How To Get Premium Clients, Consistently.

Would you like to get premium clients, every single day?


Who wouldn't want to attract high-paying clients consistent?

Every smart entrepreneur want to market to rich people because wealthy clients can transform your business and life.

You see, if you are able to consistently get high paying clients to your business…

You’ll be able to expand very fast, you will be able to pay all the bills, you'll have alot of money to play around with in the bank, and you’ll never stay awake at night thinking ‘where will my customer come from?’

The big question now is... how do you find good clients who pay premium prices for your products and services?

How do you find high end coaching and consulting clients?

How do you find high end luxury travel clients?

What even makes a luxury brand with high fees desirable to potential buyers?

So many questions,right?

I get it...

Let me share a story of a guy named Nnamdi with you, his story will help you understand the importance of attracting wealthy  clients who ALWAYS pay premium price.

Few years ago, Nnamdi became one of our clients. 

When we met for the first time, he told me how things were tough for him.

He painted the picture of a client he worked with that paid him far less than what he usually charges but the client begged and because he needed the money, he accepted.

So, after accepting the job, the client didn’t allow him to rest.

He regretted ever accepting that job, finally, he had to refund the man.

It is true that people who pay the less worry you the most.

Nnamdi tried hard market to rich clients but they were not forthcoming.

He was lucky to get people who paid him a few huge  naira but they were not enough to keep body and soul together.

So, everynight, he would stay awake thinking and sometimes even in tears ‘where will my next clients come from?’

He listened to all the gurus, bought all material he could afford but right before his eyes, his business was dying.

Nothing hurts a true entrepreneur like when his business is suffering and he’s unable to fix it quickly, it truly hurts.

He was indebted to many people and the 2016 recession was telling heavily on him and his business.

The worst part was that he wasn’t sure how to get out of the mess. He made just a little above 300,000 naira in the whole of 2016.

Yes, just about 300,000 naira, which is less than $850 in the whole of 2016.

Life can be very cruel sometimes especially if you don’t have the right formula.

Nnamdi had so many worries, fears, doubts, pains, disappointment, heartbreaks in his business.

He was getting the wrong clients, people that couldn’t even pay him high fees and he couldn’t grow fast.

Truth is, if you want to grow your business fast, you need money. 

If your clients are broke people, your business will be broke.

Listen, it is not the quantity of clients you get, it is the quality that matters.

So, how did he take that dying business to 35 million naira business in about 21 months, employed 9 workers ( pays each at least N150K), bought a company car and moved to their new office?

Take a close look at this...

What phase are you?

 0-$25K Launch phase.

$25K-$100K Growth phase.

$100K and above, Scaling phase.

If you want to get to the 'scaling phase', go after prospects who are already in the 'scaling phase'.

 It's that simple but people over complicate things.

See, growing a business is easy especially if you know what to do.

Nnamdi reached out to us for help, we asked him to STOP going for ‘cheap’ clients, instead to start targeting premium customers.

Yes, we know it is  hard advice but Nnamdi was desperate for solution.

Most people will rather work with 200 low paying clients who will pay them 3000 naira each which is a total of N600,000 naira instead of working with one client who is ready to pay them N3 Million naira.

The major reason is that most people are ignorant.

They have this myth that it is hard to get premium clients who will pay them high fees but it is NOT true.

The truth is that, it is much easier to get high paying clients than it is to get low paying clients.

Like I told you before, you don’t need many clients to have a successful business, you just need the right kind of people.

You don’t need many clients to have a successful business, you just need the right kind of people

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Anyway, Nnamdi took our advice, we helped him developed some marketing systems for attracting high paying clients and within a few days, he landed his first wealthy clients and got paid N2,000,000 and today, he has a super successful business.

Recall that in the whole of 2016, his company made just a little above 300,000 naira?

Now, only one client is paying him 2 million naira and others started flowing in.

Today, he has taken that same struggling company to 35 million naira in annual revenue, employed 9 workers,bought a company car and moved to their new office.

He is expanding fast, he doesn't have fears or doubts anymore, Life is beautiful, business is booming.

if you really want to build a superb and lasting business, you need consistent inflow of high paying clients, period.

Although Nnamdi paid us a lot of money but he told me that he would do it again and again but...YOU don't have to.

There’s good news for you TODAY.

No matter what you are selling, no matter how competitive your market is, you can get high paying clients, they exist in every single industry or market, they are ALWAYS there.

As a matter of fact, they need you

Yes, premium clients need you more than you need them.

They need your products and services, and they need it urgently.

Guess what?

I just launched a brand new book…

deep pocket clients

If you are really hungry to get high paying clients, this is the Only book you need today, the bad news is that all the bonuses that comes with the book will disappear without any notice.

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Now is the time to ACT and immediately start seeing a roll in of high paying clients to your company anytime you need it.

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