Personal Growth: Why I Bought One Book For N200,160

Was I crazy to have paid N200,160 for a book?

The best business advice I can give you to today is to invest in personal growth or what other people might call 'self improvement',  to invest in yourself. You see, any investment in yourself ALWAYS have an incremental return.

Anytime I invest $1 on myself, I usually get at least $300 return on my investment. Sounds funny, right?

Let me share a story with you.

I have a friend who was far ahead of me in marketing. This guy was one of the biggest names from 2004 to 2007. His products sold like hot cake and he made millions.

When I say millions, I mean millions.

In fact, he made close to 30 million naira in a product he launched. He sold the product then for 9,000.

This guy was allover the place, he was the bride of anyone in the marketing space. He was always flying around the country, he was a member of some elite clubs but he made a terrible mistake.

He was making all these monies but didn’t invest even a cent in himself. This guy is nowhere to be found today.

He didnt know the power of personal growth and self improvement.

This guy was way ahead of me back then but the difference between us today is like the difference between day and night.

Right from day 1, I have ALWAYS believed in self investment, personal growth and self improvement which is why I work more than 16hours daily and buy a lot of books and programs.

You see, I’m NOT doing what I do because I want money. If money was my motivation, I would have gone the path of my friend.

I just love marketing. If you have followed me for a while or if you have ever stayed under my ‘marketing ministration’. You’ll know that I love what I do A LOT, it is my life.

I have gotten political offers but I turned them down because mylife is marketing and business growth. Nothing makes me happy like marketing.

Ok, let me talk about the book.

It was a book written by the late Eugene Schwartz. Actually, the book cost N91,080 and N9,000 for shipping, making a total of 100,080 but I bought two copies.

One for my Home in the US and another one for my Nigeria home because the book is almost exclusive.

This year, I bought 46 books with the least being N11,365.99.

I have not only bought the books, I have read all of them. I’m not talking of other programs or masterminds I belong.

Take a look at this book below and guess how much I bought it?

nigeria marketing memiors

I was hanging out with a friend in one of the popular shopping malls in June of 2018 and I saw the book.

II must be honest, I had ZERO intention of buying any book but when I saw this one,I knew I just have to get it.

I immediately coughed out N45,000 to buy that singular book.  Although I later heard that the book is far cheaper than that when it was published, I have no regret buying that book. I will even pay N100,000 or more for the book.


The book took 4 solid years to compile and it is a compendium of all the marketing case studies of big brands in Nigeria. 

I'm a business growth & marketing strategist, i need to lay my hands on all the marketing case studies I can get.

Plus, it was written by one of my favorite newspaper columnist. 

Want to stand out in this life?

Don’t be selfish to yourself. For me, before I buy any cloth or fancy item, I MUST first buy something to improve my mind.

Let this sink into you. If you feed your stomach, you enrich your toilet but if you feed your mind, you enrich the next generation.

Make your choice!

Tell me what you think and how you are going to start self investment (investing in yourself) and your business.

About the author 

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Johnson Emmanuel's agency, Havanzer, is behind most of the wildly successful marketing campaigns for some of the fastest-growing companies, and well know entrepreneurs, generating over $500M in revenue for his clients. He's the marketing expert other marketing experts go to when they need help with engineering predictable, profitable & scalable customer acquisition campaigns.

  • Hmmm. I love seeing your emails in my inbox, even if I ignore others but not yours. It inspires me always & I wish I could make it to the Monetize Your Passion event so I can get a clear picture of how to grow my small online business. Anyway thanks

    • Johnson Emmanuel says:

      Hi Micah, great to hear from you. I’m happy that I’m able to help. Meanwhile, I need you to know that life doesn’t present us a guarantee or warranty, it only presents us with opportunity. Whenever yous ee any opportunity, no reason is good enough not to grab it.

  • Books are excellent growth tools, but only when you apply their teachings, and right.
    I’ve seen over the years so many people start a tactic, learn a new one, start a new tactic, and repeat. Glad to see you kicking butt and using your tactics to their full potential!
    Awesome post!

    • Johnson Emmanuel says:

      You right! Book are great tools for growth if properly used. Thanks for the kind words and do let me know if you need help along the line.

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