The Definitive Guide To Making More Money

Do you want more from life-more money, more impact, more freedom, more security and more of the things you truly love and passionate about?

In this definitive guide to making more money, I’m going to show you how to achieve that.

The other day, I was watching CNN and a particular financial expert was talking about how people can save more money.

This guy is very brilliant and it was cool watching him talk. He spent all his time talking about how people should negotiate almost everything except their breath.

Let’s even face it…

While you are busing trying to save a few bucks, there are countless people who are busy spending a lot of cash on the things they love, they have all the security in the world, they have freedom, they can buy anything they actually need in this life-and I mean clean and unquestionable wealth.

Is saving a few bucks going to even change anyone’s life?

The other day, I heard Ramit Sethhi say that ‘there’s a limit to how much you can save, but there’s no limit to how much you can earn’.

Read that statement again.

I know you’re a very smart person but does it make sense to keep saving or start earning more?

If you’re ready to start living the kind of financial life, I mean a life of abundance, what my friend describes as ‘unlimited life’, I’m going to share how you can do that today.

I know most people read a lot of blog post, watch a lot of YouTube video and endless podcasts and yet, nothing ever changes in their lives because they don’t take action.

Raise up your left hand and repeat after me…

‘I, (INSERT YOUR NAME), will take action immediately after reading the blog post. I’ll take action. I’ll take action. I’ll take action immediately’.

Now, that you have made a promise to yourself and me, it is time to show you how you can have a life of endless abundance.

It doesn’t matter if you are an employee seeking to have multiple streams of income so that you can eventually seek your boss one day or you’re already an entrepreneur (or business owners) seeking to earn more money without losing your freedom and sanity.

Did you notice that I said  ‘earn more money without losing your freedom and sanity?’

I know many bank managers and other people in 9-5 who are well paid but they don’t have freedom, they don’t have sanity.


They’re in ‘Jail’.

If you are currently working and don’t have time for yourself and the things you love, it doesn’t matter how much you earn, you’re in ‘jail’.

Now, let me show you how to make more money, get more freedom and also impact more lives without sacrificing your freedom &  impact.

Option #1: Start Making Money on the Side.

I know you may have seen a lot of ‘How to make money and retire in your 40s’ blog posts all over the place.

In fact, if you do a Google search right now, you will see over 10 million of such posts on the internet.

The problem is that most of the ‘gurus’ make it look extremely complex and that is why most people fail when they try to start making money on the side.

Let’s say you are in paid employment and you currently earn $1,000 per month, what if you start a side gig that gives you additional $1,000 every single month, so you now start making $2,000 per month instead of your current $1K.

Will that make any significant difference in your life?

I’m not one of those ‘guru’s that will give you ‘false hope’ that you can make $100,000 in 3 months even if you have not done it before.

Just imagine what your life will be like if you can get 100% rise in your present income. I know it won’t solve all your problems but it will solve most.

Secondly, as you keep doing the ‘side hustle’, the income begins to grow higher every single month.

Once you have a major safety net that gives you money anytime you need it, your life will be much better and easier too.

The BIG question is, ‘how do I do that, Johnson?’

We have seen many ‘gurus’ who will scream ‘you one program away from financial freedom’, then you manage to you buy the program.

You start doing everything you were asked to do but after a long while, ‘No show’ and you try to reach out to him for help, instead of helping you, you have him sell another program to you.

Let what I’m going to say next sink into you…

Starting a side hustle is the easiest thing you can do and you can even start right now.

As someone who has coached thousands of people from different background and industry, you can start your side hustle right now.

I know what’s on your mind.

‘Johnson, this doesn’t answer my question of how do I do it?’

Relax my friend, I’m going to show you now.

Let me ask you a question…

What skill do you have?

What questions do people always ask you?

What do you love to read, watch or listen to?

‘Johnson, what has that got to do with me starting a side hustle?’

My answer is simple, EVERYTHING!

The story of Camille Holden and Taylor Croonquist are a perfect example.

They both work in a company and every time, people ask questions about Powerpoint.

That is their skill.

They both could design amazing powerpoint slides and it leaves their colleagues envious.

People started to ask them how they were doing amazing powerpoint designs and one day, they said to themselves…

‘Why don’t we just start a side gig since we have this skill?’


They did.

Today, they did not only start making more money, they left that company and now have their own company.

They are currently doing over $100,000.

So, if you currently work at a place, what skill do you have that people can benefit from?

‘Hmmm…but wait oh Johnson, I have a skill but I think it is too small and no one will want to pay for it?’


