‘’FREE LIVE EVENT Reveals How To Turn Your Passion, Talent, Knowledge and Expertise Into A Highly Profitable  7-Figure Business In 60Days or Less Even If You Are A Newbie…

Without  Getting Stressed, Frustrated or Breaking The bank’’

If you would like people to pay you handsomely for your talents, advice, passion, skills or expertise, build a highly profitable business in the process and impact lives of people, THIS IS FOR YOU!

Everything has changed and there are fundamental shifts in the world today.

For example…

Sarah Jones is a young lady who advices introverted guys on how to attract beautiful women into their lives, she has not only built a business that pays her over $240,000 per year, she has also changes the lives of hundreds of men around the world.

John Lee Dumas has built a $10,000,000 business teaching people what he is passionate about and in the process touched millions of lives around the world.

...and incase you are saying, all these people are not Nigerians, well i have good news for you too.

Apart from the fact that John Lee Dumas is a personal friend of mine, so many of my students who are Nigerians have also done it.

Soon, you will meet Tomiwa Ogunremi, a guy that is very passionate about helping unmarried men get married and stay happy. He has build a successful business doing just that.

Bertha Okunda is another students of mine, she's passionate about gift wrapping. She has build a successful people showing other people how to wrap gifts, make more sales with gift wrapping.

Your advices, talents, skill, passion or expertise has the ability to change someone’s life forever.

It could help to save marriages or restore relationship, repair families, change someone’s health, it could make someone find happiness, it could restore hope, it could help someone make more money, it could free someone from detention, and it could grow businesses, etc.

People want to pay you handsomely for your advice, gifts, talents and expertise.

The most valuable thing you have right now is NOT the money in the bank,

It is NOT the real estate properties,

it is NOT the fleet of cars

It is NOT the goods in the warehouse or high sea.

The most valuable thing you have right now is WHAT YOU KNOW.

The most important asset you have right now is what you have inside your head.

Your passion, knowledge, expertise or advice is the most valuable thing you have right now. What you have inside your head is the most important that you have.

That is the GREATEST asset you have right now.

Dear friend, there’s a lot inside of you already and millions of people want to pay you for what you know.

People are ready to pay you handsomely for what you would even love to do for free.

Don't under-rate, undervalue, under-estimate that 'thing' inside your head (your passion, expertise, knowledge).

It means the entire world to millions of people out there and they will happily pay you for changing their lives.

If you have something you are passionate about or even if you have a gifts, talents, skill or expertise, people want to pay you for it.

They want to pay because it will change their lives and make them a better person.

  •  If you have a successful business, people want to know how you did it because they also want to have a successful business too, and they will pay you for it.

  • If you have a successful marriage, people want to know how you did it because they too will want a successful marriage too and they will pay you to help them.
  • If you can cook very well, people want to pay you because they too want to learn how to cook so they can cook great meals for their wives, husbands, parents and they will pay you for helping them.
  • If you have passed any exams, people want to know how you did it and they will beg to pay you and you’ll be able to build a business in the process.

No matter what point you are in your life right now, you could be an employee, small business owner, medical doctors, lawyer or any type of professional, you already have a lot inside of you and people want to pay you handsomely for what you know, then you transform their lives and build a highly profitable business that gives you a lot of fortune, fame and freedom in the process.

The BIG question now is, how do you take what you have inside your head and structure it in such a way that people will NOT only value but beg to pay you and you  build a 7-figure business?

Hello, my name is Johnson Emmanuel, I help people turn their passion, skill or expertise into a highly profitable business and I’m the host of MONETIZE YOUR PASSION SUMMIT.

Last June, we had Monetize Your Passion Summit in Lagos and people flew from Enugu, Abuja, Portharcourt, Kaduna, Delta and different places to Lagos and it was awesome.

Watch This Short Preview from the Monetize Your Passion Summit, Lagos Edition...

You see, nothing makes me happy like changing lives and luckily for you, and of course due to popular demand, I’m bringing MONETIZE YOUR PASSION SUMMIT to Portharcourt.

So, if you stay in Rivers, Bayelsa, Enugu, Imo, Abia, Anambra, Akwa Ibom, Cross Rivers or indeed anywhere in Nigeria and you want to turn your passion, skill, expertise or talent in a 7-figure business, you must be at this event.

Mrs. Derin Ogunmola Founder, SalesandMarketingTalents.com

 I was at Monetize Your Passion Summit in Lagos and Johnson Emmanuel over delivered. Johnson is someone who's very passionate about what he does and I will encourage anyone who has the opportunity to learn from him to immediately jump on the opportunity. For me, Monetize Your Passion Summit was an 'eye opener'


This Summit isn’t for everyone, but it IS for…

  •  Business owners who want to get customers consistently, skyrocket their revenue and grow their business with multiple streams of income.
  • Employee who is tired of working for someone else (or wants to start a side business) eventually sack his boss so that he (or she) can make more money and have more time.
  • Unemployed who isn’t doing anything right now but wants to start a business that gives him (or her) freedom, fortune and fame.
  •  Professional services providers like Lawyers, Doctors, HR, Financial services providers, etc, who want to touch more lives, make more money and build a highly profitable business.

