The ULTIMATE Playbook For Turning Your Passion, Story, Advice Skills or Expertise Into a $1 Million Business In 11 Months... even If You're A Complete Novice.

'PASSION TO DOLLARS is the BLUEPRINT that will show you how to turn your special knowledge,talent,passion,skill or expertise into a highly profitable business that gives you Fortune,Fame and Freedom' John Lee Dumas, Multi-Millionaire & Founder, EntrepreneurOnFire



'If you implement ONLY  9% of what is contained in this book, it will TRANSFORM your life and you'll be able to TRANSFORM the lives of thousands (or even Millions) of people, get paid doing it and build a thriving business in the process'

Section One shows you...  1: The simple tricks one popular entrepreneur used to discover his passion & built a Multi-Million dollar business. 2: The 'Solution Provider Technique' to start & grow a successful business using your passion, talent or expertise. 3: The three biggest niches that pays you over and over again, and many more.

Section Two shows you... 1: 'Staggering opportunity' and the exact amount people are willing to pay you. 2: Why you already have all it takes to start a highly profitable business. 3: Why people are ready to pay you for your passion, talent,skill and how to make them pay you. 4: why TODAY is the best day to start, and many more.

Section Three shows you... 1: How to build a hungry audience of people who'll TRUST & LOVE you and buy from you without hesitation. 2: The five types of products/services that people  love to buy. 3: How to build confidence, position yourself as the most credible authority. 4: 8 simple ways to package your talent, passion or expertise for profit. 5: How to build 'goodwill' before your customers. Plus, many more.

Section Four shows you... 1: How to make people say 'Yes Sir' or 'Yes Ma' anytime you ask them to buy. 2: The little hack to crafting products/services that people are willing to buy. 3: The 'PPF method' that will make clients knock on your door ceaselessly. 4: How to make them pay any amount you want...even if it is $3,000 or more.  Plus, many more.

Section Five shows you... 1: How to get the money from them now. 2:  How to use the 'Point and Kill method' to get customers who have the money you need, no matter the amount. 3: How to keep your customers happy for life and leverage on their 'goodwill' to get more customers. Plus, many more.

You'll also get... 1: The $1 Million business blueprint. 2: The EXACT 'Next Step' to take right now to make your dream come through...even if you're a complete novice. Plus, many more.


'If you want people to pay you for you advice, talent, skill, expertise or knowledge, PASSION TO DOLLARS  should be your companion & 'best friend' in 2018'

PASSION TO DOLLARS  is for anyone seeking to  start (& grow) a highly profitable online business. What we can the 'life style business'. Yes, it is for you if you want people to pay you for your passion, advice, skill or expertise. 

PASSION TO DOLLARS is for the employee who wants to sack his or her boss in 2018 or that employee who wants a side income on a consistent and predictable basis. 

PASSION TO DOLLARS is for that entrepreneur,online entrepreneur, business owners or employer who wants to take his business to the next level in 2018 or/and want to get a consistent & predictable side income.

PASSION TO DOLLARS is for anybody who wants to transform the lives of people, get paid doing it and build a new business in the process. If you want people to pay you for you advice, talent, skill, expertise or knowledge, PASSION TO DOLLARS is should be your companion in 2018'


Once you grab this book today, you'll get the following bonuses valued at N77,000 ($197) For FREE.

1: Live online Training for 2hours on January  17,2017. It's going to be exclusive and my first LIVE training this year,I use that to start the year for you. It's a  N60,000 Value but FREE for you once you get the book now.There's going to be Q & A session also.

2: 20 Tried,tested and proven online business ideas that you can start in January of 2018...even if you're not sure what you passion or talent..

3: The Ultimate Blueprint to know if people will pay for your passion, skill or expertise.

The 'Passion To Dollars' Entrepreneur:

Live Your Dreams, Transform The Lives of others, Ignite & Turn Your Passions, Talent, Advice, Skill or Expertise Into A Profitable Business That You Can Operate From Anywhere In The World. 

