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This "HyperGrowth Planning Protocol" Guarantees Gigantic Business & Income Growth In 2022...

Despite Economic & COVID-19 Uncertainty!

Dear friend,

If you made N3M in 2019, and in 2020, you made N4.5M...

It's not a big deal, right?

Even though it is an additional N1.5M, most people will say it is fair growth, abi?

Now, think about this…

If you made N10M in the whole of 2021, and by this time in 2022, you have made N100M.

That’s 10X growth…

Or, N150M, or 15X growth.

That's what it means to have a GIGANTIC growth!

Quantum growth!

And yet, it is possible!

I’ve experienced it several times in my own life, and in the lives of my clients and students.

Gigantic growth like this don't just happen but before I continue...

Let me share a quick short story with you…

It happened to me, in 2006.

Around January of that year, I attended a Seminar, and we were asked to dream big…

To set a big financial goal.

My goal for the year was N100M.

I was excited about the goal.

I was working more than 20hours per day because I was determined to hit my N100M goal.

Boy oh boy!

I was working hard like crazy.

Before I knew it, it was December of 2006.

That year, December came so fast, LOLz!

It was a year of tears for me because...

I was heartbroken, I didn’t hit my goal, I was NOT even remotely close to it.

Then in the following year, I got motivated again...

To set another big goal for 2007.

This time, I worked way harder.

Attended all church services...

I remember that cross-over service.

All the prophetic declarations.

In January of 2007, I joined the church in fasting because I thought that some “powers” were holding me from the village (even though I didn't grow up there).

I fasted for 28days, half of it was dry fasting because I was determined.

So, what happened in December of 2007?

Painfully, I still did NOT hit my goal.

I didn’t come even close to it.



“I worked incredibly hard”.

“ I fasted for 28days, including dry fasting”.

“ I sowed seeds”.

"Could it be my village people?"

These were some of the things I was saying to myself, and…

I cried several times.

I was looking for who to even blame, you know when things are not working in our lives, we console ourselves by blaming others.

Instead of actually looking for people who can help out out.

Anyway, I didn't just cry, I sobbed. 

Yes, tears were gushing from my eyes because I couldn’t understand what the problem was.

Back then, we were using this man’s house for cell fellowship.

I liked the man but I wasn’t close to him, of course he knew me but we were not close.

This man lives in a superbly finished 6 bedroom duplex on a 3plots of land, and he buys cars like tom-tom...

This man was living my dream life.

One day, I said I was going to approach him to share his secrets with me but I kept postponing it.

I was scared to approach him.

I wont lie to you,I was terrified to approach him because this man is rich.

Until one faithful evening, after our home cell fellowship, I just said  “all die na die!”.

"Excuse me sir" I said to him.

With this heavenly smile on his face, he looked at me and replied "Bro Johnson, how are you?"

"Fine sir" I replied.

I was in a hurry, I wanted all the pleasantry to end (because no be greeting I go chop! LOLz)

I told him my problem and...

I was so shocked that he invited me for dinner the next day.

I was like “what just happened?”.

I was very excited but at the same time, I was scared because “who knows, this big man might be a ritualist”.

I was dumbly saying those rubbish in my mind.

The next day, I was there but before I entered the gate, I had to cover myself with the blood of Jesus several times.

You know how it is, if you are very broke, you don't trust the rich, you suspect them.

As I’m typing this, my PA is here laughing like mad.

Dude is laughing at me like crazy ( will I blame him?)

Anyway, we spent 20minutes together, and this man said some many things within that short time together but this one was it for me...

“Hard work, Goal settings, Hope, Fasting, Visualization are NOT enough...

You need a rock-solid impregnable blueprint for the entire year!"

What did I just hear?

“Hard work is not enough, I need a solid blueprint?”.

"How come nobody ever told me about this?"

And he was so right because…

More than 85% of new year resolutions don’t work...

They end in misery, depression, and frustration.

If you want 2022 to be a 5xing, 10xing (or even 20xing) year, the truth is....

Goals are NOT enough!

Visual boards are NOT enough!

Working 10X harder is NOT the answer either!

Hoping and praying are NOT enough!

The yearly 21days fasting are NOT enough.

And let me even shock you...

Blaming or cursing the government (or your parents, uncle or anybody else) is certainly NOT the answer.


If 2020 was better than 2021, it's a sign that you need to do things differently in 2022 because...

