How To Charge 10X More Than Your Biggest Competitors (And Still Have A Long Queue Of Customers Begging To Pay)

How do you charge more than your biggest competitors, and you'll still have a long queue of customers waiting to buy?

When I say more, I mean "more".

Maybe 3X, 10X or even 100X more.

And oh, I know the next thing that's going to crop up on your mind, "Is this for real?"

I get the skepticism but...

Yes, it is!

The funny thing is, many businesses do not understand this singular thing.

If you understand this, you'll take matters into your own hand, charge more, and watch lineup of customers, I mean happy customers.

I'm talking about a simple "4-letter" word...

A 4-letter word that can explode your company.

I'm not talking about mere company slogans or taglines or some USP that most people just use on paper.

Far from it!

If you understand this 4-letter word, believe me, things will go well.

I mean, really, really well.

One company deployed this 4-letter word to their marketing, and they made $4.12 billion in 2020.

The interesting thing is, although this company deployed this 4-letter word, many people didn't see it, it was used subtly.

Maybe their competitors too.

For those who saw it, they didn't understand what it meant.

Let's cut the bullshit, and tell you what this 4-letter word is.

I know that's why you're here, huh?

BUT before I tell you, let me quickly tell you that...

 Emirate airline subtly uses this same 4-letter word in their marketing, and in 2020, their revenue was $8.2B.

The reason I'm stressing this is because I need you to understand the power of this so that you can quickly implement it in your business, maybe even today.

Do you know what changed the game for Domino pizza?

"Spicy hot pizza delivered in 30minutes or it's free".

The 4-letter word is NOT mentioned here but it is there.

As soon as prospects saw that, they started rushing to buy.

This is NOT a typical offer, it is a compelling, irresistible, and magnetic offer.

FedEx is an $83B per year company, do you know what made the difference for them?

"Next day delivery".

 What you can see clearly here is the slogan, what you CAN'T see is what can make your company explode, that is, the 4-letter word.

Emirate airline says “Where will tomorrow take you?”

There's one thing common to all of this, and it is...


Yes, time!

That is one common denominator.

If you can solve your customers' problems faster than anyone else, they'll pay you way more than anyone else.

And oh, it doesn't matter if you're into logistics, airline, real estate, or food chain.

It doesn't matter.

Let me give you an example...

If you are a patient, which of these two doctors will you want to have treat you?

Dr. Azad who just graduated from medical college with some 6months of experience, OR...

Dr. Bello who is a surgeon for 25years and has won several awards and made publications in several industry magazines.

Everyone will go for Dr. Bello because he has more experience, which means he can do the surgery more accurately, and in less time.

If you can give your customers a great result in the fastest time, they'll pay you higher money than anyone else.

Let me explain...

If you go to a gym to lose belly fat, it will take you about $1K per year depending on the company, but lets stick to $1,000.

If you pay that amount, you'll...

Wait for at least 12months before you start seeing anything that looks like results.

That is time.

Imagine paying $2,000 for an iPhone, and you'd have to wait for 6months before it is delivered to you.

It's the same thing.

You are paying $1K for a product but you'll wait for a whole 12months to take delivery of what you paid for.

You'll be on a crappy diet, meaning, you will be missing your favorite delicious meals, huh?

You have to stop eating all the stuff you love to eat because your gym mentor would ask you to, if you really want to burn fat but that's not even all...

You'll have to drive (or commute/walk) to the gym daily.

You'll have to be denied of atleast 4things;

Your $1,000.

Your delicious meals.

Your time (12 months wait).

Your comfort.

How much is it costing you again?

$1,000 in 12months.

What if there's a faster way to do this without been denied any of those?

There's a faster way!

Ever heard of Liposuction?

Yes, that's the fastest way.

You'll get the same result in a shorter time but you'll pay 30X more.

You'll get into the doctor's lab for 1hour or so, you won't even stop eating your favorite food, in less than 1month, you're fine.

The doctor took just one hour (or so) to get the job done, and leaves you for 1-2months to recover.

So, you save 11months.

Guess how much?


They're both rendering the same service.

It is the same thing in your market.

If you can get your customer result fast, you can charge 3X, 10X or 100X more, for the same service.

Back then, in our agency, other people were charging $1,000 per month for SEO, and the clients would wait for 12months before they start seeing what looks like result.

Infact, in most cases, they'd need to wait for 18months.

So, the total they get in 12months is $12,000, that is, assuming the clients are patient enough to wait for 12months.

I didn't like that.

I often said, I cant do that.

How can I be paying someone for a service that I'm not seeing the result, and I'll keep paying for 12 whole months?


So, my team went into our "secret marketing lab" and we finally...

We cracked a new SEO code and got into the market with this message...

"Guaranteed First Page Ranking In 90days, Or We Work For Free".

Our sign-on fee alone was $5K.

The monthly retainer was $5,500.

Now, because we were delivering results, we even had clients wait in queue for as long as 6months, to get a chance to work with us.

Our competitors were charging $1K, we were charging $5K, and...

They were still lining up, and wait for 6months to get a chance to work with us.

It's crazy!

Do you know that even FedEx rebranded to 'The World on Time'?

They simply wanted to show you how important "Time" is.

They're like, in case you don't understand what we mean by "Next Day Delivery", we mean "We'll Deliver Your Stuff On Time".

Their new slogan comes with the words "...On Time".

People pay for speed, that's it.

Quick question, how are you going to implement this?

This is a test, you can delete it.

Want 15+ daily sales appointments from pre-sold, high-paying buyers?

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  • Mary Arhuere says:

    This is very insightful.
    I will do my business with this in mind going forward.
    Thanks for sharing.

    • Johnson Emmanuel says:

      Hi Mary, glad you like it. Thanks for the kind words do. Go ahead an implement it, and do let me know how it goes.

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