Inshort, MONETIZE YOUR PASSION SUMMIT is for anyone who wants to impact lives around the world and build a highly profitable, successful business that gives him fame, fortune and freedom…

If you want to get paid handsomely to do what you would have done for FREE, you MUST be at this event.

MONETIZE YOUR PASSION SUMMIT is completely different...

You see, unlike most events where the speakers are just ‘talkers’, this is different because we are ‘doers’.

We’ll show you practical process and strategies that you can fly with immediately, no theories or head knowledge.

Most events are just ‘feel good’ but this one is totally different and you’ll be the winner.

Session 1 : Discover Your Passion, Talent, Skill or Expertise

  • Discover the Proven 3 Step Secrets To Discover Your Most Profitable (& Marketable) Passion, Talents, Gifts, Life-Experiences, Knowledge or expertise that people will gladly pay for and that will transform their lives.
  • The Simple Tool to discover your skills, talents or expertise even if you are a total newbie or have too many and you are not sure.
  • How to Identify and reach clients who are ABLE & WILLING to pay you handsomely.

Most people are confused what their passion, talent or skill is, some have too many that they are so confused which one to pick, we’ll be showing you how to discover the one that is not only PROFITABLE but also MARKETABLE.

Session 2: Package & Brand.

  • How To Package and brand your passion, talents or expertise in such a way that people will value it and beg pay anything you ask them (HINT: If you do this correctly, you will make more money in a very short time)
  • The three things you need to start and grow a highly successful online business using ONLY your passion, skills or knowledge
  • How to position your passion, skill, gift, talent or expertise so that people will see you as the ‘guru’ and pay you anything you want.

Session 3: Simple Marketing System That Turns Total Strangers To Hyper-Buyers Everyday

  • How to create a simple marketing system that will make clients come to you instead of you going to beg them.

Imagine a medical doctor who goes from one house to another asking people to come to him, will you trust your life in the hand of such a Doctor?

We will show you how to make people literally beg you to collect their money.

  • How to Automate Your entire business 24/7 so that you can make sales while you sleep and also enjoy time freedom.
  • The '1 Critical Factor' you need to master to make money very fast online. It is NOT blogging, it is NOT facebooking or daily social media update it is NOT branding ( Hint: This is the REAL reason countless people are frustrated online and always fail)
  •  How To Use My Simple 'POINT & KILL TECHNIQUES' to get clients who have money to pay you (Hint: This will help you get ONLY customers who have the money to pay you, any amount you mention, not freebie seekers and excuse makers.)

We'll even tell you exactly what to say to get clients chasing after you.

Meet Your Host:

Johnson Emmanuel is referred to as Africa’s #1 Business growth & marketing strategies, founder/CEO, Clients Attraction. A worldclass international marketing agency that helps businesses generate customers, make more sales and skyrocket their revenue.

He works with amazing business owners and entrepreneurs in the USA, Canada, Australia, Europe and some parts of the middle east to grow their businesses using his unique marketing strategies that gets people hooked.

His clients have been featured on CNN, BBC, Forbes, ABC, Los Angeles Times, etc.

Johnson has been featured on countless top-ranked America Podcast shows including Conscious Millionaire Podcast, which INC magazine describes as the ‘TOP BUISNESS PODCAST’ in the world.

Tomiwa Ogunremi

 If you are confused about what passion you've got and how to transform it into Naira and Kobo, you need to see Johnson Emmanuel real quick!

How To Get Your FREE TICKET.

How much would you want to pay for an event that will change your life like this?

In January of 2016, we hosted an event like this and we charged N80,000 and the room was full to capacity.

Should we charge you N80,000 for this Summit?

No! There's Recession, LOL!

You won’t have to pay N80,000

Ok, will N30,000 make sense?

Well, we can charge you N30,000 but we won’t, instead I have decided to open the gate for FREE.


To get your free ticket, you will need to Pre-order my book;

All you have to do to get a FREE ticket to this live event in Portharcourt called MONETIZE YOUR PASSION SUMMIT is to Pre-order my book...


The Ultimate Playbook For Turning Your Passion, Skills or Expertise Into $1 Million Business In 11Months’

Once you pre-order the book,Passion to Dollars, you will automatically get a FREE TICKET to MONETIZE YOUR PASSION SUMMIT live in Portharcourt, Friday, August 25, 2017.

How's that fair?

John Lee DumasMulti-Millionaire & Founder, EntrepreneurOnFire                 

‘’ Passion To Dollars is the blueprint that will show you how to turn your special knowledge, talent, passion, skill or expertise into a highly profitable business that gives you fortune, fame and freedom’’

The full pricing of the book is $27 ( N10,260) but all you have to do right now is to pre-order the book for N3,000 and you’ll…

1: Get a FREE ticket to MONETIZE YOUR PASSION SUMMIT which is holding on August 25 in Portharcourt, Rivers state.

2: PASSION TO DOLLARS will be shipped to you anywhere in Nigeria for FREE, no shipping cost and you expect to get it in September.

It’s that simple.

Just pre-order the book for N3,000 (instead of the full price of $27) and you will get a FREE TICKET to Monetize Your Passion Summit

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