The teachings, tools and strategies in PASSION TO DOLLARS has helped me and thousands of others to transform our lives and the lives of other people around the world. 

Just Imagine transforming the lives of thousands and millions of people, and getting paid to do it. Nothing makes me happy like 'I cant thank Johnson Emmanuel enough. He TRANSFORMED mylife and business' 

Imagine people paying you for your advice, talent, expertise and knowledge and launching a new business in the process. That is exactly what PASSION TO DOLLARS does.

But this book isn’t about me. It’s about you!

If you take only 9% percent of the information and ideas in this book and put them into practice, it will change your life. I promise.

PASSION TO DOLLARS will show you how to take what you already know and have inside your head, and turn it into a highly profitable $1 Million dollars business in 11 Months even if you are a complete novice. It shows you every SINGLE thing that will help you build the business of your dreams without getting stuck or making stupid (or idiotic) mistake that other people make.

'Good evening Mr. Johnson Emmanuel. Thank you for taking the time to write your latest book, PASSION TO DOLLARS. It is my BEST BOOK OF 2017. The book is easy to read, it is simple, straight to the point. It has opened my eyes to NEW THINGS I never knew. I have ONLY implement a few of what you shared and I have already gotten massive result. God will bless you and keep you for us'

Samson Ekehator

Truthfully? I think you did a great job.  It' s been an eye-opener, I'm super thankful I got a copy of Passion To Dollars

CHIMAMANDA OKERE, Founder, Seiko Sarah Designs

 'Hello, Johnson! How are you,today? I'm at page 89 of your new book, Passion To Dollars and I want to say a BIG THANK YOU for that book. I have not dropped it since I picked it up and I love how you personalized everything. At some point, I felt you were seated next to me. This book is my NEW BUSINESS BIBLE because I have only implemented 9% of what you thought and my results are unbeliveable. Thank you Johnson

 JOYCE ADEMOLA,  FOUNDER, Talent Cubicle Nigeria


Johnson Emmanuel is often refereed to as Africa's #1 Business Growth & Marketing Strategist. He helps businesses generate customers, grow revenue and maximize their profit using online (& offline) marketing strategies.

The London Graduate School refereed to him as 'one of the distinguished personalities' and subsequently the Commonwealth University nominated him for Honorary Doctor of Business Administration (DBA). 

The award was  recognition of his remarkable achievements in helping business owners succeed in their businesses using digital marketing.

Johnson Emmanuel has been featured on top-ranked America based podcast shows including 'The Conscious Millionaire Podcast show' which INC magazine describes as one of the 'best business podcast show of 2016'.

Everyweek, over 80,000 business owners and entrepreneurs learn how to grow their businesses from him. He is very respected and influential in the online business community.

The Best gift you can give yourself in 2018 is PASSION TO DOLLARS! It's a book that you can read in few hours and the effect will be with you all through 2018.

As you read this right now and according to research, people spend $13,584,474.88 per minute which adds up to $326,026,396.26 per day on other peoples passion, talent, skills or expertise.

The question now is, are you one of those people that are been paid or you are one of those that pay other people?

PASSION TO DOLLARS will show you step by step, how to take what you already have inside your head and turn it into a business that transforms your life and the lives of others. 

ONLY N2,500 ($7)  and you'll also get all the bonuses but...

THE BAD NEWS!  There's a timer Below and once it reaches 'zero', this book will automatically disappear. So, It's best to hurry up and get the book now



DISCLAIMER: If you are looking for a ‘get rich quick’ system, this book is NOT for you. If you’re not ready to be committed to your dreams and put in the work required, this book isn’t for you. It is possible that you’ll make way more than the sales figures mentioned in this book, it is also possible that you’ll make less and chances are you’ll not make any money at all. The average person who buys a book on “how to” information gets little to no results. I’m using these references (the sales figures and case studies of myself and my successful friends sighted in this book)  for example purposes only. Your results will vary and depend on many factors …including but not limited to your background, experience, and work ethic. All business entails risk as well as massive and consistent effort and action. If you're not willing to accept that, please DO NOT GET THIS BOOK.

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