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22 May 2024.

Dear friend,

I know you don’t know me.

Infact, the author of the book you’re holding right now, Johnson Emmanuel, is NOT aware I wrote you, I “secretly” sneaked this letter into his new book, Deep Pocket Client, but it’s for your good.

I know that if Johnson Emmanuel eventually finds out, he won’t sack me (but maybe he’ll, who knows?)

There’s something I want to talk to you about, but as a human, I know you’re already curious…

“Who the heck is this mysterious character that is writing me behind Johnson Emmanuel?”.

Ok, fine, I’ll stop the “hide and seek”, and just tell you who I am, but I need you to ensure you read this letter to the end, promise?

I’ll soon tell you how the idea of this book came.

Yes, I know how it came because like I said I know Johnson Emmanuel very well.

Well, I don’t just know him, I work for him.

My name is Philip Aniagwu…

I’m Johnson Emmanuel’s personal assistant.

I’ve been working with him for 3years, and I don’t see myself leaving him soon.


First, he’s made my life extremely comfortable & pleasant, infact, he even gifted me a car.

Secondy, he’s an amazing person, a great boss, he cares about all his staff and customers.

I know that if he finds out that I wrote you a letter, he won’t sack me, and I’m doing this because there’s something I need you to do “next”, more on that later.

Ok, let me tell you about the idea behind the book, Deep Pocket Clients…

You may already know that we run the fastest growing digital marketing agency in Africa, Havanzer, and we have clients from around the world.

Our company is growing like crazy.

Usually, to have us plan, strategize, manage and execute your marketing campaign, you’d pay a lot of money because we’re NOT cheap, but even if you have the money, you’d…

Still wait on queue for ATLEAST 6months to be able to get the chance to work with us, because, due to the type of crazy results we get for our clients, we’re usually booked months ahead.

So, seeing that we needed to help more people, Johnson Emmanuel decided to launch the consulting and coaching arm of the company.

Again, that is NOT cheap and we’re very, very picky on who we work with. Last year, we turned down 46.9% of clients who applied to join our consulting/coaching program.

One day, we were consulting for this big company, when we were done for the day, we got into the car, about to zoom off, when he said to me…

“Philip, we need to write a book to help more people, particularly people who can’t afford (and access) us”


That’s it!

If you know anything about him, he’s a great action taker.

That same week, sales page was up.

The rest as they say is history.

Look, the book you’re holding can practically transform your business and entire life.  

With the marketing strategies and systems in the book, you’ll be able to generate torrential downpour of AFFLUENT CLIENTS who will be salivating to work with you, no matter what you sell.

BUT just reading this book alone is NOT enough, without the right type of action specific to your particular situation.

Johnson is sick and tired of entrepreneurs who are amazing at what they do but suffer because of poor and ineffective marketing, he knows that marketing works when done right.

This is not some “lame” theoretical book, not at all, and you’ll soon see it, and if you’re like most people who got the book, you’d need some help…

Most entrepreneurs we’ve met are usually ONE TWEAK away from experiencing a massive financial windful, but sadly, the majority never get to experience it, and we don’t want you to be one of them.

Here’s what I want you to do next


To get our Predictable Profit Protocol so that one of our growth-specialists will help you PIN-POINT the exact tweak or tweaks you need to make to unlock extra N7.5million, N50million, N100million or even more to your business.

And yes, it is FREE!

If you visit HERE

And apply (and IF you qualify), I can beat my chest to tell you that Johnson Emmanuel will help you get more customers, more clients, and most importantly, more profit, using the Predictable Profit Protocol.

And oh, I mean every single word I just said, this is not some stupid “marketing gimmick”.

Again, here’s the link

I believe that one favour you need to do to yourself, and your business, is to visit that link, and apply for the Predictable Profit Protocol.

Look, I’m not sure if my boss, Johnson Emmanuel will sack me for doing this, I believe he wont because he’s a great guy, but I want you to go to the link ….

Go there now so that even if he sacks me (which may or may not happen), atleast I’ll know I was sacked while helping a friend.

I feel like telling you some “little” office sidetalks and Johnson Emmanuel’s only “sidechic” but I’ll tell later, if I ever get the chance to write you.

Thanks for your time.


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