Would you like to generate more sales & Exponentially Grow Your Revenue & Business, for FREE?

Johnson Emmanuel

Johnson Emmanuel

Africa's #1 Business Growth & Marketing Strategist

Well, I know you would.

 Who would ever have enough of those?

Well, if you really want to generate more sales,outsmart your biggest competitor(s) and exponentially grow your revenue , this is going to be the best piece you’ll ever read.

 There are countless business growth and marketing strategies out there, so where do you start from?

What are the best things to do?

Just go to the Google right now  and you’ll see over 1 Million tips about growing a business.

Do they all work?

What should you focus on?

Well, I wouldn’t know if all of them work  but may be they do, and may be they don’t.

For me, I focus on what works, what is proven to take a business from ‘good’ to ‘exceptionally great’.

I LOVE to focus on stuffs that move the biggest needle in a business

  • Generation of traffic/Customer Acquisition.
  • Making consistent sales because you need sales every single day.
  • Revenue optimization: We look through your business and point out all the revenue that you are yet to tap. Every business has between 6 to 20 untapped revenue centers hidden within it. I'll help you discover them.
  • Growing revenue and maximize your profit so that you can be more profitable.

I believe these are the stuffs that move the needle in any business, small to medium size.

That is why I’m able to generate amazing results for my clients…

Look at the case of one of our clients (company name withheld) who runs a travel agency, before we got working together, the CEO was almost giving up on their business.

When  my company accepted to work with ​the company, we  EXPONENTIALLY GREW her business almost over night.  You heard that right, we grew her business almost over night.

One of the things we did for them was to help them uncover the revenue and profits that were hiding within their business.

They were  amazed at the amount that was uncovered within a few weeks inside their  business, and we immediately jacked the company back to life and they're now doing EXTREMELY well now, thanks to our help.

Listen to this carefully,

Every business including yours has at between 6 to 20 profit centers hidden within it.

We have been doing this for a long time, we're now very good at discovering  untapped revenue centres in a business or company.

You see, anybody can promise to grow a business, talk is cheap and it is even FREE.

I prefer to talk less and let my result do the talking.

The impact of what we do have been felt by businesses in the US, Canada, Ausratlia and other parts of the world.

Check out how we grew this guy's business by a whooping  63%...

Our marks are felt allover the globe.

If you think anybody can grow a business by 63%, what about growing a business by 306% in the highly competitive and highly priced US market?

Yet, we did it and we have grown several businesses. 

J. Cerundolo 

Johnson Emmanuel is what i will call a 'marketing beast'. He grew my business by 306%. Listen to Johnson. Do everything you can to have him work with you. If he agrees to work with you, he can deliver massive result within a short time. Again, Johnson is a marketing beast!

While others like to 'talk', I (and my team) like to 'do'.

Let me tell you something very quickly...

 Anytime, anyday, ACTION will always beat words, that is why we like to talk less and do more by our actions.

Anyway, if you think those are NOT good enough’,  let me share another  story with you...

Johnson Emmanuel

Elera (Surname withheld) runs one of the best and biggest Restaurants and Lounges in Nigeria.

The first time we met, she was almost literally crying.

That’s right, almost crying physically.

Did you ever watch those ‘Made In Nigeria’ Nollywood movies where some people rush their relative to a hospital and you hear them say words like…

‘Doctor, please do anything you can to save our ONLY brother, he’s our only hope. Please, don’t let him die’ and as they are saying it, they are crying.

That was exactly the case of Elera, and to add salt to injury, she almost  couldn’t raise our fee but She TOOK A LEAP of faith to pay our fee.

You see, great things happen in life when we take a step of faith and I cant count how many  CEOs, Entrepreneurs and Business owners who have taken a step of faith to work with us and their businesses literally blew up overnight.

Anyway, let me go back to Elera story because it’s an amazing story.

She told me that she had invested over 25 Million naira into her business but the business was still failing.

So, naturally,she started suspecting her competitors.

One of her major competitor is one of those BIG eatery outlets, if I name them, you probably will know them but let me keep their privacy.

Where did I even stop again?

Oh, I remember now.

Let's continue.

So, since she was suspecting that her competitor were 'bewitching' her business, she started doing what most business owners and entrepreneurs do without first having a marketing strategy in place.


I kid you NOT!

When she told me this, I busted into laughter because it is what most entrepreneurs and business owners.

 This is my 15+years in  helping business and companies generate more sales, exponentially grow their revenue and maximize their profit.

Some of my clients are in US, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Europe and some parts of the middle east.

So I know my stuff and my result speaks for itself.

 I have been featured on Top-Ranked US podcast shows like The Conscious Millionaire which has over 5 Million listeners and INC magazine described it as ‘The Top Business Podcast’.

I am known as the most sought-after business growth & marketing strategist in Africa, and the highest paid digital marketing consultant in Africa.

