In 5Days, Launch A Profitable (& Thriving) Online Business With Only Your  Passion, Expertise or Knowledge 

Our Clients & Students Have Been Featured In:

How will your life change if you own a profitable and thriving online business that gives you alot of fortune, opportunity to impact the world and freedom to do other things you love to do?

In just 5days, in this action packed, no nonsense challenge, I'm going to guild you to build a profitable and thriving online business using ONLY your passion, skills, expertise, life experiences or knowledge.

It is actually very easy to make money online once you know the proven steps and strategies. That is why I created this challenge.

If you are a 9-5 person, coach, consultant, professional,speaker,business owner,entrepreneur or you you want to start a business with your passion,expertise or knowledge or you just need multiple streams of income, this is for you.

This challenge is for people who have ‘SOMETHING’ to sell online, it could be your knowledge, your passion, your experience, your story, your purpose, your movement or just about any intangible thing that you think will change the world or make it a better place.

I will help you launch your own thriving and profitable online empire in 5days and it's 100% free. Nothing to pay for.

The Challenge Includes

  • 5days email that will show you, step by step, how to package your expertise or passion, attract (Not chase) people who have money to pay you. 5 AWESOME, HIGH-IMPACT & REVENUE GENERATING STRATEGIES.
  • A private & exclusive community where challenge members can pick my brain in real-time to help them crush every limiting beliefs, set back or objection.
  • How to create, package & sell your skills, passion, expertise, knowledge, etc.
  • The exact systems to build a thriving business that generate revenue on autopilot so you can have the ultimate life style you desire.
  • Live Weekly Teleseminar or Video
  • Awesome Prizes for the first people to launch their empire.

About Your Guild:

Johnson Emmanuel is a business growth & marketing strategist. He helps business owners & entrepreneurs turn their passion,skills or expertise into a thriving & profitable business. He's refereed to as Africa's #1 Business Growth & Marketing Strategist. His clients have been featured on CNN,Forbes,CNBC,Entrepreneur, etc.  He specifically helps business owners & entrepreneurs 3x, 5X or even 10X their revenue via SIMPLE (but proven) online marketing strategies.

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