Make BIG Money WITHOUT Doing ANY Work...

Just Refer The Client,And Get Paid Handsomely, NO stories!

Dear friend,

There's a huge opportunity I want to share with you today and if you are selected among the lucky 5, you'll never lack money again...

And you will also never work for money because...

We'll be working for you, while you get paid BIG money.

I know it sounds crazy, I know, I know.

I know the next thing you might be thinking is "could this be another affiliate or scam program?" 

Damn it! (in my American accent)

Let's say something way better, seriously!

I'm serious, so stop saying "Johnson, you don come again".

I run what has been described as the fastest growing digital marketing agency, Havanzer...

And we're killing it!

We have helped our clients managed tens of millions of dollars in ad spend, generating tens and tens and tens of millions of dollars in sales for them.

In 2019, alot of people reached out to us, they actually wanted something like a partnership referral program.

When they told us, we said "Stop it! We ain't gonna do it" (Again, in my American accent).

BUT don't blame us, we are the kings when it comes to getting clients consistently and predictably, and I mean, deep-pocket clients, and we didn't see any need for such program.

BUT in 2020, and even up to March of 2021, we kept seeing the same request.

Then, we felt, it was time!

The voice of the people, they say is the voice of God, huh?

Now listen CAREFULLY...

If you're an individual or a company, if you refer a client to us, you'll get paid instantly, no stories!

I actually said a "client", not a prospect.

You'll get between 5% to 20%, and if you're a company, maybe more.

And oh, our fees are NOT cheap, some of our clients pay as much as 50M per year, and even much more, depending on the nature of the project.

Just imagine if you get even 10% of 50M, that's already N5,000,000.

And if in the worst case, you close only 5 clients in a year, that is already N25M.

If you close 10?

Damn it!

That's N50M!

Did I mention the car yet?

Well, one person will win a car from us (I'll share details of that if you're selected among the 5 people).

And no worries, we'll (even) show you how to get these clients effortlessly.

Now, that's not even all, wait, there's more!

We services that charges clients monthly re-occurring fees so you'll also be getting a percentage of that fee every month for life, as long as the client stays.

Your ONLY job is to bring in the client, we'll do the rest.

And if you're having issues closing a "stubborn" client, someone from our sales team will help you, and you'll still keep your money 100%.

See, there's much more goodies, including a winning a car BUT, I don't want to share everything here.

I know some of my competitors will be poke nosing to steal from me again, so I wont say everything here.

And oh, if you're selected, you'll get a complete kit (and exclusive training) from us BUT this program isn't for everyone.

We're going to use a fine-tooth comb to select the 5 people that we need.

Ya, ONLY 5 people (or companies) and we prefer...

People who live OUTSIDE Nigeria.

People who have some form of "contacts" or leverage or  some B2B connections.

People who live in big cities like Lagos, PH or Abuja, because we dont work  with every clients.

People (or companies) who are very, very hungry and extremely passionate about sales and marketing.

People who have track records of selling stuffs or hungry to do so.

There are two more conditions but we'll keep those close to our chest but if you want this, you must be ready!

Now, that you know the conditions...

What's The Next Thing To Do?

First, you'll need to apply below, and you want to be as detailed as possible.

It's very, very, very easy and straightforward.

Secondly, after the application, you'll be required to make a NON-refundable fee of N76,000  AND...

Even if at the worst case, you close a N10M client, we give you N1,000,000 you'd have made back your N76K almost 17times.

So, you see, you're the winner here AND...

If you're NOT selected,  the N76,000 will be refunded back to you, the same day, no stories!

Oh, if you scream at the N76K, it makes our "filtering" process very easy, because it simply means this is NOT for you.

Now listen carefully again...

If you're selected, you'll join me, I'll personally train you, breakfast and lunch will be on us for that 1day.

Now, the ball is in your court, I just played it to you...

Just click the link below to apply.

One final thing....

And this is truly serious, I wont leave this page for more than 3days.

 So, it is best you click the link below and apply now!

Click the link below, and get a chance to be our partner, and start making crazy money without doing the work.


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