Attention: Entrepreneurs, CEOs & Executives Seeking "Next Level Growth in 2021" 

'Could This Be The MOST Effective Way On Earth To

Generate MORE Clients/Customers, 10X Sales, Explode Revenue & Make Bigger Profit For ANY Company

in 2022, even in Recession & Pandemic?

From Johnson Emmanuel,

Victoria Island, Lagos.

22 May 2024

Dear business builder,

As you already know, today is 22 May 2024...

If you're hungry, and you WANT TO...

Consistently bring NEW buyers into your business everyday...

Make your advertising profitable (without any stories) from day one...

Get a proven, repeatable, reliable machine to generate NEW sales...

Get a bigger, better and bolder profit, week after week...

Permanently STOP the ups-and-downs sales fluctuation...

Outsell your biggest competitors even if they have a bigger marketing budget than you...

Position your business for maximum growth & scale...

Despite the current pandemic and global recession...

Even if you have tried and failed at it multiple times, or even if you're totally confused, overwhelmed and almost getting frustrated.

Look, this may turn out to be the best piece you've ever read, but...

I don't expect you to just believe me hook, line and sinker, but I beg you to give yourself a chance, atleast, this once. 

Look, I want to work with you, one-on-one for FREE to take your business to a completely NEW height, and even make your competitors scared of you.

You'll NEVER lack consistent sales, your revenue and profit will sour high every single month.

Before I continue, let me say this…

This is NOT for everyone, I’m very, very, very picky, but soon, you’ll see WHO it is for.

But let me give you a quick hint;

It is for people who are ALREADY in business, and doing some decent figures monthly, and want to take that business to a new height.

Ok, we’re cleared on WHO this is for.

Now, the good part.

Clear your throat...

Open your ears, wide...

The good part is…

You PAY NOTHING out of your pocket

Here’s why:

Yes, you pay nothing, it is FREE!

The first thing I’m going to do for you is to help you design a customized & strategic "Predictable Profit Blueprint" (3Ps Method, as we call it), it is one of our proprietary growth systems.

You and I will sit down (via zoom or skype), we'd deploy our "Predictable Profit Blueprint" to unearth all the profit angles within your business...

Then, CLEARLY, I'll SCIENTICALLY reveal to you how much sales would be in the NEXT 30days, 60days,90days and even 365days, AND I'll do all this with predictability and accuracy.

Just imagine this...

In the next 30days, you're told that you'll hit N50million ($160,000), and you actually hit it.

NOT some guesses but with accuracy and precision, and the best part is, I actually will help you hit it.

We'd even look at your offers and make it more compelling so that people will almost beg to buy, we'd look at your sales process, we'd use the "Predictable Profit Blueprint" to immediately start generating NEW BUYERS, REACTIVE old buyers, and position your business for an exponential growth.

And like I said, everything we're going to do is going to be strategic & customized, specifically to your particular business...

 We'd use the "Predictable Profit Blueprint" method so that you can get an unbelievable results like the people you're going to meet soon, and it is 100% FREE.

Infact, If it doesn't work, I promise to compensate you with $100.

So, as you can see, you have nothing to lose.

How I'm I so sure I can help you?

From 500K to 300 Million Naira ($750K) In Revenue

My client (but now friend) Ikenna came to me frustrated.

He had just left a well paying 9-5 (with official car and house) to start this company but sales was miserable.

Imagine leaving a "comfort zone" to venture into uncertainty.

Anyway, I understood what he was going through.

The first thing I did was to help him design a customized and strategic  "Predictable Profit Blueprint" it took us 56minutes , 21 seconds, to complete the process.

Two weeks later, he sent me this...

Top Digital marketers in lagos Nigeria

Ya, just in two weeks.

He even told me that though he's very happy with his previous job, but that his entire annual pay is NOT up to 30million naira.

So, his company made more than his annual salary in 2weeks.

Here's someone whose business was barely making N500,000  monthly, now doing over 30million naira within 3weeks.


See, no matter your situation, I can swing things in your favor.

I can make you win, not just win, but win BIG, and with predictability.

Ikenna got a superb result, and if this was the only result we got him, he'd be way more than happy BUT...

Things took completely new height after 4weeks. 

He sent me another message...

That's 50Million naira, making it a total of 80million naira.

That's insane!

Guess what?

It didn't stop there...

The last time I asked him to update me on revenue, the company is already on a NEW height right now.

Completely NEW HEIGHT again...

So, how are they doing now financially?

They make N300million in sales, yearly.

So, how did we do it?

Two things made it possible for Ikenna;

1: The  customized and strategic "Predictable Profit Blueprint" I designed for him.

2: And his decision to NOT let fear, past failures, doubts, procrastination, excuses or "lack of money" hold him back.

