "Waiting Clients" AND...

How ANYBODY Can EASILY Get A Stampede Of Clients/Customers Who Pay In Dollars, Euros or Pounds While Working From Nigeria...Without A Visa, even If  You're A Beginner or Pro!

From  Johnson Emmanuel,



Dear friend,

Would you like to get a stampede of foreign clients and customers who will EASILY and effortlessly pay you in dollars (or even pounds) for the same services/products that you currently struggle to sell in naira?

When I say FOREIGN CLIENTS, I mean clients from abroad, who happily pay "good money" in foreign currencies.

If you currently (or want to) charge N100,000, you can easily get clients who will pay $1,000 (that's N550,000), crazy, right?

Ok, wait, let me explain it better so you'll understand....

You're "begging" someone to pay N100,000 for your service, the person is doing "shakara", insisting he'd pay less.

Imagine offering the  same service to someone abroad for $1,000, and the person will still tell you "thank you!"

If you use today's rate, that is a whopping N550,000.

So, you'd be making N550,000 more, and you'd spend the same time, energy & resources (maybe even less), to do deliver the same product or service.


There's a BIG problem right now in Nigeria.

The prices of oil are down.

The exchange rate of a dollar to a naira is as high as N550, some people even swear that it is N570.

Don't even mention pounds because it is N740 to one British pound.

Unemployment rate is 40%.

Food inflation is at 22%. 

Businesses are already folding up because purchasing power is almost zero, that's why almost everything is in sachet...

Sachet water.

Sachet tomatoes.

Sachet toothpaste.

Sachet cooking oil.

You get what I mean.

The reason everything is in sachet is because the purchasing power of the average Nigerian is gone....

The naira is turning to Zimbabwe dollar.

Yet, the price of fuel will go up in 2022, that means, the purchasing power will be way weaker.

The price of a bag of rice is more than N30,000 as at today.

When the fuel price goes up, it'll be double-N60,000.

The price of everything will naturally double, triple or quadruple.

Electricity cost will go up.

Anything in Nigeria will go up but that's not even all because...

COVID-19 is still here.

"OK, Johnson, you're scaring me, do you think there's anyway out?"

Well, yes there's a way out...

Three ways actually.

Strategy #1: Do nothing, and hope for the best.

Yes, that's one way out.

Just do nothing and hope that with time everything will be better BUT...

Here's the thing...

First, prices of things don't come down in Nigeria, you and I know that very well.

Secondly, "hope" is NOT a strategy to win in life.

Thirdly, problems don't go away with time, they change names.

Yes, problems don't go away with time, they change name, and become even bigger monsters.

And deep down, you know it, nothing changes until something changes.

Anyway, strategy #1 wont work for you BUT you can try...

Strategy #2: Raise Your Prices (In Naira)

So, let's assume you currently charge N100,000 per client or customer, you can raise that to N150,000.

What do you think?

Fantastic, right?

BUT, wait....

Think about this, currently, you're charging N100K, and people are complaining.

You're NOT even getting regular sales.

In your heart of hearts, do you think raising your price to N150K will solve the problem, or it would even worsen it?

Deep down your heart, you know it will worsen the problem, you know that already.

Even if you are able to get clients or customers who agree to pay N150K, If you have a smarter competitors, they will knock you out, it is only a matter of time. 

BUT you have a third (and best) option...

Get Foreign Clients Who Pay ONLY In Dollars, Euros or Pounds.

Here's the thing...

If you had gone with strategy #2 above, and decided to raise your price to N150,000,, a smarter competitors will crush you to pieces.

 Here's how...

If the competitor decide to get foreign clients who pay $1,000, that's N550,000 per clients.

To you, it seem like you've done much by raising your price to N150K but the competitors is richer than you by N400,000 per client.

If you get 5 clients who pay you N150K each, that's N750,000.

If the competitor gets only 3 clients who pay $1,000 (N550K) each, that's N1,650,000.

Can you imagine that?

The competitors is working with fewer clients, which means, he can get the clients better results since they're few, that also means the clients will refer more people.

More people means more money.

The competitor will have way more money to run marketing and invest in other aspect of his business.

