Want Me To Personally Help You  Make Your First (or Next) $150,000 In Sales, Guaranteed In Writing, Selling To Buyers From Abroad, Even If...

You Do NOT Have Experience Selling To Foreign Clients OR You Don't Know How To Get Them OR You Have No Connections, No Matter Where You Currently Live!


You'll Immediately Begin To Get Torrential Rainfall of Foreign Buyers, Clients, Sales, and Customers Who Pay In Dollars, No Matter What You Sell, No Matter Where You Live, Even If You Have No Experience!

  • Generate "wallet ready" customers and clients who pay in dollars from countries like the USA, Canada, Europe, etc, no what matter you sell, physical products, services, consulting, or coaching, no matter the price you choose to sell for...24/7!
  • Start earning dollars, euros, and pounds as soon as tomorrow morning. We'll help you get the exact clients and sales to explode your revenue.
  • Completely STOP selling to broke people. 

Getting started is as simple as "ABC" BUT...

This is NOT for everyone. It is by application process ONLY. We're very picky. You'll be required to make a REFUNDABLE deposit of ₦75,000 (or $100). It's completely REFUNDABLE. We're using it to keep away "time wasters". We want to focus our time and energy on those who truly need and deserve help!

Step 1: The Deposit

To show us you're serious, make the ₦75,000 (or $100) REFUNDABLE deposit.

Step 2: Tailor-made $150K  Plan

We'll deliver a $150K plan via a LIVE Zoom session with us.

Step 3: Deployment of The Plan

If we accept you as a client, we start helping you rake in dollars.

WAIT...One LAST BIG Info...

Once you click the link below to make a refundable deposit, you'll automatically be taken to a page to schedule a LIVE $150K Planning Session (pick a date and time that works for you), it'll hold on Zoom. This is on a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED BASIS. This page will go down without any prior notice, it's safest to click the link below now

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Need help? Support@scalersengine.com



  • Working time 24/7 all days
  • Free Tea & Coffee
  • Max 15 team members
  • Superfast wifi
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