You want to keep growing every single month, and every single year because if you don't, it's only a question of time before everything will be crumble like park of cards.

It happened to Nokia and Kodak.

These are multi-billion dollar companies.

They were not growing, they were stagnant, and retrogressive, and the worst part?

They didn't do anything about it.

They thought that with time everything will be alright, but as we all can now see, with time, everything completely crumble.

That's how it is in life, if you think things will get better with time, they get way,way worse.

So, doing NOTHING is absolutely a sure-way to a frustrated 2022.

If you want 2022 to be 10X, 15X, or 20X better, you need…

HyperGrowth Planning Protocol! 

This Process Guarantees 2022 Will Be Your Most Successful Year Ever, Because It'll...

  • Automatically detect & fix all weaknesses in your existing business model that can hold your business back from maximum growth!
  • Discover high-revenue growth areas and immediately mop them up so you can earn more and make way more than you currently make.
  • Highlight the exact customer segments for you to target so you can 5X, 10X (or even 20X) your income, sales & profits in 2022!
  • Give you ABSOLUTE clarity on the best additional sources of profit to tap into in 2022. Profits that you wouldn’t never have seen!
  • Show you how to set the proper income & financial goals and objectives… and how to track them without fuse, and crush each of them.
  • Direct you to properly expand your "company size", the exact type of role to hire when & how so you can you can leverage and explode your income! (Even if you're a one-man squad right now.)
  • Arm you with the productivity system necessary to see your personal output & business 5X, 10X or even 20X in size!
  • Equip your business with the systems to thrive and prosper and free yourself from daily, repetitive work!
  • Hand you a simple plan and process to prepare your business for massive expansion in 2022!
  • Show you exactly what offers to make from day one to the last day of 2022 using the "offer sequences", what market to penetrate & how, so you can experience "hyper growth" in 2022 with predictability & consistency!
  • ...And Many,Many more!

The question is....

What type of planning and preparation does it really take to scale your business & income by five-times... ten-times... even twenty-times or more despite economic & COVID-19 uncertainty in 2022? 

What questions should you be asking yourself now, as we're starting the new year? 

And most importantly, what should your answers be?

If you can't confidently ask the right questions, and supply the right answers -- for your business & income growth... your ability to achieve bigger, more exciting financial & business levels in 2022 is going to end up as a dream.

Simply setting "goals”, “new year resolutions”, "visual boards", “money targets", or, “dreaming big”, or, “sowing seeds”, and committing to "working hard" isn't going to cut it in 2022…

And deep-down you know that, right?


Scaling your business & income from N100K, N1M or N5M a month... to N30M, N100M, or even N300M a year or more requires...


Completely NEW Level Of  Thinking, Planning, And Executing!

This is a special  invitation to join me in a special, one of a kind, LIVE training on December 27th, 2021, no matter where you’re in the world.


  • How  to use the “Offer Sequences” to launch offers that sell every single week, month, and exactly when to push what offer(s)…
  • Should you keep selling at your correct price, or should you raise your price, should you keep serving your current market or should you penetrate a new market…
  • Should you keep selling to the Nigerian market or should you begin to sell to foreign clients who pay foreign currencies, and if yes, how?...
  • Setting-up a “rock solid” but extremely fluid marketing calendar & process...
  • Projecting & crushing every  financial & business goal, week in, week out…

  • Should you grow your team, if yes, who should you bring on...
  • Laying-out your milestones and measurement tools...
  • Deciding on new traffic channels...
  • Plotting your customer acquisition, segmentation, conversion, retention & reactivation strategy...
  • Mapping-out your exponential PROFIT strategy..
  • Eliminating wasteful activities from your schedule...
  • ...and much more!

By the end of live training... and armed with this process... you'll have the clarity, direction, and roadmap needed so you can…

5X, 10X or even 20X Your Income and Business With Confidence In 2022, or I’ll Pay You For Your Time!