To you, it is very small but to the other person who doesn’t have that skill, it is a BIG and it’s life-changing.

Take the story of Purna Chando who lives in rural India. No light. No good water. No dependable internet connection.

The only skill he had is Microsoft Excel.

Yes, you saw that right.

Microsoft Excel.

He started it as a side hustle and today he has made it a one million dollars business.

Never underestimate or undervalue that skill you have.

Never underestimate or undervalue that skill you haveClick To Tweet

There are millions of people who need help, they want you to help them with that skill you think is small.

If you can use powerpoint very well, it is time to begin to help other people do powerpoint projects and get paid.

If you are the head of HR in your place of work, it is time to begin to help smaller businesses with their HR and get paid for it.

If you are in charge of IT, it is time to deploy your skill to other business.

If you are a cook or chef, it is time to go help other people become great like you.

If you already own a thriving business, you can show people how you became successful.

One of my student Adebayo runs a very successful barbing salon. He has 7 barbing salons.

He wanted to take things to the next level and he decided to reach out to me for help.

We looked through his business and developed some amazing strategies for him. I helped him to create a system that he now uses to teach other barbing salon owners how to be successful like him.

His original fear was that he was going to be giving out his ‘secrets’ to his competitors but I made him understand that as he was doing that, he was also positioning himself as the authority in that market.

So, if you have a successful makeup studio or any other business and you want extra income, this is the route to go.

You’re an expert.

People will pay for what you know.

These days, people pay for many weird things like walking a dog, drawing a caricature, home delivery service and a host of other things you would want to say are ‘stupid’.

Don’t seat down there and be saying ‘there’s nothing  I can do’ because there are a lot of cool stuff that you can do and you can start right now, I mean today.

How Do You Turn Your Skill into a Side Hustle That People Will pay for?

To prove that what you’re going to offer as a service is good enough, just use this formula to try to sell it first, sell it to three one person.

The first task you need to do right now is to have your first customer and please, don’t make the mistake most people make.

Let’s say, for example, you are the one in charge of website management for the company you’re currently working with.

Do n’t tell people that you can design a website for them with WordPress or HTML.

That is one mistake most people make, your potential customer doesn’t care about all the professional jargons like CSS, HTML or any such word.

Just tell them that ‘I can help you design a website that will help you make sales even while you’re asleep’.

Here’s the simple formula…

‘I can help you (THE SERVICE) so that you can (THE BENEFIT).

Here’s it…

‘I can help you design a website so that you can make more sales than you’ve ever made in the last 2years’.

Now, you see how that works?

 Why Most People Don’t make any money with a side hustle.

The other day, I heard a business coach advising someone who’s in a paid employment and I was shocked to my marrow.

Here’s what he said to the lady…

‘If you are serious, you have to just quit your job and run after your dream’

Then the lady said to him…

‘But I don’t have another means of livelihood and even my husband income isn’t stable’.

Then the business coach said to her ‘Nothing in life is perfect, just quit and things will work out fine with time’.


DON’T make that mistake, my friend.

If you have a paid employment currently, don’t make the mistake of quitting when you don’t have established side hustle except if you have other sources of income to keep you afloat.

When I read most Nigeria blogs these days, I see a lot of inexperience bloggers dishing out random tactics-Twitter, post to nairaland or any other forums, blogging, etc.

These ‘gurus’ who may not have enough business experience ask you to spend 8hours blogging, create a fancy website and do all manner of things I call ‘guesswork’.

I fell for this type of advice when I got started 13years ago.

I was told that if I needed to make serious money online, I needed to blog 8hours daily, listen to at least 5 podcasts daily, watch youtube videos, write a book, do influencer outreach and many other things, if I begin to count them, they may be up to 100 different things I was asked to do.

People who ask you to do all those things do not even know what works online themselves.

Smart people know that to make money online is the easiest thing, just look for someone who has a proven system and use that person’s system, period.

I also tell my students and clients that they don’t need anything complex to start making money online, if you spend all your time trying to create a complex system, you’ll also spend all your time trying to fix the complexity of the system.

So, keep it stupid simple!

The easiest way helps you avoid unnecessary mistakes and gives you the opportunity to meet your customers.

Now, let me tell you this…

All you need to start a thriving business is just your first client.

Well, you can get more than one client but you need at least one client to validate that your idea is good enough and that people will pay for what you what to sell.

When I got started, I procrastinated hosting my first live event for almost 5years. I was so scared that people will NOT come.

So, one day, I decided to test my idea and see if anyone will pay for the event.

Guess what happened next?

Just within three hours of announcing the event and the date, one lady paid for the event.