Let's be honest...

Everyone of us hear this silent fearful voice, but our ability to kill it, and take decisive action is what will make the difference in our lives, and businesses.

One of the biggest mistakes I see entrepreneurs make is that they allow these things to hold them back, and they often pay heavily for it.

If you think Ikenna was lucky, what about...

A Dying Company That Bounced Back, Now Makes N150million ($330,000)

When this amazing lady came to us, she had alot on her mind.

Her business was about folding up, she couldn't pay bills, and she was already at her "breaking point".

Her business was literally gasping for breath.

You know how it feels when someone is holding you by your throat, and all of a sudden, someone else shows up to rescue you, that relief is what she got.

As someone who is in the travel and tour space, business wasn't going as it should.

So, when she came to me, the first thing we did was to help you design a customized and strategic "Predictable Profit Blueprint"

And that blew up every single thing...

Within 24hours after we got done, she got 2.5million in sales.

Yes, within 24hours.

You see, sometimes, as a  business person, there's money staring at you within your business but you cant see it until someone (with magical eyes) comes to show you, that's what I did for her.

Look, there's chances that, If I look through your business now, I can quickly mop-up millions upon millions that is laying idle.

It is there but you cant see it.

Whenever I do this for businesses, large and small, we often mop-up millions in sales, free money. 

Anyway, she was stunned but because of the 2.5million naira that came in within 24hours BUT, it even got way better.

What happened next blew her mind.

About 8weeks later, she got a major deals with revenue in essence of 150million naira yearly.

She told me that if it is only these clients, she is good for a year.

Imagine 150million yearly.

It is alot of money because her operating cost & overhead is very low.

How come she didn't see this until I came in?

You see, sometimes, we lie to ourselves alot.

sometimes, we lie to ourselves alot...

We act like we can wiggle it out on our own.

We even lie to ourselves that it'll get better with time but you know that is NOT true. 

It is a lie we tell ourselves to make us feel good.

Truth is, unless it is fixed, it gets worse with time.

She would have been struggling, the company might even have closed, If she had not not quickly invited me in.

Look, two things made it possible for her;

1: Unlike most people, she didn't pretend about it, she knew she needed help, and she called for it. Most people try to wiggle it out on their own, and they end in bigger problem.

2: Because of the  customized and strategic "Predictable Profit Blueprint" I designed for her.

Look, "Predictable Profit Blueprint" has generated hundreds of million in sales for businesses around the world.

I have used it in more than 60 different industries for our private elite clients.

It works in multiple industries.

Infact, a struggling restaurant and lounge business had spent...

N25 Million Naira BUT Had Zero Customers, Zero Sales, Zero Profit UNTIL...

Elera is an amazing client (and friend) of mine.

When we first met, she was in tears.

Her business was suffering.

She told me that she had spent over 25 million naira ($62,500)  in starting the business but it appeared her competitors were using 'juju' on her.

I kid you NOT, she said that to me.

She believed that her competitor next to her (because they're way bigger) was using juju to "corner" all of her customers.

She flew from Portharcourt to meet me in Lagos, that's to tell you how desperate she was.

You know when you get to a point of frustration, you begin to think all manner of things.

She said she had done everything within her power and it appears the business will never ever grow.

Paying salaries and bills were becoming big issues because sales wasn't coming.

She runs an amazing restaurant and lounge business...

They will cook great meal but people will not come in...

It's NOT because her business wasn't in a good location, she's actually in one of the best locations any business owner will dream of ( GRA Portharcourt)

It's NOT because the place was not very fine, she stays in an entire duplex and it's a lovely place.

It's NOT  because her food wasn't good.

As a matter of fact, she cooks really, really well,maybe even better than her competitors.

So, why was her competitor getting all the customers?

The truth is, having a superior product is NOT a guarantee that you'll win.

How do I know she cooks really well?

I should know because recently I hosted a business event in Portharcourt that brought over 500 growth focused entrepreneurs together and she 'forced' me to her restaurant.



Look at the picture of what she served me.

So, why was her business not growing despite having a great product?

Let me repeat this, you can have the best product or service in the market and still lose to your competitor with the worst and more crappy product or service.

Having the best product and cheapest price isn't going to make you win.

The first thing I did was to help her design a customized and strategic "Predictable Profit Blueprint"

We started implementing the process from the first day she flew to meet me in Lagos.

The next day, she came to the office excited and screaming "sir, it is working".

Honestly, I was confused because I wasn't sure what she was talking about.

She then explained that her phone has been ringing non-stop since she left my office.

Today, she works with some of the biggest clients you can imagine, and everything about her business is working well.

They generate millions yearly in sales, but due to the insecurity level in her region, she begged me not to reveal the figures.

Life is great, business is great.

