How I Made My First $3,000 (and How Anyone Can Replicate A Proven System To Make Even More!)

how i made my first ever 3000 dollars

Is it possible for you as a Nigerian to be in Nigeria( or anywhere else in a developing country) and be making money from abroad?

I’m not just talking about money, I mean good money.

What I’m going to share with you made me my first $3,000 back in 2008.

Yes,way back in 2008.

If i could do it way back in 2008, anyone can do it now, because there are way more opportunities now than then.

The good news is that you can use the same strategy to make your first (or even next) $10,000.

Today, I run  different hyper-successful companies that service clients OUTSIDE of Africa.

My most successful company is a marketing agency that services coaches, consultants and professional services providers like dentists, chiropractors, therapist, etc.

So, what do we do for them?

We help them get high paying clients who happily pay premium fees so that can exponentially grow their revenue while maintaining a higher level of profit.

Today, we have clients from all over the world except from Africa who pay us tens of thousands of dollars to work with us.

We have experienced profit, growth and are now scaling like crazy.

I’ve been featured on more than 20 top-ranked US and UK based podcasts.

Take a look at some of them...

As you can see from above, oyinbo people  now invite me to come to their shows to SHOW them how to get premium clients.

Night wonders of the world,right?

Infact, one of the shows i was invited had over 100,000 listeners.

My clients have been featured on some of the best and topmost news publications like Forbes, FOX, CNN, and many others.

I even had to relocate to the US one time, and visited a few more other countries.

My book,Passion To Dollars, has been bought and read by thousands of people in more than 20 countries.

My latest book, DEEP POCKET CLIENTS is selling like crazy, and it is changing lives, exploding businesses.

It’s crazy, right?

Ya, it is!

Truth is, time truly flies.

DON’T be intimidated, I will show you how to start getting clients from abroad who will pay you ‘good’ money’.

The only thing i ask is that, make sure you're honest, sell a great product and service.

And incase you're thinking...

'Will it work for my kind of product' or 'I'm just new and i don't have a known name'.

Well, i get you but if i could do it way in 2008, you can do it 100times better than me.

So, can we talk about clients from abroad paying you good money for your products and services?

Now, when I say ‘good’ money, I’m not talking of $7, $97 or even $295.

Well, those are not bad money but what about $3,000 and even more?

I will CONFESS...

When I got started, I took a BIG gamble.

Yes, a very, very big one.

I’m not sure if I should call it a risk, hence the word ‘gamble’.

I told someone very,very close to me back in 2008 that I will prefer to get int’l clients who will pay me hard currencies.

He told me i shouldn't go for it.

Sure, he had good concern for me.

It was a hard decision but I did it but...

All I wanted was dollars, I wasn’t even sure how to get it.

Then I got my first client, a beautiful lady whose picture you are seeing.

Her name is Jessica Ewort, that's her pic you see.

Thank you,Jessica!

She paid me my first ever $3,000 back in 2008.

Yes, 2008.

I can never forget.

Prior to that time, i had never ever handled a dollar.

I only heard dollar on the news or saw it in pictures.

I didn’t have a Paypal account or even a US bank account, she had to pay me through western union money transfer.

I can clearly remember the bank i went to get that money in Portharcourt.

See, the first step to achieving anything in life is self-believe.

Well, after Jess (as i love to call her) paid me my first $3K...

 I got another client who paid me another $3,000.

Then another client.

Then another client.

Jess opened the door for me, and that's why I'm forever grateful to her, and the best news is that, we're still friends till date, and she still buys my stuff.

Anyway, It kept going on until I started getting clients who started paying to our dorm account.

Today, it’s a totally different thing for me and my companies.

There’s nothing special about me, you too can start exporting your expertise and get paid in dollars, euros, etc.

In fact, when I got started, the odds were completely against me.

When I say completely against me, I mean every single word of it...

I knew NO Nigerian who was doing what I attempted to do.

I didn’t have money.

People say it takes money to make money, right?

I had none of it.

I had the typical Nigerian accent.

How will oyinbo hear or understand me when I talk?

My internet network was 2.5 G at the time. Now, we have 4G lite.

There was no way I could get paid even if I got 'oyinbo' client wanting to pay because there were no payment system to collect inflow from abroad but now, we have them.

I was from Nigeria, a country perceived to be corrupt.

And the worst of all news...

In 2008, America had one of her worst recession ever in history. 

