3days high-ticket workshop

The 'MAGNETIC PROTOCOL' That Easily (& Effortlessly) Generate 5-10 Clients Every Single  Month, Clients Who Pay $3,000 to $50,000 (or More), Per Person!

Date: Oct. 13-15,2021

Dear friend,

If you want to get 3, 5 ,10 (or more) clients who will easily, effortlessly and happily pay between $3,000 to $50,000, PER CLIENT, between now and December 30, 2021, this is for you BUT a...

Quick question...

What is your “Fastest Path” to more CASHFLOW & freedom?

What is the best way to get RESULTS for your clients?

And which offer has the highest profit margin?

Of course the answer to all of these questions is…

A Big-Ticket Offer (also known as your MAX offer)

And it’s actually EASIER to sell a $5,000 offer than it is to sell a $47 offer

If you have the RIGHT offer, framework, and strategy.

If you spend 3 days in an intimate virtual setting with me and my team, we'll help you do EXACTLY that.

I’m going to GIVE you everything you need to create, launch, and sell your BIG Ticket Offers (even if you’ve never sold anything at that price in your life!).

Let me say this clearly, I'm not going to be dumping a bunch of videos on your lap, This is a "done with you" IMPLEMENTATION.

We're all tired of "video dumping", you deserve serious, "hands-on support", that is what this 3days program is all about.

My team will be there to help you too.

Value: $13,000


6 Crazy Bonuses For You;

BONUS #1: Irresistible High-Ticket Offer Blueprint ($3,200 value)

No Offer? No Problem: How to Create a High-Value, Low-Stress BIG-Ticket Offer that’s SO GOOD it Gets People Begging to Buy from You

BONUS #2: The "Affluent Clients Picker" ($2,500)

Tired of (attracting & ) selling to broke client? No Problem: You'll get the exact tool, framework, strategy & process we use to attract ONLY clients with big money. Once you install this, you'll be attracting ONLY clients who are able, willing & ready to pay your fees, no matter how high, no matter what you sell.

BONUS #3: Ultimate BIG-Ticket Protocol TEMPLATE ($2,400 value)

Zero Clients? No Problem! The Ultimate BIG-Ticket Protocol that consistently, predictably attract clients to you, day-by-day, Already Pre-Built FOR You. NEVER CHASE CLIENTS, let them come to you instead. (TIP: I bet you, you'll get so much clients, you'll have to "switch off" the system so you can fulfill, it's that powerful).

BONUS #4: The Closer: High-Ticket Clients Closing SYSTEM ($8,000 value)

No sales Experience? No Problem! Get the Actual, Internal Fool-Proof System We Use to Close High-Ticket Sales (Including Our Actual High-Ticket Sales Scripts, Tracking Sheets, Objection-Busting Checklists, & More! Our clients closing rate is between 49% to 91%.

BONUS #5: The "Partnership Velocity" ($1,500 value)

No money for ads? No social media followers? Zero audience? No testimonial or social proof? No Problem! Get the Actual, Internal Fool-Proof to land "big ticket" clients even if you dont have money for ads, even if you have zero followers, even if you dont have testimonials.

FAST ACTION SUPER BONUS: ($10,000 value!)

REVEALED for the FIRST-TIME Ever: Our ENTIRE SECRET INTERNAL High Ticket "Client-Getting Playbook" The ENTIRE Internal Playbook We Use to Find, Attract, & Generate a Constant, Steady Stream of High-Ticket Leads & How We Convert those Leads into Paying Clients Step-by-Step…

Total Value: $40,600.

BUT, you will NOT even pay $20,000.

I wont ask you to pay that but first, let me tell you...


  • 1: Due to the nature of the work involved, I'm only able to admit (five) 5 people for this program. It is not a marketing trick, under no circumstances will i take more than 5 people, because I want to be able to truly help them, GIVE THEM REMARKABLE, LIFE CHANGING RESULT, and if they are more than 5, I wont be.
  • 2: You will need to apply, and you'll be speaking directly with me. Yes, me! NOT any of my 53 employees, you'll be speaking directly with me.
    You'll need to apply with a deposit of $200 only, no worries, you'll get the money back.
    I want to be able to speak with you because I want to help you get a life-changing result, but i first want to know what you're selling, so I can be sure you're a perfect fit for the program.
  • 3: After I speak with you, if we are both fit, you'll not be paying the total value of $40,600. Instead, you'll be paying just $2,500 for all these...

And since you already deposited $200, what you will now balance is $2,300.

You get it, right?

It's the cheapest, craziest offer, I know but I want to help you.

Bad News!

The fast action bonus, valued at $10K, is  ONLY for people who apply today AND...

You'll also get a secret bonus, valued at $4,000...

ONLY if you apply today.

Event Date.

This live workshop starts on October 13 to 15,2021 BUT...

The deadline for application is MONDAY, October 4th,2021.

If you apply today, you get a "fast finger" BONUSE, total value  of $40,600

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