The truth is, once you start working with foreign clients, It'll completely change your life, almost overnight...

Earn In Dollars, Spend In Naira!

YOU earn in dollars but since you're in Nigeria, you spend in naira.

What can be more rewarding than that?

Ok, wait...

Let me paint the worst case  for you...

Even if you get only one client in a month who pay you $3,000 (and yes, I'll show you how to get a stampede of foreign clients, just keep reading!)

That's N1,650,000 every single month.

Most "Ogas" in big companies in today's Nigeria don't (legitimately) make that much per month.

Look, life can be awesome.

It can be way better than it is now IF...

Instead of charging a Nigerian clients N50,000 for a project, you charge a foreign client $500 for the same exact project.

So, instead of making just N50,000, you'll be having N268,500 from every client.

I'm NOT just bullshitting you...

It's what I've done severally times.

People say I'm the first internet marketer in the entire Africa to do it first, I don't know if it is true or not, but I've been a long time.

You see, back in 2008, I made a BOLD, audacious decision.

I was beginning to make a lot of "in roads" in my journey as an entrepreneurs but I wanted 'more'.

Maybe that's you, you want more...

"More good clients who pay good money".

"More good money in the bank"

I was hungry for more.

One midnight, I woke up in the dead of the night with many questions on my mind.

For example, "instead of selling this service for N50,000 In Nigeria, why not look for someone abroad to pay me $2,000 for the same service?".

So, instead of making N50,000 per client, I'll be making  N324,000, because then, exchange rate was about N162.

If it were now, it'd be N1,074,000.

You see, this is the best opportunity for you.

Anyway all I needed to do was to change my focus from working with Nigeria clients to working with foreign clients.

Well, you may say I'm ambitious or greedy but...

Think about it, I'm rendering the same service but I'm ONLY selling it to foreigners who can pay me in dollars.

Deep down my heart, I wanted clients to pay me dollars, not naira BUT...

I had four major obstacles that I'd need to overcome.

And the truth is, if you can overcome these four obstacles, you'll be getting clients from allover the world begging to pay you in USD or any other currency for that matter.

Hey there!

I'm  Johnson Emmanuel.

You may have seen me on a popular UK TV station where my take on marketing & business  is regularly requested.


You have heard me on top-ranked US & UK-based business & podcast shows with millions of global listeners.

Top marketers refer to me as the  first African marketer who opened the door for other online/digital marketers, entrepreneurs and businesses in Africa to attract foreign clients.

I'm the guy that took Havanzer from a one-man company to 57 employees in 4.5years.

And incase you're wondering if you can work with me, listen to this...

I STOPPED working with clients in Nigeria since 2008.

I've been working EXCLUSIVELY with foreign clients.

Although  I have a lot of successful Nigeria companies but I’m known more out of Nigeria where I work with "top companies" behind the scene ofcourse.


Take a look at this person carefully…

Her name is Jessy Erenwat, she was my first  International client ever, back in 2008.

Thank you, Jessy!

Guess how much she paid me?

Just guess…


I will never ever forget.

I didn't have Paypal account then, there was no way she could pay me, she had to travel several kilometers to use Western Union Money Transfer.

It was my first time of touching my own dollars.

The experience was so sweet but I learnt something from it, life is what you make out of it.

If you meet obstacles, your duty is to find a way to navigate.

For example, in 2008, America was facing one of the biggest recession in history...

Yet, I found a way to navigate  and got clients from there even though I didn't know what America looked like then.

People say I have some American accent now (I'm not sure if it is true or not) but back in 2008, I had this very thick Nigerian accent but I was still able to get clients.

I was new without a big name yet, I went in there and did it.

Our internet network in Nigeria was bad at the time but that didn't stop me, I did it despite that, and luckily for you today, we have 4G but back then it was 1G.

There was no tool to collect payment back then but I found a way by using western union money transfer.

One thing I had was "self-believe"

Fast-forward today,  "top" companies pay me as much as $10,000 for one hour consultation.

Consultation Fee

If you can believe in yourself, others will be "forced" to believe in you.

Nobody else can stop you if you believe in yourself.

No obstacles, challenges can stop you if you can find a wayout (because there's always a way out)


The only one that can stop you is...