Meaning, there was poverty in the US.

I can go on and on.

Despite all these challenges and more, I did it.

I entered the market and crushed it.

Yes, I made it.

I didn’t just do it, I did it in a great and big way.

See, most of all the excuses you give are bullshit.

I knew I had a lot of limitations, I still went ahead to do it.

These Oyinbos listen to me and take instructions from me.

When I talk, they shut up and listen.


Because they know I have something to offer.

Would you want to get international clients, consistently?

Is it possible for you to start making money from abroad?

I’m not just talking of 'anyhow' money, I mean HARD currencies.

You see, the economy is in shambles.

It is too risky to put all in your eggs in one country.

Unemployment is at the highest rate in history.

Businesses are folding, companies founders are becoming employees and people are losing their jobs and sources of livelihood.

Would you sit down and keep blaming the major political parties, PDP or APC?

See, politicians don’t care about you, they don’t have your time.

They only care about themselves.

Yesterday, someone asked me what the most important decision I ever made in business ?

I didn’t waste time, I told her straight that it was the decision to go international on time.

You see, I don’t depend on one country, I have customers from more than 27 countries.

Thanks to the big social media and ad networks, i can get clients from anywhere i want including countries I'm yet to even step my foot on.

Oh, I even started getting America dollars before i ever step my feet on America soil.

Let me ask you a question, today…

Would you prefer to charge N150,000 or $2,000?

I did something very,very crazy earlier this year.

I just wanted to test something.

So, we had this product we were selling to Nigerians for N50,000.

I took the exact product, i didn't change anything.

The same marketing material.

I just sent it to a 'small' group of people abroad after stamping $497.

That's more than 4 times more but

Then, alert kept rolling in...

I have a ANOTHER short story to share.

A few years ago, I created a product and stamped 150,000 naira on it and guess what?

The product did well but some people were complaining that the price was high.

What did I do?

I completely stopped selling the products to Nigerians, instead I stamped $2,000 on it, that’s N720,000.

Now, I didn’t change anything on the product, it was the same exact product but I changed the market, the audience..

If you want to start getting clients abroad, you need to only believe in yourself and provide massive value to people like I provided for the lady you see in the image.

Those are the two critical things you need first but you also need to know how to get clients.

If you get only 2 clients abroad and they pay you only $1,500, we are talking of 1,080,000 naira per month.

How will your life change if you do that and even much more?

It’s a simple thing to do, I mean, very simple thing to do.

Let me even shock you…

It is easier to get an international client paying you $2,000 than to get a Nigerian paying you N150,000.

I just released a BRAND new PLAYBOOK that shows you…

Step By Step How To Get International Clients Who Will Happily Pay You Tens of Thousands of Dollars (or In Any Currencies of Your Choice) Even…

Listen, you have a choice to either click the link and get a copy of you can just forget it and keep whinnying it.

I’m not sure, I might take the page down any moment from now but if you click here and still meet the page up, it means it is still available.

My charge to you now is to click the link and grab the offer and immediately start getting clients from abroad.

If you don’t, your competitors will do it.

And if you do it, you will sweep out your biggest competitors because you’ll be making way more money than them.

Go ahead and take action now.

About the Author

Scalers Engine is regarded as one of the most respected authorities on engineering consistent, predictable & profitable customer acquisition & retention campaigns.

Johnson Emmanuel's agency, Havanzer, is behind most of the wildly successful marketing campaigns for some of the fastest-growing companies, and well know entrepreneurs, generating over $500M in revenue for his clients. He's the marketing expert other marketing experts go to when they need help with engineering predictable, profitable & scalable customer acquisition campaigns.

  • I do wordpress website design. Can this book help me get international clients?

    • Johnson Emmanuel says:

      Glad you liked it, my friend!

  • Hey Johnson Emmanuel ,
    What an enlightening post! This is stacked with incredibly valuable information. I am looking ahead to employing the extraordinary resources you have shared. I can thoroughly connect with what you have stated.

    I am presently working for a start-up called Efortles, which aspires to empower small business owners. Currently, we offer CPA services for free, which is just the initiation of our objective to eliminate all obstacles confronting small businesses.
    I will certainly share this information with all my friends, customers, and associates. Looking ahead to your next post.

    • Johnson Emmanuel says:

      Hi Melanie, thank you so much. I will like to hear about your success,please, keep me posted.

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