What No Body Tells YOU About Entrepreneurship and Business Growth

‘I started my online business and in less than 3months, I made $90,000 without stress or any hard work, and I can show you how I did it too’.

Sound familiar?

If you go to Google right now, you’ll probably find more success stories than stories of 'how people failed'.

Almost everyone will tell you how they made XYZ dollars in their shorts or while they were sleeping, and the next thing, you’re fired up to want to be like them.

However, what they don’t tell you is the ‘hardwork’ and sleepless nights that they put in behind the scene.

Yes, you can start a thriving online business in few months but it takes a lot of hard work to make become successful, i mean, ALOT OF WORK.

If you think you’ll start a business today and make all the money in few hours without serious hard work and sleepless nights, all I can say to you is ‘Haaa!’.

Secondly, a coach can help you but it is YOU that can help yourself best.

The coach gives you a ladder and guilds you to climb that ladder but it is YOU that will climb the ladder.

the coach, no matter how good cannot climb it for you.

Husbands don't use the restroom on their wives behalf, do they?

'Oh honey, I love you so much and I want to go to the restroom on your behalf', ever heard that?

Most time when my students say ‘Oh, your program is the best, you made me achieve XYZ’.

I am quick to tell them that ‘the teacher is good because the student is good’, YOU are the one that is solely responsible for your success in the entrepreneurship space.

Lastly, as an entrepreneur, you’ll work hard and even longer than someone who has a paid employment. Yes, you’ll.

There’s no easy and free money anywhere.

Dangote is a billionaire but he still works way more than his employees.

As someone who has decide to venture into the  world of entrepreneurship and expecting quick business growth, you will work longer and even harder than people who are in paid employment.

If you are  looking for a way to workless, you need to go get a job because entrepreneurship  is very, very hard and somethings business growth takes time.

You’ve got to work for every money you make, that is why you’ll never see Dangote and Bill Gates in nightclubs spraying money because it is not easy to make even a cent.

As a bonus, For me as an entrepreneur, I have failed countless times.

Failure is part of the journey. You’ll definitely fail, no need to ‘cast and bind’ me...

Even many known pastors failed many, many times before they became successful.

However, that things are not working now doesn’t mean they won’t work.

Once you’re able to survive your ‘night season’, you’ll gloriously land into your ‘morning season’ because weeping may endure for the night but joy come in the morning.

What do you think?

About the author 

Scalers Engine

Johnson Emmanuel's agency, Havanzer, is behind most of the wildly successful marketing campaigns for some of the fastest-growing companies, and well know entrepreneurs, generating over $500M in revenue for his clients. He's the marketing expert other marketing experts go to when they need help with engineering predictable, profitable & scalable customer acquisition campaigns.

  • Oluchukwu Ossai says:

    Good read.

    I’m in the learning curve too and currently basking is the euphoria of failures, lol.

    So, I perfectly agree with you on this. Hopefully, success will come pretty soon

    • Johnson Emmanuel says:

      Hi Oluchkwu, great to hear from you! Yes, failure isn’t actually failure, my friend. Keep at it, you’ll eventually get there. Keep the fire buring!

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