I was blown away.


‘Someone had just validated my idea’, I said to myself in excitement.

I kept pushing and I eventually got over 110 people to attend that event.

Just one client gave me a validation.

You also need just one person to validate your idea. That person could be your husband, wife, mum, dad, boyfriend or just anybody.

Once you make that first sale, others will naturally begin to flow in and you will be fired to push for more.

I know you are a smart person and you can get one person to validate your idea.

Once you have that one person, you have proven that people are willing and able to pay for your service.


How To Make People Buy From You Without Hesitation.

Most people I know go straight facing established competitors and before you know it, they naturally fizzle out.

Don’t do that, you are smarter.

One of the reasons most people fail to make money online is that they waste all their time doing what other people are doing.

Here’s what you should do instead.

If other people are ‘generalize’ expert, you should be a ‘specialize’ expert-I’ll tell you what I mean but you can check out this post I made on Facebook recently.

Let me share a story with you.

A while back, one of our clients who runs a highly profitable digital marketing agency was having issues trying to scale their business.

They were already doing over $1,000,000 per year as a business but they wanted to push things to the next level but it appeared like they have exhausted their prospect list and getting new client became an issue.

So, I asked them to niche down and stop being a ‘generalists’, they became a ‘specialist’.

Instead of doing digital marketing for every type of business, they focused ONLY on dentists.

Their business blew up almost immediately.

Now, if you are a dentist, who among these two people will you hire…

Person #1: ‘I help all types of business generate more business so they can grow their revenue’


Person #2: ‘I help ONLY dental clinics generate dental patients so they can grow their practice and revenue using online marketing’.

I know you are a very smart person and you’ll stick with the later.

That is exactly what you should do.

If for example, you want to be a dating coach, you can decide to be a dating coach for only men or a dating coach for only women.

Amazing stuff happens once you niche down because people will start seeing you like an expert and you can charge more fee.

This is one of my secret weapons.

People will naturally open their wallet for you once you become a specialist.

Take specialized doctors, for example, they are more than ‘generalist’ doctors and they are far more respected too.

Now that you have niched down, you have decided to be s specialist instead of a generalist, the next thing you want to do is to reach out to people who need your help.

How To Source For Clients Who Will Pay You.

This is the easiest part and if you do it correctly, you will see amazing results within few hours or few days.

Let me introduce my formula…

‘The Emmanuel Techniques’.


I don’t know how to name things when I heard David, my son. I didn’t know what to name him, I just decided to name him David because I like the sound of David.

So, that is also how I named this strategy ‘The Emmanuel Techniques’.

It’s actually two fords but let me share one part with you.

You already know that your goal is to get ONLY one client to validate your idea, right?

If people always ask you questions about a particular topic, can you reach out to them and provide them a customized service as a solution for that question they always ask you.

Let say someone always asks you question about how to create compelling images on social media.

Why not reach out to the person right now and tell him them you can help him create 200 images for all his social media account for one 1month and he will pay you N5,000 or any fee you are cool with.

Here ’s why this will work, people are always asking you question about it, so instead of always answering the same question, do it for them and get paid, period.

One of my students who works as a graphics designers in one of the established TV stations got a massive result with it.

The guy is good at what he does, so, one of his bosses asked him to explain how he does it.

He told the man that instead of teaching him, he can help him with what he called ‘social media image package’ where he will create all the social media images for his online presence, he said he would create 100 per month and that each month is N15,000 but that if the boss buys for 6 months, he will give him a discount.

So, instead of N90,000, he asked him to pay N80,000.

The boss was sold and immediately paid him.

The guy didn’t believe what he was seeing because he was always explaining to them without asking them to pay for it.

Now, raise up your left hand and say after me…

‘’I (INSERT YOUR NAME), will implement the Emmanuel Techniques and report back to Johnson’’.

So, I will be waiting to read your success story.

I must warn you, as you try to reach out to people, don’t make it about yourself, make it about them and what they’ll get.

Most people reach out to people with a line like this…

‘I’m a great graphics designer with over 30 years’ experience, I’m very good at what I do and you will love it. Hire me and all your graphics needs will be met’.

Who cares about your experience?

Just go straight to the point and say something like this…

‘I will help you design graphics that will make you stand out, gain more visibility and ultimately make more sales’.

Which of these two sounds cool to you?

Not what you say but how you say what you say.

Not what you say but how you say what you say.Click To Tweet

So, don’t make it about yourself, it should be about your clients and the result you want to give to them.

Option #2:  Launch A Successful 7-figure Business Online

I’m not talking about starting a business, I am talking about starting a business that gives you total freedom, fortune and the opportunity to impact the lives of millions of people.

