One Clever Skill That Saved Me From A Terrible Embarrassment (& How It Can Save You Too)

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Nobody likes to be embarrassed or shamed.

Infact, the other day, i was in church and my pastor led a very powerful prayer session against shame.

I saw most of the brethren praying against it.

I have a personal story to share with you today about how a clever marketing skills saved me from what would have been a terrible embarrassment and shame for me.

So, ready for this?

Let's go there...

It happened in Port-Harcourt many, many years ago.

I was leaving in a one room self-contain but when the rent was almost due and the Lord smiled on me and gave me some cool excess cash.

As stupid as I was, I decided to do what most people would do, represent my ‘big boy’ status.

I said to myself ‘Johnson, you deserve some ‘accolades’, go get a two bedroom somewhere in Ada Gorge or even GRA, afterall, the Lord is good’,LOLz!

A salient voice said to me ‘DON’T be a mumu, invest this money into your business’ but because I was blind to wise counsel, I listened to the former.

I decided to move to the area where the ‘big boys’ stay to ‘celebrate’ my new ‘status’.

I even told the Landlord of my self-contain to ‘rent it out and keep the change’, the Lord is good, hahaha!

I felt it was the best decision, I defended it by actually lying to myself.

Guess what?

All the ‘babes’ and ‘big boys’ started to show me green lights in this new arena.

Then within few months, things became almost ‘dead’
and before I could say ‘Jack’, it was time to renew the rent but there was no cash to do so.

It was crazy!

‘Oga landlord’ gave me an ultimatum and he told me, if you don’t provide the money at XYZ, I will throw all your things outside and this dude wasn’t kidding.

So, I got in the mirror and scream ‘Johnson, you can do it’.

I’m a marketer, what can I sell?
What do I have that I can sell?
What can I create that people will buy?
What problem can I solve in the fastest possible time?

A silent voice would scream ‘Johnson, you can do it’.

If you don't believe in yourself and your abilities, no one will.

If you don't believe in yourself and your abilities, no one will.

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Then I packaged something I know a niche marketing skills would need, I stamp a high fee on it. As a true marketer, I created desire.

To me, it was a matter of life and death. I no go fit fall my hand before the ‘babes’ and the ‘big boys’, God forbid!

3days to the day, Oga Landlord asked the caretaker to remind me that it was only 3days left.

Since I was selling a high ticket stuff, I needed to sell ONLY 1½ but I told myself, I was going to get 2 high ticket clients.

It wasn’t going to be easy but when there’s a 'will', there will always be a way.

Just 1day to the expiration of the day, I got a client and then, 10.30PM that same day, I got an alert from another client.

The client had paid since but I didn’t know because the bank delayed alert.

I was over the moon.

Then, the deal day came, Landlord brought some thugs to come get my stuff out.

Menh!, Money is powerful sha, kia!

I remember that day like yesterday.

Oga landlord came to me and asked me ‘where is my money?’.

Since there was nothing like transfer at the time, I asked him ‘should I give you cash or check?’.

He said anyone is fine and with my hand in my pocket, I asked him to come inside.

He came in and took a seat, I gave him raw cash, the one you call ‘mint’ and I used the 'left over'  money to go buy my very first property in PH.

He jokingly said to me ‘you are a good person’

I laughed and said ‘I know’.

It was marketing skill that saved me.

What if I didn’t know how to do marketing?

What if I didn’t know marketing skills?

I believe that the best thing I have in this world is my marketing skills.

Take me to any country so long humans are there and they can speak and understand English, I can build a 7-figure business in 3-6months.

7figures in their own currency.

Think am 'mouthing?'

Let’s go to the ring!

Marketing is my life, growing businesses is my hobby

I like to know,what challenge are you currently having?

I'll respond to your comments, leave it below.

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    When is the next Seminar/Training coming up in Lagos. Please keep me informed before hand.
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    • Johnson Emmanuel says:

      Hi Thomas, we are hosting MONETIZE YOUR PASSION SUMMIT on July 28, 2018. It is an event we do once in a year. last year was awesome as people flew from different part of the country to Lagos. You shouldn’t miss it. It is best to get your ticket now because tickets are always sold out.

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