2 Days LIVE Bootcamp Reveals...

The EASIEST Way To Start EARNING IN DOLLARS In The Next 72Hours, while Working In Nigeria...Guaranteed!

Dear friend,

How will you feel if you wake up tomorrow morning to a long queue of clients eager to pay you in dollars?

OR, what will your life look like if, in 2weeks from today, you land a high-paying job with a foreign company that pays a starting salary of $80,000 per year?

That's exactly N46 million naira per year!

Will it mean anything to you?

Yes, it would!

The best part?

You work from Nigeria.

Yes, from your bedroom, seaside or anywhere you like.

Think I'm kidding, right?

Well, I won't blame you but take a look at this;

I want to help you land a job that pays like this.

That’s exactly what I’m going to help you do;

The best part?

You work from Nigeria.

You're working from your bedroom or by the seaside, anywhere you like.

Look, If you have a business (or you are a freelancer) who wants to get dollar paying clients, OR, you want to get a job with a US company that pays a starting salary of $80,000 (or more), this is for you!

The first thing I want you to do right now is, open your mind, and shut out every distractions.

Give me you FULL attention because I’m probably the first Nigerian who first starting doing a thing like this.

I know that's a huge claim but just hear me out, OK?

Look at this lady, her name is Jessy, she's was my first US client, back in 2008, that's 14years ago.

She paid me $3,000.

I CANNOT forget that day when i went to western union money transfer to collect the money, it was simply unbelievable!

In 2008, I made the ‘switch’, and it changed my life.

There was 2G network, there was NO Flutterwave or Paystack, or anything like that, yet I did it.

I was tired of working with clients in Nigeria, I wanted more.

Back then, for a client to pay you N100,000 for any project, you’ll first have to tell them your entire family history.

I was tired of all the nonsense.

The luck I had then was that I had two successful offline businesses so I could survive but I knew that the future was ONLINE.

So, I switched to the US & EUROPE markets.

While it was a struggle for a client to pay N100K, I was easily closing clients who were paying $3000, that’s N495,000 per client because the exchange rate was N165.

Today, that’s cool N1,710,000.

Yes, N1.7million.

Even if it is only 2 clients you get in a month, that would be N3.4million naira every single month.

Will that change your life?

What If i told you that I can easily hold your hand, and help you build a $108,000/per year, working with only 3 clients?

Yes, I can, don't be a doubting Thomas, Just keep reading!

What If I guarantee that you’ll get them, even if you’re just getting started, without social media following, and if you’re completely unknown?

Yes, I’m guaranteeing your result upfront.

That’s not even all…

Back to my story, as my popularity grew, some companies started to ask me to help them get a Nigerian who can work with them as a staff, full time.

Today, I have about 10 of such people, earning between $68,000 to $110,000 per year as salary, aside other life-changing benefits, working with mainly US companies.

I want to help you too;

Either help you land a US job, OR, help you get clients who'll happily pay you in dollars.


 EARN IN DOLLARS Live Bootcamp

In 2days, Discover The 'new secrets' To Land clients Who Pay in Dollars, Grow Your Business To ATLEAST $108,000 Per Year, OR, Get A US-Based Job That Pays a Starting Salary of $80,000 Per Year!

Date: March 1-2, 2022

This is an incredibly, life-changing bootcamp, it is the first time, and the last time I'm hosting it.  

I CAN'T reveal everything you'll be learning in this bootcamp, I'm keep it close to my chest, but here's a SMALL tip to keep you thirsty;

  • The guaranteed way to ensure that you make atleast $108,000 per year rendering your own service while working with only 3 clients per year (HINT: It’s unbelievably simple).
  • The EXACT type of companies that are currently employing Nigerians like crazy, what to do to make them reach out to you, plus, how to negotiate your salary. (HINT: They will be the ones asking you to join them, instead of you begging them to employ you, They might even pay $100,000 per year as your starting salary)
  • The whole truth why you are not getting clients from abroad, why alot of freelancers are broke, AND, how to easily start closing clients who pay atleast $5,000 per project in the next 3days, without engaging in a bidding war with 'hungry' freelancers.
  • How to immediately start closing big clients who pay thousands of dollars WITHOUT spending money on ads. (HINT: If you have zero money for ads, don't know how to run ads, this is pure gold)
  • The ONLY 3 things you need to grow your revenue to $108,000 per year...even if you are just getting started. (HINT: Once you know this, you'll be able to predictably close clients, make more money without stress).
  • PayPal ex-employee finally reveals how to legitimately hack Paypal, and get a ‘perfectly working’ Paypal account that receives and sends money, it works like magic, and can hold up to $100,000 or more.
  • How to EASILY collect your money from clients in any part of the world (HINT: Flutterwave, Paystack will fail you! There's a better way, 3ways actually)
  • How to leverage my assets, connections, contacts, US phone numbers, office and home address, and even my ‘Oyibo’ American employees to close mouthwatering deals without leaving Nigeria or anywhere you call home (HINT: This is one of the biggest reasons my boys (& girls) succeed in weeks).
  • The little talked about places to find clients with dollar-filled pockets, eager to buy from you. (HINT: It is not Facebook. It is NOT Twitter. This is huge).
  • How we closed a $50,000 deal in 3days with one single email (HINT: This is the secret source, I'm NOT supposed to reveal it but anything for you!).
  • How to never run out of clients again, set your revenue targets, and crush them fast, even if it is $108,000 (or more).