Let me point this out very quickly, this has nothing to do with betting, MMM, network marketing or any form of Ponzi.

I don’t believe in them and It pains me to see people who do it.

As at the time I was writing this post an acquaintance told me how she lost N500,000 to MMM and according to her, it was her single biggest savings ever.

People reach out to me every time and always ask me this amazing question…

‘We see people make a lot of money online, is it real or another ‘one chance’?’ and my answer is always the same, the fastest place to make money today is the internet.

Look at Jobberman, they’re a service company and they are valued at over $15 million dollars, it’s an internet business.


Do people make money online, Yes, people do and a lot of it too.

However, most ‘gurus’ have made it sound like once you get on the internet today, tomorrow, you will make all the millions.

They tell you, you will almost not work and money will just keep flowing into your account.

You will see millions in your dream every night.

I’m going to tell you the whole truth, nothing but the truth about making money online.

separate dream from reality jor.

Click To TweetLet us


The truth of the matter is that you can actually make money while you sleep, you can have more freedom since it’s your business and you can also make a lot of money within a few months but that is only if you have the right coaching and system in place.

In this industry, I have seen people work for 5years without making a single dime, they eventually gave up.

I have also seen people who started a business and within 1 week made good money, I mean thousands of dollars.

I know whats on your mind now…

‘Johnson, are you saying it is luck?’

No way!

Nothing like luck.

If you have a great coach and the right system, you will start making money as quick as possible but please, get your mind off ‘get rich quick scheme’.

There’s nothing like that.

Also, you should be ready to put in work especially at the startup stage of the business, yes over time you will work less but when you are getting started, you’ve got to be ready to work.

No free lunch in Freetown.

Most people who look for free lunch are the ones that get scammed, don’t be greedy and I know you are a changemaker, changemakers are NOT greedy.

The truth about making money online is that you will not become a millionaire overnight but you can become extremely successful over time.

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It can be challenging figuring out who will buy your product or service, how to create it and market it but once you have a great coach, it becomes extremely easy.

You can actually make a lot of money if you have the right mentor and the right system in place but this is where a lot of people get it wrong, instead of trying to get the right mentor, they want to figure out things out themselves and they spend years trying to do that and eventually, they give up.

I know you’re smart, don’t do that.

If you were to go to Benin from Lagos and you’ve not been there before, the best thing to do is to join a transportation company that goes there on a daily basis.

It is the fastest, easiest and quickest way for you to get to your destination without any form of stress.

‘Johnson, I have talent, I want to start making money right now!’.

I can feel you.

I have seen many blog post which shows that passion or talent is all you need to make money online.

I laugh anytime I see this.

Before you spend your time, energy and money launching an online business, make sure you answer this question or at least get a coach help you out.

How do I know what I should sell?

Who are the people that will pay me and will they actually pay?

How do I price my product or service?

How do I create a system that makes my business runs by itself so I can make sales even when I’m away?

How do I structure my product or service in such a way that people will value it and beg to pay for it?

All these are some of the questions that you might need to answer before you launch an online business and the good thing is that I create a video that you can watch right now.


How Do You Make Money Online?

It’s simple, just look for people’s problem and provide a solution to them.

There are 3 steps to making money online.

Step one: Discover Your Most profitable passion, Talent or expertise.

If you notice I used that world ‘most profitable’ because talents are not equal. I have seen people with great talents who are dead broke, they go to bed hungry.

One of my best way to explain this to you is by asking you this simple question and you have to be real and true to yourself.

‘What is it that you can do for hours without supervision even if  you don’t get paid?’

‘What are the questions that people always ask you?’

If you can provide answers to these two questions, congratulations, you have a new winning idea.

Once you have discovered your talent, you’re not going to get paid simply because you have discovered it.

You will need to…

Step #2: Structure Your Talent and Passion.

When I say structure, I mean you should package it in such a way that people will value it and beg to pay for it.

This is where some people miss it.

If you can package it, no one will value it.

For example, if you are a dating coach, what are the steps people will take to get the result that they want to get.

In my book Passion To Dollars (The Ultimate Blueprint To Turning Your Passion, Talent, Skill & Expertise Into a $1 Million Business In 11 Months), I referred to it as…

‘The Before’ and ‘After state’ and I must confess that those are not my original words.

Ok, let me explain what I mean.

If you’re a dating coach and you help guys attract beautiful women into their lives.  ‘The before’ state of your prospects is that they are lacking beautiful women in their lives.

