HISTORIC WEBINAR,MARK YOUR CALENDER: For the first time in 14years,... A marketing legend has FINALLY agreed to show a small group of 50 entrepreneurs, via a rare HISTORIC live webinar...

How Foreign Clients Pay An "Underrated" Nigerian Entrepreneur $10,000 Per Hour, and How Anyone Can Do It, Even If You're New OR Unknown, Without A Visa, From Your Bedroom.

4:30 PM | Friday, September 17 2021|

It's is true, it is FINALLY holding...

If you sell a service, consulting, training, coaching, books, eCommerce or anything, and you want to get clients from abroad, clients who'll pay you in dollars, euros or pounds, even if you're unknown, this is your date with destiny.

This is a rare, "one time" only, no replay, live webinar.

It's for you if you want to get clients who will be paying you in ANY foreign currency of your choice.

It's ONLY 100 seats, but I'm reserving 50 seats for the people in my "inner circle". So, you have only 50 seats.

Date: 17 September, 2021 (4:30PM, Nigeria time).

FEE: Hmmm, I want ONLY serious-minded folks in this, that's why I'm NOT making it 100% FREE, just N2K.

If that sounds too much for this life-changing webinar, then, this is NOT for you!

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