25 NEW Marketing Commandments To WIN BIG IN 2022

Ready to crush 2022 in a way you've never done ever?

Then, you must pay close attention to these modern marketing commandments.

When it comes to marketing, I'm a huge believer in RIO, i believe that you shouldn't run any marketing campaign that will not yield a strong RIO.

That's why I wrote out my Growth Marketing manifestoes.

You see, there are fundamentals, if you want your ad campaigns to yield results.

I'm tired of seeing people screaming "my ad is not working" or "marketing is expensive"

It is NOT supposed to be that way.

If you follow these principles, there's no way you will not smash the head of your competitors, no matter how big they are.

Here’s marketing commandment you should engrave in your heart and walls.

So, you ready?

Let's do it!

#1: Thou shalt not sacrifice revenue on the altar of “brand building”. Meaning, thou shalt chase revenue with all thine might but in all thine chasing, chase more profit, because thine future growth lieth therein.

However, whilst chasing revenue and profit, thou shaltn’t sacrifice the relationship with thy prospects and buyers.

#2: Thou shalt be smart like Apple because a 2020 data shows a correction between Apple’s (and other mega companies) revenue and the number of launches they made.

So, thou shalt not be afraid to create multiple services/products for thy market, and offers.

 Thou shalt chase revenue with all thine might but in all thine chasing, chase more profit

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#3: Thou shalt seek and use data but thou shalt not forget to follow thine guts. Thou shalt balance data and guts.

#4: Although AI marketing is going to be a big thing but if thine market is in a 3rd world countries, thou shaltn’t be affected.

#5: If thine customers are in 3rd countries like Nigeria, thou shalt focus on thy energy on SEO juices because organic traffic shall grow like never before.

#6: Thou shalt be ready to displease the people thou doesn’t want so that thou wilt get MORE of the customers thou seeketh.

#7: Truly, I tell you my beloeveth, thou shalt seek revenue but not at the altar of growth.

#8: Thou shaltn’t sacrifice sales winning copies for intelligent, creative copies.

#9: Thou shalt consider a podcast, email marketing like never before, but in all thy doing, thou shalt never chase shinning object. Last year, it is TIKTOK, today it is Clubhouse, tomorrow Houseclub. Thou shalt avoid shinning object like a plague.

#10: Since thine customers are becoming more sophisticated and the economy is not thine customer friend, and the pandemic is still ravaging, thou shalt deploy behaviour-Based Marketing, which I created some years back.

Thou shalt place thy customers interest before thine

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#11: Thou shalt place thy customers interest before thine. Thou shalt know that empathy is a huge thing in marketing, although they competitors might underrate it but thou shalt not act like thine foolish competitors.

#12: Thou shalt know that CLARITY is better than CLEAVERNESS. Thine CUSTOMERS will pay thee of clarity, and thine prospect shalt praise thee for cleverness. Thou shalt know that unless the person pays, he’s still a prospect.

#13: Thou shalt know that people buy from you for one reason, and stay to buy more for another reason. It is thine duty to find the “why”.

#14: Thou shalt invest in community building.

#18: Thou shalt be aggressively offensive in all thine marketing because defensive marketing will affect thine revenue and profit, and they competitor shalt not be merciful to thee.

#19: Thou shalt not be afraid to shout and share thy story, weaknesses and strengths, thine customers love to see thine flaws because it shalt be a validation to them.

#20: Thou shalt be YOU, fearless but authentic, and thou shalt never ever lie because if God catches you, thy shalt go to hell, if they customers catches thee, thou shall lost trust, and the sales.

#21: They shalt invest in omnichannel marketing so that thou will get customers anytime thou seeketh.

Thou shalt be aggressively offensive in all thine marketing because defensive marketing will affect thine revenue and profit

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#22: Thou shalt know that Nigeria is a poor country, thou shalt seek market outside.

#23: Thou shalt be ready to make thine customers and prospect cry, laugh and vex from time to time, but thou must balance it.

#24: Thou shalt make the customers desire what thou selleth because thine riches lieth therein.

#25: Thou shalt be wise when thou picket a business model for 2021 because in it lieth poverty and/or riches. If thou seekest wealth, thou shalt sell to wealthy clients ONLY. If thou seeketh penury and wants, thou shalt sell to poor clients.

Thou shalt get my book, DEEP POCKET CLIENTS If thou seeketh wealthy clients.

To be successful with your marketing campaigns, you must first, and foremost, OBEY these commandments, and ruthlessly follow them.

It is not by accident that marketing campaigns work, it is by follow fundamental principles, like what i have given you for free.

I honestly believe that, your marketing will never fail again, if you follow these rules, and feel free to let us know if you need help.

Now, I'm curious, which of them is your favorite(s), and how are you going to use them?

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