They are lonely, depressed and don’t feel good about themselves, that is ‘the before state’.

Then, let’s talk about ‘the After state’.

‘The after state’ is where the clients have gotten all the results he needs. He now has a beautiful lady, he’s more confident about himself and he’s killed loneliness completely.

Do you get now?

I know you are smart!


Before the client moved from ‘the before state’ to ‘the after state’, some steps must be taken.

Maybe the guy has to dress well, have a good haircut, try to be funny since ladies love funny guys and stuff like that.

These are some steps that should be taken, clearly identify those steps.

Do you get the idea?

Once that is done, you have to…

Step #3: Create a Marketing System

This is where most ‘gurus’ also get it wrong.

They tell you all you have to do is to create a product and somehow someone will come to buy from you.

BIG lie!

You’ll be broke that way.

I have also heard some people teach about turning your talent to business but they never talk about the marketing.

Let what I’m going to say sink deep…

If you don’t have a marketing system in place, no matter how good your product or service is, you’ll NOT make a sale and you will not make money, you will then be frustrated and finally, you’ll give up.

Every successful business is a business that spends more time planning out their marketing before even launching their business.

I have started and grew many successful online (and offline) business and the secret is my ability to market effectively.

Once you have a simple, effective and efficient marketing system in place, your business will grow astronomically.

I have seen people do a product lunch and make $700,000 in 18days because they had effective marketing in place.

The good thing is that marketing is a learnable skill, you can learn marketing.

Although John Lee Dumas, the founder of EntrepreneurOnfire refers to me as ‘one of the best online marketers in the world’ and some of my clients call me ‘Africa’s #1 Business Growth & Marketing Strategist’, I wasn’t born that way.

It’s true that I can look at a business and within seconds, I will be able to point out some untapped revenue sources that the business isn’t taking advantage of but I wasn’t born that way, I learned marketing over time.

Let me recap…

I just showed you how you can start a side hustle without quitting your current job or business, I also showed you how to launch a business that gives you more money.

I clearly identified everything, my job is done and yours starts right now.

I need you to do two things right now…

First, feel free to share this post with your friends because you’ll be helping them a lot and they’ll thank you.

Secondly, drop a question or comment below, I’ll respond to every single one of them.

The most important thing to do right now is to take action, it is ONLY those who take action that gets results.

I can’t wait to celebrate your success and honestly, I’m very proud of you, you made it through.

About the author 

Scalers Engine

Johnson Emmanuel's agency, Havanzer, is behind most of the wildly successful marketing campaigns for some of the fastest-growing companies, and well know entrepreneurs, generating over $500M in revenue for his clients. He's the marketing expert other marketing experts go to when they need help with engineering predictable, profitable & scalable customer acquisition campaigns.

  • Hmmmm, interstating sir, My question is I have been into forex trading for over 4 years, I lose, I cried, sometimes I was about giving up when I determined that never give up on the edge of your breakthrough. My question is now,since I have now find ground on
    this my passion is there anyway I can train others, because others have lost hope on this business,
    saying it is a scam,419 etc. What is your view on this sir?

    • Johnson Emmanuel says:

      Grace, thank you. If you are now making success out of the business and you are doing very well to a large extent, please start sharing your knowledge with others. Forex to me isn’t a scam, it is a legitimate business but it has alot of complexity and may be that is why people see it as a scam. Let me know how it goes and feel free to reach out if you need help.

  • I am in love with your sincerity and your committement to business. I have seen you respond to several questions many amateurs like me ask and your respect for every person is outstanding!

    This is a great piece indeed. I must tell you I have started taking steps, serious steps! Thanks.

    • Johnson Emmanuel says:

      Paul, thanks for the kind words. Yes, please take those steps and let me know how it goes. I’ll like to know your success and let me know if you need help along the way.

  • This is an awesome read. Thanks for taking the time. I currently have a business that I am doing and I know it has great potential (everybody believes that right?) It satisfies a particular niche and is hardly available using my processes. I need to be schooled on a sound marketing strategy to put my business out there. How can you help. It is an Automobile Detailing/Appearance Service and it is little known in Nigeria.

    • Johnson Emmanuel says:

      Razaq, I’m so happy to hear those nice words. Marketing is the soul of every business. Anyway, reach out to my team and lets see if we are a good fit.

  • Hi Emmanuel,
    Thanks for your sincerity.
    I’m in love with forex trading but was scared after I lost some money. I hope to learn more about before starting over again.

    I ‘m also passionate about fashion. Please how can market this skill effectively and be financially free?

    • Johnson Emmanuel says:

      Would you please, give me more details?

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