Two things made it possible for her;

1: She was hungry, determined and was ready to risk it all. Imagine her flying all the way from Portharcourt to Lagos.

2: Secondly, the customized and strategic "Predictable Profit Blueprint" I designed for her made the difference.

Look, let me tell you the truth...

If I agree to work with you, I'll completely change your game FOREVER.

Why I'm I so sure?

My marketing agency provide some of the craziest RIO on marketing budget because of our unique mindset, processes & approach to growth.

Even our competitors envy our result.

One time, we helped a client run their ad campaigns, and we turned $536,670 in ad budget to $3,228,259 in sales.

I’ve gotten so good at helping companies explode their sales and exponentially grow revenue that I now get well over 1,500 people competing to work with me each MONTH.

Companies do crazy things just to get get my attention…

Like when 3 top companies each bought 2,000  copies of my book  just to get my attention or when a top CEO flew all the way from Enugu to Lagos to spend 90 minutes with me. 

He still calls it 'the best 90 minutes of my life'.

I can help you, period.

In 2020, I was charging as much as $2,500 to help anyone design a customized and strategic predictable profit blueprint using our "Predictable Profit Blueprint".

So, this is me writing OFF a check of $2,500 and I'll tell you why I'm doing it for FREE shortly.

Why I'm I doing it?

No worries, I'll tell you shortly but what about...

10Million In Sales In One Month (and still Counting...)

Look, the only commitment I have for you is result.

NOT just ordinary result, but result that changes things for you in a BIG way.

The only thing I need you to judge me by is how much money I make you,period.

Take a look at my dear client who came to me because they wanted 2021 to be an amazing year for them.

They're in the financial sector, I quickly help her design a customized and strategic "Predictable Profit Blueprint"

Infact, she was stunned at her own result.

10days later, she sent me this message.

She was shocked by her own result.

Just imagine that.

If you think that is all, wait to see this one...

She sent it to me 2weeks later.

Again, If i agree to work with you, I'll change your game completely.

I've worked in more than 60 different industries, in multiple countries, and I know how to swing things in your favour.

BUT wait...

I know what you're thinking...

If it is so powerful, why is he doing it for free instead of charging $2,500.

Great question!

 WHY I’m I doing This for FREE?

Three reasons:

First and foremost, my consulting company has a BIG vision this year.

We want to help 10 businesses made atleast 177million naira in sales this year.

Yes, each of them, 177million on average in sales.

That's N4.7Billion Naira (or $5million in sales) For 10 Consulting Clients

Look, I get alot of message from entrepreneurs who want to hire our agency but because our fees are high and we're often booked 6months ahead, they're unable to do so, so we want to help them this way.

So, this year, I decided to help ONLY 10 people, and sadly, I can't take more than 10 due to my very tight schedule.

Secondly, I'm doing this for FREE because I love doing this.

Nothing makes me happy like helping people explode their businesses.

It gives me 'unquantifiable satisfaction'.

Thirdly, this is how I attract top-level-clients to my business.

So, after I design the "Predictable Profit Blueprint" you'd see the power in it, and would want to work closely with me (like most of my clients)  so I can personally help you build that business of your dream using the "Predictable Profit Blueprint" system that I designed for you.

Listen carefully...

The question is...

NOT if I can help you, the question is, will I like you enough to want to work with you?

If I like you, after we have developed the "Predictable Profit Blueprint",  I might invite you to become a client.

If I agree to work with you...

First, I'll GUARANTEE that you'll take your company to a completely new height.

You'll even get exclusive direct access to me, personally.

I'll hand you access to some of our best tools, templates, scripts, ads systems, proprietary systems, and many more stuff to become the king of your jungle.

And yes, you'll also get a direct frontline access to me, this is just a tip but...

Let me add this...

My clients come to me because of the VALUE & EXPERIENCE they can get. 

They know I'm NOT cheap, if you're looking for some cheap coach or mentor, I'm NOT that person. 

My client dont allow money hold them back, because they place value over money.

They know they'll get atleast 10times whatever they invest in my program within few weeks, so to them, it is an OPPORTUNITY TO GET MORE MONEY than they invested.

Oh, before I forget...

Let me add that you'll NOT be pressurized ,cajoled or manipulated to become a client. NEVER!

No body from my office is going to pressurize or 'sweet talk'  you to become a client.

Infact, I believe the exact opposite will happen, you'll be the one chasing us to become a client.

What You Get EXACTLY...

  • You'll get a strategic & customized "Predictable Profit Blueprint"' designed for you, we'd spend 30-50minutes doing it together via zoom or skype.  It's a  $2,500 Value
  • You'll get the entire recording of our meeting, that's $297 value so that you can re-watch it anytime you want.
  • The PDF laying out the entire framework & layout so you'll know exactly what to do, and how to do it. ($497 value).