Plus, with your registration to this training, you'll also learn:

Johnson Emmanuel
  • What my mysterious (but extremely popular) mentor -- he’s the genius behind 3 extremely popular companies -- taught me about how to go from zero to one-million dollars a year, fast! And, from one million to ten million, and to the path of $100M…WITHOUT raising funding or collecting bank loans.
  • The 8 words I use whenever I need emergency cash…It’ll work for any business…how to use it to skyrocket your income in 2022.
  • Exactly where to focus your attention for greater profits in 2022!
  • The “NO BS” Models to achieve the critical objectives necessary for big financial growth & scale in 2022.
  • My personalized productivity system for managing ,daily,weekly & monthly schedules while simultaneously scaling my portfolios of companies and traveling around the country, and the world.
  • How to set-up a weekly "Scorecard" that tracks the most important KPI metrics in your business (Plus, how to review your scorecard, what to look for, and how to make the smart (and right) business & income growth decisions)
  • How to structure and use a unique type of Quarterly Review to keep your business on track and moving forward with momentum as the year progresses!
  • One dead simple document to perfectly streamline your entire business model, plug any holes before they’re noticed, and ensure you have everything in place so the upcoming year is a guaranteed 5X, 10X or even 20X year for you.!
  • How to prevent burnout of anytype and achieve peak levels of motivation with my personal (controversial) psychological hack.
  • The secret to identifying and accomplishing big priority so your business and income take MASSIVE leaps forward each and every month!
  • How to use the OCC to… permanently clear each of your business roadblocks from your path to success.
  • How and when to hire employees or outsource... and what major role/position to hire for first so that you can rapidly scale your business as it goes through different stages!
  • ... and much, MUCH MORE!

Plus, when you register NOW, you also get access to a very special bonus not available anywhere else.

6 EXTREMLY Crazy, Mindblowing, Unbelievable Bonuses

  • EXCLUSIVE, priceless 30 minutes one-on-one phone call with me LIVE. Yes, I'll be speaking with you directly on the phone. Ask me anything about your 2022, and I'll supply you countless strategy to win. It's a PRICELESS 30minutes with me, but if you're a fun person, I might extend it at my discretion.
  • Meet my mentee, Alex, the finance guru! He'll show his closely guarded secrets to CRUSH financial goals like park of cards. Alex is awesome!
  • MP3 recording of the entire live training so you can play it multiple times so it can register in your subconscious mind so that you'll rock every single day in 2022 with absolute confidence.
  • The 2022 Ultimate Success Framework checklist, guild shipped to your doorstep. Yes, I'm shipping it to you for FREE!
  • My special, heartfelt Christmas/New Year gift shipped to your doorstep.
  • Superbly, meticulously prepared and healthy meals & drinks from a great restaurant in your city, no matter the city or town you live in in Nigeria, shipped to your doorstep on the day of the training , December 27,2021...

Yes, I've done it before. Here's one of the healthy bundle I sent last year.

So, you can see...


With your registration today, you get everything you need to scale your business & income by three-times... five-times... even possibly ten-times or more in 2022


But, you need to claim your access today because all this will end on Thursday, yes, this Thursday!

If you act now, you get those bonuses.

Here's What To Do Next...

Before I tell you what to do next, let me quickly answer a question I know you have.

A question that's burning in your head.

What is the date?

It's LIVE on 27th December 2021 but registration closes on Friday, but if you act now, you'll get those bonuses.

How much?

Look, If I were going to charge you for my time alone, for 30minutes, I'd charge you nothing less than $2,000.

Even if I do, it'll be a steal because our top clients pay more than that to have direct access to me...

That's aside other bonuses.

BUT I wont even charge you anything close to that.

Last year, I charged N120,000 and people rushed it.

Naturally, I should charge way more this year but you see, this event isn't meant to make us profit.

It's meant to truly sacrificially help because alot of people and businesses are going through alot.

So, I'm going to do something exceedingly crazy...

Just invest only N57,500.

I know it's a steal but it's only if you act now, by Thursday, I'll go to N120K!

So act now to get instant access.


When you do, you can feel comfortable knowing your entire investment today is backed by a 100% Money-Back Guarantee...

Nothing to fear, it's...

Fully Backed by our 100% Risk-Free 1year Money-Back Guarantee



Money back

Join us LIVE, If you're not completely blown away, and your life and income transformed, send us just one email, show us you did the work, and we'd immediately refund you every kobo, and even compensate you for your time.

Just think about it like this...

If Nothing Changes, everything remains the same or even gets worse!

If you attempt to do the same thing in 2022 as you did this year, why should you expect your business  and income to get bigger, better, and more profitable?


You shouldn't. 


This is your chance to learn and use the same process and systems I (and our high flying clients)  use to ensure 2022 is a major breakout year.  


Register right now. And make 2022 your most successful year to date...

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