We are just getting started.

If you prefer to get a job with a US-based company, I’ll also share;

  • Exactly 5 things to do to make companies run after you like bees run honey, and even pay you anything you like. (HINT: If you master this, they will not only employ you faster, but also employ you at your own terms)
  • How to make the company fully pay for your relocation to the US, plus, other give you other unbelievable benefits, without any stress from you.
  • The exact way to win & triumph all job interviews, what to say, how to say it, when to say it. (HINT: Forget all the HR bullshit! You might have the best skill but if you miss this, you will not get the job).
  • Is it possible to get hired without interviews? YES! I'll show you how to do it, 3 of my students used it.

Again, we are just getting started, we are yet to even scratch the surface.

MEANWHILE, you’re also going to meet my friend, Peter, who’s making thousands of dollars, without having a huge social media following, without pressure-selling, WORKING with fortune 500 CEOs and companies.

Oh, many, many, many more!

So, when?

March 1-2, 2022. No worries, there’s a recording if you can’t make it live.

Where? It’s online, I’ll share the link once you register.

I know you're already eager, and you are asking yourself...

"What's The Fee To Join This Life-changing Bootcamp?"

Great question!

If I can help you get a job that pays you $80,000 per year, or If I help you get 3 clients, who will pay you $36,000 each per year, making $108,000, how much do you think I should charge?

What about If I guarantee it, or you pay nothing, what would you do?

Will you pay $20,000 for that?

Of course, you’d pay that happily, right?

BUT, what If I crash it down to N500,000 instead of $20K?

You'll be extremely excited, and happy, correct?

For the two days, regardless of where you’re in the world, I’ll even send you lunch.

Yes, FREE, and good lunch from a great restaurant.

I’m not crazy, I just love to eat, learn and earn.

So, you’ll be happy to pay N500,000, right?

Because there's a guarantee that you'll either get a foreign job that pays $80,000 per year, or you get clients who will pay you even more.

That's the best that can happen.

The worst?

Well, If you don't get the result, you simply ask for your money back, and instantly, you'll get it back, no story.

Either way, you wont lose anything BUT...

I know a lot of people don’t even have anything close, and I want  to also help such people, because I was helped at some points of my life.

So, I’m going to crash the price one more time.

Pay Only N59,500 OR Two Installments of N37,000 each.

Covered By Our 90days "Get Your Money Back Guaranty" No Stories!

Register for this 2days Bootcamp, do the work, if you don't see the result we promise, show us you did the work, and we'd INSTANTLY refund you every dime.

And yes, there’s a 100% "get your money back guaranty", no excuse!

You either get the life-changing result, or you get your money back, period!

"Johnson, have you gone mad?”


If you have followed me long enough, you already know why I’m doing it, I’m transitioning to a new space, so I want to offload everything I know to you.

That’s why.

Secondly, I feel so blessed, and I know it is the time to give back, and support as many as I can support.

There's a huge opportunity out there, and I want to help you get the.

Sadly, this is the first and last time I’d be hosting a bootcamp like this.

Yes, this is your only chance.


‘What's next?’

This is a very limited event, not for everyone, and because of logistics, this opportunity is only for 48hours.

Yes, 2days.

After 2days, it is gone!

If you have followed me long enough, you already know that when I say something is going away, it is going away.

If you join today, you’ll get a special, undisclosed bonus worth $500 from me.

If you have read to this point, it is a sign, a sign that you need this.

You know you do, so just do it!

There’s no risk because you can ask for a FULL refund.

Frequently asked questions

Who Is This Bootcamp For?

Great question! 1: If you have a digital skill, and you want to get a job that pays insanely well with a company abroad, it is for you. 2: If you have a business, or you're a freelancer, and you want good clients who pay in dollars, it is for you.

Is There Any Guarantee?

Yes! Register for the bootcamp,if you don’t get result, show us you did the work, and we’ll instantly refund you 100%, no question asked, we’d even apologize for wasting your time. The good news is, you’ll surely get the result you seek.

Where and When Is This Bootcamp?

It is ONLINE, you’ll get the link to join once you register, you can join from anywhere in the world. It is March 1-2, 2022.

How do I join the program?

Great question! Just click here to join. You can pay a full payment of N59,500 OR a 2-installment payment of N37,000 each. And yes, it comes with 100% money back guarantee.

What If I Have NO Experience?

If you have never worked with a client abroad before, or if you have never gotten a job abroad, or if you are getting some but you want more, this event is exactly for you. It is for you if you have no experience, or even if you are a pro, but you want to be better at what you do.

What If I’m Busy on the day?

That’s fine. You will have access to all the resources and recordings to go through it at your spare time, but you need to first register, or else, you will never get access to it. The entire recording and resources are strictly for people who register today.

Will You Host This Event Again?

Never! This is the first and only time I’m going to do this because I’m transitioning to a new space. This is the best time for you, it is why I even made it ridiculously cheap too.

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