That's a total value of   $3,294 BUT...

All for 100% FREE!

Like I said, you PAY NOTHING.

Infact, let me make it better;


You’ll find The "Predictable Profit Blueprint" incredibly Powerful or I’ll compensate you with $100 

Your time is the most important thing you have and I respect that.

I’m so certain that you’ll  extremely love the "Predictable Profit Blueprint"  that I will create for you BUT if for any (strange) reason you don’t, I’ll compensate you with $100.

I’m personally guaranteeing you a "Predictable Profit Blueprint" for you upfront-for FREE.

I’m also guaranteeing that you’ll find this "Predictable Profit Blueprint" extremely valuable or I’ll immediately compensate you with $100 for your time.

Just tell me and it’s yours, no question asked.

Who else is doing this kind of thing?

Nobody (because I checked).

Talk is cheap. 

Everyone can make a promise but how many can put their money where their mouth is?

The last time I checked, nobody is (or can) do this type of thing but I can do it because...

 I can completely transform your entire company, and make it atleast 10X bigger in the next few months.

My stuff works!

That why Africa. com refers to me as the "#1 marketing magician".

My clients say I'm a "marketing gOD".

I have shared the stage with billionaire entrepreneurs Richard Nyong (Lekki Garden CEO), Akinwande Ademosun, Femi Osibona amongst others.

Infact,other well known marketing gurus come to me when they need help with their own marketing.

My brand new book DEEP POCKET CLIENTS is selling like crazy, and transforming lives globally.

Look, my stuff work.

See, my stuff work, and if we work together, your business will explode,period.

Again, I know that if we work together, I’m certain that I’ll be able to transform your company.

As you can imagine, a lot of people will be reading this (because we're constantly spending money on ad campaign) and over 1,500 jostle to work with me monthly  but this opportunity is NOT for everybody.

This is NOT for everybody. Here’s who I can help.

I’m very picky about who will get the customized "Predictable Profit Blueprint" and I’ve got a strict (but reasonable) criteria that needs to be met in order for us to proceed.

Here it is:

  • You'll ALREADY be in business, and already making some decent sales. I prefer people who already have some momentum, my job is to take them to the next level. This is not for newbies or wantrepreneurs. If you made atleast N800K (or $50K) last month, it is likely for you.
  • You must have the financial resources to move forward very quickly. You must either have it already or be able to raise it within days. This is for serious people, ready to move forward fast
  • You must be able to take direction and follow simple instructions. I mean, you must be coach-able, and you must have the right mindset.

So, that is it.

Here’s What To Do Next

If you meet the above requirement and want me to personally help you outsell your competitors and become the king of your jungle, I'm happy to do it for ONLY 2 persons this month of May,2024.

Here’s how the process works:

1: You need to fill in a simple application. Don’t worry, it’s very simple and unobtrusive.

It’s a form that asks for your name, what kind of business you do, where you are now and where you want to be.

Immediately you fill the form and submit...

2: I’m also going to ask you for a ‘real person’ refundable deposit of N15,000 (or $69).

See, I don’t care about the N15,000 (or $69) I’ll send it back to you immediately AFTER I create the FREE "Predictable Profit Blueprint"

I’m only using it as a ‘filter’ to keep away unserious people, 'time wasters' and freebie seekers.

I need to be sure that you’re really hungry for growth and also keep the ‘time vampires’ at bay.

I’ll send back the N15,000 ($69) to you immediately after our meeting (unless I take you as a client, and in that case, I’ll apply it to your balance).

Eitherway, you’ll get back the N15,000 ($69) refundable deposit.

I’m just using it to keep unserious people, freebie seekers and time wasters at bay, because my time is precious.

Here’s what will happen after that.

Once I have your ‘real person’ deposit and your application, Nancy Igwe, one of my amazing staff will immediately schedule our meeting.

So, she will schedule our meeting via zoom or skype.

It'll take us between 30-45minutes to develop your customized "Predictable Profit Blueprint".

BUT there's a BIG enemy in the house...

Warning: Time is A Major Factor

This opportunity is extremely limited because of the intense one on one time needed inorder to provide you with results, and I can only help 10 people.

And when I say 10 people, i mean every single world, this is not like some stupid marketing gimmick to make you do it, it is for real.

This month of May,2024, I'm only taking two people to  design their  "Predictable Profit Blueprint".

The first person will even get a FREE copy of my book, Deep Pocket Clients, and all the bonuses shipped to him/her, anywhere in the world.

If i were you, I'd jump on this immediately before your competitors do, because this is pure gold.

So with that said, know that this widow of opportunity wont be open for long. Click below now.

Just click the link below to get started immediately.

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