How To Find A Business Mentor That GROWS Your Business, and Transforms Your Life

business mentorship by Johnson Emmanuel

If you really, really want to transform your life, and business, this piece is a MUST READ.

And that isn’t just an ordinary claim, it is fact.

Finding a business mentor could be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make in your life, and I’ll tell you why.

94% of successful, self-made business people say that one thing that completely changes their lives is mentorship.

In 2012, one of my companies was doing extremely well.

I was excited, and felt, “Kill it, business mentorship is a scam”.

We kept going that way until October when everything that was working stopped working.

It was a horrible experience, it got into 2013 with us.

Q1 of 2013, we were barely surviving.

It was in Q2, I finally told myself the truth…

I remember waking up that night, and looking in the mirror, I said, “Johnson, you need help”.

It was the first time I will come to clear reality with myself.

The next thing was to start searching for the “WHO” because if you get that ‘WHO’, the “HOW” will be easy.

Look, once you get a great business mentor, your business will explode, and i mean every single word.

Anyway, I eventually got someone who transformed my life.

I tell him every time that I’m grateful for what he did in my life.

I strongly believe that you cant climb the leather of greatness without first finding a good business mentor that will accelerate your success.

Running a Startup?

Things  always get broken, you need a Startup mentor to help you grow.

Regardless of where you are, and what you want, you can easily get a mentor.

Life mentor.

Business mentor.

Marketing mentor.

If you really want to 'fly', you need a mentor, seriously!

I strongly believe that you cant climb the leather of greatness without a mentor

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Why do I say so?

Let’s start from the ancient time.

I’m a Christian.

Abraham was a mentor to Isaac.

Jacob was a mentor to Joseph.

Moses was a mentor to Joshua.

Elijah was a mentor to Elisha.

David was a mentor to Solomon.

Can you see that?

If you look at each of the mentees, they were almost as great (greater in some cases) than their mentors.

Because the mentor gave them the lather to climb.

A journey that would have taken them 20years, was reduced to 20months, BUT…

Hold on!

I know what’s going through your mind.

So, let’s come to TODAY…

The names we hear today.

Mahatma Gandhi mentored Nelson Mandela

Warren Buffett mentored Bill Gates

Steve Jobs mentored Mark Zuckerberg

Michelle Robinson mentored Barack Obama

Maya Angelou mentored Oprah Winfrey

Sir Freddie Laker mentored Richard Branson

I could go on, and on.

Now, can you notice a similar pattern like we saw before?

Bill Gate is as Rich as Warren Buffet.

Nelson Mandela is as famous as Mahatma.

All of them on the list.

So, the point is, a mentor gives you a part of him.

It is clear that no one can go far without a mentor, right?

So, what type of mentorship should you go for?

Honestly, I would say it depends on YOU.

And what you’re seeking to accomplish in your life or business.

But let me tell you this…

A good mentor is not idle, he’s very busy, and sometimes, it is very expensive to get them to work with you, but your investment will come with a good RIO.

Now, 'expensive' here doesn't just mean money.

Some great mentors will charge you while others wont, there's nothing wrong with either of them.

The ones that charge often do so because they want to be sure you value the time with them.

And yes, you shouldn't have problem paying a damn good fee for a damn good mentor.

Have you ever seen this type of crazy thing?

So, a random person sees your work on social media, and decides to reach out to you to say “please, can you be my business mentor?”.

When people ask me that, the answer they get 99% of the time is a NO.

So, why would I give them a NO?

It’s simple…

First, I'm busy.

I have companies to run.

If you want to steal from my busy time, you’ve got to make me believe you are worth it.

How do I mean?

No better way to explain than this;

#1: Result Proof Approach

So, if you are broke right now, you may not be able to afford a mentor like me but you can still get that mentorship you desire.

Look, before a mentor becomes successful, he has many scares on his body, pains that he cherishes.

So, if you want him to “open up” and share those with you, you MUST be worth it.

Anyway, one way to get the attention of a successful business mentor is NOT by saying “Please, sir, mentor me”.


You’ll completely blow your chances, and it is worst for you if you don’t have money.

Instead, follow his work, listen to his advice, execute on it, get the result and come share the result with him.

Yes, it is that simple.

That will make him happy because it is proof that what he is talking about works.

Once you establish that line, you can then take it to the next level.

Personally, I’ll ensure I get up to three good results before reaching out.

That will blow his mind up.

He might even be the one to reach out to you.

One young guy did an internship with our agency, and he eventually got a job with us.

Because he did this result proof approach.

Alright, let's say you don’t have much time but you have money as leverage.

Because you must have either money or time to give.

So, if money is what you have, then, do;

#2: Transactional Approach.

What’s this all about?

Ok, let me explain…

Lets say currently, you’re in a paid employment, and you want to monetize your skill.

Like, you have some kind of knowledge, and you want people to pay for it.

If you have read my book on that, the next step could be…

“Hi Johnson, would do you have a program on starting a business online?”.

I might say, sure apply to get access to High Paid Consultant.

So, if you are taken, you’ll have me personally help you for 6weeks.

I’m your mentor for 6weeks.

What happens after 6weeks?


We part ways.

That’s why I said it is Transactional.

It doesn’t mean you won't get helped, you sure will.

And most of my clients have gotten great life-changing results.

BUT what happens when you get stuck like I did, because it will help?

What happens when growth stops?

What happens when confusion comes in?

It will always happen.

So, what should you do?

#3: The Transformational Mentorship Approach.

This is the ultimate.

It is for forward-looking people and companies.

It is what Nelson Mandela, Bill Gate, and the rest guys we mentioned had.

It is way more than 6weeks.

Usually for a minimum of 1years (but often time, it is lifetime)

Sometimes, we overestimate the result we can get in 6weeks, and underestimate what can happen to us in 1years.

We overestimate the result we can get in 6weeks, and underestimate what can happen to us in 1years

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In 2018, I went through our in-house data, for our clients.

I noticed that the client that got the best result from us were those that stayed longer.

It may appear like you wasting your time but in reality, you’re not.

All the big companies have mentors in form of consultants.

That is why they remain big, sadly, small businesses owners do not have mentors.

In 2020, despite the shenanigans of that year, some of our clients had their breakthrough year.


They had us as business growth/marketing consultants.

Most of them signed us for 2years, and often renew it upon expiration.

I believe that if you want something BIG, you need way more than 6weeks program, believe me, I know what I am saying.

Conclusively, no matter the stage you are now if you seek In the next stage, you must get a good mentor to lift you up.

Good mentors are busy, and sometimes, very expensive.

They went through a lot of processes that left them with scars, those scars are NOT cheap, they are often precious, both the scars and the stories behind them

So, quit looking for cheap or free mentors or consultant, you will always get what you paid for.

If you truly want a transformational business, Startup or life mentor, you can easily find them, if you truly want them but...

The best mentors are busy, so when you reach out to them, know that you need them more than they need you.

So, what do you think about these three ways of getting a mentor that will change your life/business?

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