Get FREE Internship With A "Marketing Legend"...

 Learn & Work For The Best Marketer, and Rapidly Grow Your Income and Career!

What's All This About??

Right now, we're building one of the fastest growing marketing education, consulting and coaching companies, and we're growing like crazy, year on year, despite all the economic hiccups.

My current team is not able to cope the the level of our growth, and we're seeking to get NEW folks to join us, as INTERNS, then as full time employees.

INTERN means, you already have alot of good knowledge about one of the following; marketing content creation, graphics designer (best if you can also edit and play with videos, social media videos), outreach expert, wordpress expert, social media.

How Does Work?

If you're successful, and you're picked, you will be working directly with me. I'll teach you and help you become a better marketer, I will teach you all our processes to make your job, and life easy.

You'll have the chance to work in a place you love.

How Much Will You Pay?

If payment is the first thing you're looking for, this is NOT for you, I don't want someone like that.

If your back is against the wall, and you need urgent money to repay your loan or pay your rent, THIS IS NOT FOR YOU!

Learn from this guy who wanted to intern with Garyvee, see the type of DM he sent.

 The guy was so good that Garyvee had to hire him.

However, I'm very happy to pay you if you have ALOT OF EXPERIENCES, and you have done alot of huge work, if that is you, I'll even love to hire you straight but if not, I'm happy to invest my time in you to make you better.

Lastly, even If i take you as an intern, I'll give you monthly stipends to take care of your internet and a few other things, and if you're so good, I'll hire you after the first 6months.

 Yes, I'll hire you if you're so good because I'd not want to invest all my time in you and have another person steal you from me, no way!

What Are The Conditions?

First, does location matter?

Frankly, I prefer folks within Lagos because once in a while, we'd do a monthly meetups, have some fun but if you stay outside Lagos, and you feel you're qualified, go ahead and apply.

Everyone will work remotely but you must 1) have your own laptop and good source of power 2) if you have 9-5, this is NOT for you 3) If you are a family man/woman seeking a means to earn a living to take care of your family, this is not for you. I prefer folks under 28 and NOT married, people who want to build themselves.

What Are The Roles And Responsibilities?

Marketing Content Writer/Creator: If you are passionate about writing blog posts that drive serious traffic within the marketing space. If you have strong knowledge in this area, I'd prefer that. I'll teach you our system and process but I need you to have some knowledge of what you're doing.

Social Media Manager: If you have experience growing LinkedIn, TikTok, IG, FB, I'm looking for you. I need you to have some serious knowledge of the platforms, how they work,etc. LinkedIn experience is crucial for us now!

Wordpress Expert: I need someone who's great at wordpress, and must know how to use thrive themes, and can easily integrate other third party tools, payment systems, etc.

Partnership/Outreach expert: Someone to help us land partnership in various verticals. You'll be doing alot of cold outreaches using some really awesome tech tools, and a proven process.

Graphics Designer (with video editing experience): Can you create really good graphics, like something amazing? Can you also create and edit social media videos? That will be awesome!



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