Last year, London Graduate school & the commonwealth university nominated me for an Honorary degree in Business administration because of my success in helping businesses grow their revenue using digital marketing strategies.

Check out part of the mail they sent me...

Those things are not easy to come by.

My point is, despite all these, this was my first time hearing what Elera told me.

Guess what I told her almost IMMEDIATELY…

‘Elera, I’m sorry to hear all these pains, I know how you feel and we’ve seen clients who feel this way. I’m going to help you solve this problem, we’ve been able to handle cases worse than yours’

When she heard this, she thought it was one of those ‘motivational speeches’ people make in order to make people pay them.

She flew all the way from Portharcourt to meet me in Lagos, I knew this woman was serious and she meant business.

That same day I spoke with her husband who was in Portharcourt.

This is the most interesting part…

I helped her setup an online marketing campaign, on a Friday evening and she was to go back on a Saturday morning.

Her phone started banging with calls before she even left Lagos.

People were placing orders from left and right, some people even said they didn’t know there’s an amazing outlet like hers in the GRA area of Portharcourt.

Right now, her problem isn't 'how to get more customers' but how to keep serving them because she has alot of customers right now.

Diamond bank, British council and many other corporate establishments are now her customers. 

I jokingly told her the other day that she can start fasting and praying now because she now have  a marketing strategy in place.

Most people do 'guesswork'. 

 For me, I know what works, so i stick to what is proven to work so I can save my clients time and quickly help them get the result the seek instead of doing 'guesswork' and my client always get massive result every single time.

Yes, every single time.

I focus squarely on stuff that will make you generate more sales and exponentially grow your revenue.

We not only focus on your revenue growth, we combine our marketing with human psychological behaviours,meaning, your customers will even 'thank you' for selling to them.

 Infact, I have developed several powerful customized marketing systems we use for ourselves and our clients.

These systems has helped thousands of businesses to massive generate customers and grow their revenue.

We recently did an amazing job for a company called Double Stripe. We got working with this company and in less than 3weeks of working with them, we helped them make sales of 25 million naira.

And a few weeks, they made another 30 million naira, making it 55 million naira in less than 8weeks of working together.

The CEO of the company couldn't hold it back, so he sent me this message to inform me of their progress. Read the message below carefully.

Growing a business revenue is what makes me happy, it is my mission, it is my life.

That's right, it is my life's mission!

The other day I was at one of the most popular radio stations and the presenter asked me…

‘Johnson Emmanuel, what is it that makes you happy?’

Guess what I replied?

I Love helping businesses grow, It’s makes me exceedingly happy, it’s my life’s mission’.

The Radio presenter thought she was going to hear something else but she was shocked.

That's  why my clients, top business owners & entrepreneurs refer to  me as Africa’s #1 Business Growth & Marketing strategist.

It’s a fancy title, and I love it.

..and in case you are thinking to yourself, 'how I'm I sure that Johnson Emmanuel can help me?'

Well, the question is NOT if I can grow your business, it is whether or not, I actually want to work with you.

You see, I have strict but very reasonable conditions before I take on any client, that is why I turn down 47% of companies who seek to work with me.

Top business owners and entrepreneurs do crazy things to get access to me and pick my brain.

Just recently, a top CEO ordered 2,000 copies of my best-selling book so that he could get my attention and pick my brain.

Another time, a leading entrepreneur in this country flew all the way from Enugu to Lagos just to spend 45 minutes with me (to pick my brain) and flew back the same day. 

So, the question isn't if i can grow your business, it is whether or not I actually want to work with you.

Every month, I turn down 47% of businesses who want to work with me because...

I can’t help everyone but the few that I take on, I make sure they get OUTSTANDING ROI.

You see, your ROI is very important to me  because when you get an outstanding ROI from doing one business with me, you’ll be able to spend more money in my business.


So, by design, I work with ONLY few clients who I ensure get the kind of result they are seeking.

It’s because of the kind of results I get for my  clients that got them featured on Forbes, CNN, ABC, New York Times and many other top-rated international media outlets around the world.

So, growing a business is in my DNA.

Oh, i almost forgot.

Incase you don't know, I have shared the stage with billionaire entrepreneurs like Richard Nyong (the owner of Lekki Gardens), Akinwande Ademosun (owner of Credit Direct), Femi Osibona (owner of  Fourscore Homes Ltd) and many others.

All these guys are billionaires running multi-billion naira businesses. 

Again, I know my stuff and my stuff really works.

So, It is NOT weather I can grow your business, the real question is, will I agree to work with you?

Here’s what Niyi Adasanya had to say about me and what I did for them…

''Johnson Emmanuel REVOLUTIONIZED our marketing strategies within a short time.We're yet to recover from the revolution. I wish I met him earlier''

 Niyi  Adasanye

Niyi is a highly sort after organization growth strategist, he’s consulted for some of the BIGGEST brands In this country  like Chevron, Etisalat, Seven-Up Bottling Company, and so on.