Today, you get the "rare" opportunity to lay your hands on the exact strategies I used but the question is.



The Secret Playbook

To Generate A Stampede Of Foreign Clients and Customers Who Easily Pay $3,000 (or More ) While Working From Nigeria...Without A Visa, Even If You're A Beginner or Pro!

Once you get it today, you'll discover;

  • The exact step by step process I used to make my first ever $3,000 so that you'll quickly make your first (or next) $3,000 in matter of hours or days.
  • The 5 types of product and services that sell right now, it sells like a hotcake. Alot of people are still struggling and even get frustrated because they dont know this.
  • How to price your product and services if you are just getting  started. (Hint: Should Your Charge less than $500, $3,000 or more? If you miss this, you'll never make enough money)
  • The hottest place online to get foreign clients who are guaranteed to PAY YOU right now WITHOUT spending any money on advertising.  (HINT: This might completely shock you)
  • How to create irresistible,compelling offers that international clients cannot resist. (HINT: There's a proven framework for this, and i will show you)
  • The ONLY two elements you need to succeed (and I bet you, you'll NOT succeed without these two elements)
  • The 5 countries that are  way more likely to pay you higher fees for your product and services (Hint: It is not US, it is NOT Canada, these countries will shock you, and they pay like crazy)
  • How to collect your payment in the currency of your choice without any stress or hassles (Hint: Look, if you make mistakes with this, it is either you will not be able to retrieve your money or worst still, the clients wont be able to pay you)
  • How To Have An Offshore Company In The US (and other countries) Without Stepping Out of Nigeria (Oh, don't even make the mistake of trying to use Google to search, dont even attempt it. I'll reveal the REAL system)
  • How To Have A US Business Bank Account Even If  you've not been to America Before.
  • 2 Trusted Agents Who Will help you handle all your business concerns why you focus on running and growing the business (AKA, collecting more dollars)
  • The hottest services to sell right now, and how to easily sell it.

Many more INSIDE.

Listen, all these are just a tip of the iceberg...

Let me not let the juices part out of the bag yet but the biggest mistake you will ever make is to underrate this ‘special’ report.

Value: N30,000 Naira but that's not all because you'll also get...

Special UNDISCLOSED BONUS worth N50,000

This undisclosed bonus is special and you'll love it. I'm deliberately making it a "secret" and a surprise to you but I know it'll help you get even more clients from abroad.

Total value: N80,000

That’s a lot, right?

I’m not going to ask you to pay me that.

I’m not going to ask for even N50,000

Not even N30,000.

I know the economy is going through hiccups.

I know a lot of business people are going through a lot right now.

So, all you have do right now is pay ONLY…



N5,500 ONLY!

Yes, That's right, N5,500 ONLY and you'll get all these goodies and you'll immediately get it inside your email box as a digital copy, no need to waste time.

Once you do, you will have your hands on this package.

It’s that simple.

Fully Backed by our 100% Risk Free Guarantee

If, for any reason, you get this product and didn't get clients from abroad who pay you, let us know, we'll immediately refund you 100% (and even compensate you with a goodie). Just show us that you did the work required as explained in the special report and still didn't get result. So, no need to fear anything,cool?

There’s  a bad news anyway…

Here’s it:

Listen, I'm going to be BLUNT:

I cannot guarantee you'll get a copy after now because I dedicated only 3 staff to this project and they'll only be able to help you between now and the next few hours.

If you're still seeing this page, it is best you grab this report now because it'll go down anytime from now.

And oh, that's not  trick.

This page will be DELETED!

And oh, maybe you don't know me, this isn't some "gimmick" to make you get it now, If I say it is going down anytime, I mean every damn word.

Here, we don't do those STUPID "marketing gimmicks" because I'll be insulting your intelligence, and disrespecting your person, and even lying to you if I say something is going down when it is not.

So, this is going down...


Oh, and in case you are wondering…

It will be sent to your email once you place your order.

I would have loved to send it to your home but it takes a lot of time.

No need to waste any time, I want you to get your hands on it ASAP..

There’s a timer on this page.

The best thing you should do right now is to immediately click this link to grab this bundle.

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