FREE LIVE  Event In Lagos Reveals...'How To Use The ‘Invisible Offer’ To  Get Consistent Downpour of High-Paying Clients, Rapidly Explode Sales, and Exponentially Grow Revenue While Maintaining A Higher Profit Margin...Even In A Turbulent Economy

The ONLY Event That Will Help You Crush Your Biggest Competitors,Even If  You DON'T Have Their Marketing Budget, Even If Their Product & Services Are 10 times Cheaper Than Yours.

As a business owner, you are confronted with many challenges.

'I'm not making enough sales, maybe it's because of the economy'

'The competition is stiff, i cant match up with them, maybe, they'll get me out of business'

'How do i grow my sales?'

'How do i get more revenue, and make more profit?'

'I wish i can generate high end clients who will pay me BIG money'

Dear friend, we get it.

What if we tell you that all those are not ACTUALLY the problem, they're just the symptoms of the problem?

You see, we've had the rare privilege of working on more than 40 different industries, and we can tell you that all these cam be easily crushed.

That's why we are hosting...

Premium Clients Attraction LIVE

A FREE 1-Day Event In Lagos That Will Help You Generate High-Paying Clients, Explode Your Sales, and Rapidly Grow Revenue Even If  You're In The Most Competitive Market,Even If Your Prices are 10times More Than Your Competitors and Even If  You Don't Have Their Type of Marketing Budget,OR, Even If The Economy Is Hitting Hard.


  • Where to find the best clients and ‘hyperactive buyers’ in your market RIGHT NOW (This is PROBABLY the LAST place you’re thinking about)
  •  How to uncover large new “starving crowds” of prospects who spend like sailors on leave (even when the economy is hurting and your prices are far more expensive than your competitors)
  • How To Explode Your Sales While Simultaneously Increasing  Your Price.
  • The secrets of “Invisible Offer” ...This simple strategy gives you the power to break through and CRUSH much larger and more established competitors!
  • A buried case study of how a small business grew to a 9 figures (and how you can copy this strategy to create a stampede of new customers for your own business and explode sales)
  • The #1 biggest mistake made 93% of Entrepreneurs and Business Owners! This mistake is costing you fortune in lost profits and market share.
  • The breakthrough approach to generating ready-to-buy clients in droves that create an avalanche of sales. It's like nothing you've ever seen before, and it positions you as a trusted authority  instantly.
  • What never, EVER say to a prospect…The money-murdering mistakes mistakes most entrepreneurs make…(It could be costing you hundreds or even thousands of sales per month).
  • Five ways to get prospects banging on your door to do business with you... Believe it or not, this one will explode your 'front end' sales.
  • How to eradicate sales resistance and scepticism. A NEW approach that builds trust and CREDIBILITY (while getting you more sales than you know what to do with) 

This is just the beginning...

Infact, we'll  also SHOW YOU... 


Attending this event is going to be one of your best decisions.

No theory, PURE hands-on stuff that are currently working RIGHT now to help you explode sales this year, and in the year to come.


This event isn't for everybody.

It's for entrepreneurs who are already flying but want to fly higher.

It's for people who want to dominate their market.

It's for people who want clients to chase them instead of chasing clients.

It's not for information hunting people.

 It's for people who are already making progress in business but want to make BIGGER progress this year, and in 2020.

So, When and Where Is The Event?

Great question...

But first, we don't want gate-crashers.

You see, we want ONLY ticket holder at event, and it's FREE.

We can only accommodate only a very,very limited number in the room.

As a matter of fact, only 19 seats are left, and they'll run out very fast.


An exclusive location at Ikeja ( You'll get the full address once you secure your ticket below).

Date: 9am, November 23,2019.

Here's How To GRAB Your FREE Ticket.

First, and foremost,ticket to this event is FREE.

Yes, you hear that right, (but there's a small catch).

There's even a better news..

Once you grab your FREE ticket now, you'll get 3 amazing bonuses.



1: The FREE ticket to this event. ( Value = N80,000) ... only 19 SEATS LEFT.

2: People coming to this event are not just ordinary people. They're entrepreneurs who are doing big things already.

So, you network with 'A list' entrepreneurs.

And yes, there will be good food, drinks and ofcourse, water (Value=N28,000)

3:  "Bilateral Close''

How do you make more sales without using any hype, pushy or pressure tactics?

You won't have to convince anyone of anything, and you won't even have to talk about yourself or your services.  (Value=N57,000)

Total Value: N165,000, ALL YOURS.

Here's The Next Thing To Do NOW...

To get your FREE ticket to this event, and all the bonuses, all you have to do is to grab my NEW BOOK,DEEP POCKET CLIENTS.

Just invest ONLY N4,000.

You'll get the book,the FREE ticket to the event and ALL three bonuses.

You'll get your copy of the book at the live event on Novermber 23,2009.  Yes, we'll send the event details to your phone & email.

Premium Clients Attraction

However, there's a...


Time is of essence.

We have ONLY 19 tickets left.

I know alot of people lie about stuff.

They tell you that something is going away but in actual sense,it is not. People who do this will not last in business.

When i say something is going away, it is going away.

And yes, we are deliberately using a small hall so that we can communicate better, and you'll get much better result.

So, the best thing to do now is click below,once the ticket is gone, it is gone.

Meet Your Host  & A 'Secret' Guest Speakers

Johnson Emmanuel

Johnson Emmanuel is the founder of the fastest growing marketing agency, Havanzer. calls him the #1 ‘marketing mind’ in Africa.

He is considered the #1 authority on engineering profitable customer acquisition campaigns.

Johnson has created over 6 unique marketing strategies, campaigns and systems that has helped in clients in over 40 different industries to generate multi-million dollars in sales.

Johnson Emmanuel is the marketing expert other marketing experts go to when they need help with their own business.

Some of his clients call him ‘marketing magician’, while others call him ‘the marketing beast’

This guest speaker is amazing. He's one of the notorious business growth experts around. One of the  1% of the 1%.

We're deliberating keeping his identify under wraps to surprise you.

You're going to love this personality so long you want to grow your business.

Our audience requested for him but we will surprise them with his presence.

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