Interestingly, he asked me to come share some of my strategies with some of his ‘VIP Clients’ at  one of the prestigious hotels in this country, Eko Hotel.

Listen to these amazing people...

Sharon Akinroye

He is a marketing guru!

Johnson Emmanuel has proven himself with my business. I see exponential growth as a result of working with his company and his team.  If you want to see massive  growth in your business like me, he is the best marketing guru you need.

Sharon Akinroye //  CEO/MD, Justelunch Catering Services LTD

adaugo julia ugo

He produces quick &unbelieveable results...

I believe Johnson Emmanuel is the best marketing expert I have seen so far. He’s passionate, plain, smart and very frank.  He produces quick  and unbelievable results. As a result of working with his marketing   firm, I see a 500% growth in revenue . Mr Emmanuel will push you until you succeed. I LOVE him!

Adaugo Ugo  //  CEO, Dafalcon's Place

Here are the types of people I can Help...

#1: You MUST already be in Business: This is NOT for people who are at the 'Idea stage', it is for people who are already in business.

It is for businesses who are already running but simply want to run alot faster and further.

#2: Must Have Marketing Budget:  I prefer to work with people who already have a budget for marketing.

Marketing is the single most important element in any business, if you don't have a budget or not ready to have one, we'll not be a good fit.

#3: Investment: You MUST be ready to invest in yourself and/or your team. We don't work with people who don't value 'self investment'. 

#4: Must be 'The Best': You're going to be working with the best, you must also be ready to be the best, and you must have the ability to deliver exceptional customer support to your customers.

#5: Move Fast: We love to work with people who are willing and ready to move very quickly. People who're ready to move very fast. Action takers!

So- if you would want me to work with me and exponentially grow your business​...

Here’s What To Do Next...

Step 1:  Do This Now!

Click this link, you’ll see a brief question you’ll need to answer about your business.

Nothing too crazy, I just need the basics about what you’re working on, what you sell, etc.

That way we can understand your situation before we talk and get right to business.

Answer these questions as correctly as possible, and be absolutely sure your contact information is correct so we can reach you.

Step 2:  Do This Next:

Once you fill the form, you'll be taken to a page where you'll be asked to make a REFUNDABLE deposit of just N10,000.

You'll get it back immediately, we don't need your money.

We only use that to filter away 'unserious' people and people we call 'time wasters'. We only want to spend time with ONLY serious people and we also want to be sure that you're committed to your own goal.

​So, we use this as a 'filter' to remove unserious people and people who are NOT committed to their goal.

I'm a very busy guy and my team are also busy as a result of that, so we want to be sure that we'll meeting only serious people.

Once again, you'll get the money back.

Step 3: Do This Last

Once you fill out the form and make a refundable deposit of N10,000, someone from my office will call you or send you an email or even do both within 30 minutes, most times it is even less.

You'll then be able to schedule your FREE business acceleration consultation session with us. It could be in your office, on the internet or any where that is mutually convenient for both of us.

During the session, we will go over your business and developed a strategy you can use to reach the goal that you want to reach.

May be that goal is to get more customers or grow your revenue or profit, no matter what that goal is, we will help you develop a FREE customize marketing strategy that you can deploy immediately.

At the end of this session, two things will happen.

#1: You'll see the full potential in the customize marketing strategy that we will develop for you and even ask to become our client.

Well,If we  believe we're a good fit, we will accept you.


We can become your business growth & marketing consultant.

If we feel we're a perfect fit for reach other, we will take you as a clients and the initial N10,000 deposit you made will be applied to your fee.

#2: If for any reason, we don't take you on as a client after our first FREE business acceleration consultation session which will last between 30-60 minutes, you'll immediately get your initial N10,000 deposit transferred to your bank.

Either-way, you get back the 10,000 naira deposit immediately we meet. Now, I must also say this...

The result we get for our clients are not cheap, we work really hard to ensure that our clients get the kind of result their competitors can only wish for.

So, if you're lucky and we accept to work with you, you need to know that you'll be working with 'the absolute best'.

 So, if you're looking to work with some cheap guys, we're not cheap. Lamborghini, Royce Rolls are not cheap but you know that they're in a class of their own.

Clearly it’s not for beginners or startups (without funds)

But if you’ve got an existing business or company that you want to take to the 'next level', we can create campaigns that'll bring you raving fans & customers in droves, and grow your revenue exponentially.

So if you’re interested, let’s set up a time to talk. 

Working with us means working with the best. 

The Bad News

The BAD NEWS is that time is of essence, I can ONLY work with a few persons on first come, first serve basis. It's best to start right now!

There's a timer on this Page,  dont let it hit zero because once it does, you may lose the opportunity  to work with us completely.

So, don't waste time, it is time to take your business to the next level.

Ready to WORK with me?

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