Business Acceleration

10X Your Customers, 10X Your Sales & RAPIDLY Scale Your Revenue & Business In 2018. It is Time To 'Accelerate' Your Business.

WEDNESDAY, May 30, 2018-Ikeja, Lagos


The Life You Want, The Relationship You Want, The Family That You Want, Is Going To Be Determined By The Business You Build

Business Acceleration is a FREE event that will help you 10X your customers, 10X your sales and rapidly (massively) grow your business in 2018. 

Business is changing faster than ever… Are you positioned to grow or be left behind?

Does it feel like your business or your income is not growing as fast as it should be?

 With technology and innovation moving at light-speed, competition is getting fiercer by the day.

You simply can’t afford to learn from anybody, you must learn from the best.

You don’t need to follow best practices, you need to create them.

You can’t think and plan, you must act and execute.

You can’t follow the pack, you must set the pace.

…and that is why I created the Business Acceleration.

BUSINESS ACCELERATION was created for forward thinkers, trailblazers, “10X’ers”, entrepreneurs, executives, sales professionals and business owners who seek to RAPIDLY GROW THEIR BUSINESS IN THE QUICKEST TIME POSSIBLE.

The event is for people who refuse to accept an average company,average business, average sales  and an average life.

You’re going to get battle tested, thoroughly researched and proven business growth strategies that will scale your business in a consistent, reliable and predictable manner.

My GOAL is to create a transformational experience that will help you ACCELERATE your revenue and business.

This is NOT a ‘Talkshop’, it is a ‘Workshop’ where you will learn latest business strategies to help you grow your business very quickly.

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Here’s a Tiny Fraction of What You’ll Learn

It’s all about YOU at this event because I’m going to ensure you get a lot of massive value so that you will be able to massively grow your business. We’re going to have at least 2 sessions on the day…so, get ready for a  ‘Business Acceleration’ encounter.

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    How to use the strategy of ‘superiority’ to grow your business by atleast 200% in the next 60days.
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    How to use my newly discovered ‘3M’ formular to attract your perfect customers in a Consistent, Reliable & Predictable way so that you’ll never ever lack customer again
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    The 3 Proven marketing strategies that grew a business by 607% within 90days (& how you can immediately replicate the exact same strategies in your business,  no matter what you sell)
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    The ‘never be told’ online market system that will attract your perfect customers every single day, I mean 24/7.
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    How to fileup your pipeline with fresh, hot prospects, no matter what you sell or your prices,I mean prospects who are ready to be converted to loyal customers.
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    How marketing on the internet has changed, what is now working best and what is not working, an what you should be doing to sell more products & services online

Session 2

If you are selling expensive stuffs, you’re NOT left out. I mean, if you selling or want to start expensive coaching programs, consulting packages, professional services, real estate, equipment’s, cars or just anything that is expensive, I’m going to show you how to sell more of it faster than you ever thought possible.

I Will Show You

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    Why selling high-ticket products or services is the quickest way to grow your business (& How to do it correctly)
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    How to grow your business by atleast 200% in the next 60days while working with fewer clients (I just developed this method & it is working like ‘hot cake’)
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    Where to get clients who have money to pay you more, respect you more and trust you more (It’s a new system that I currently use)
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    How to use the strategy of ‘distinction’ to attract loyal customers who will pay you high fees.
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    How to attract clients who will pay you high fees using my newly developed online marketing strategy (this method never fail)

I know, you might be wondering, why is hosting doing this?

Growing a business is hard. Most people have reached a point in their business where they are now stagnated, they don’t know what next to do to accelerate (grow) their business anymore, and they are totally confused.

Your business is already doing well but you know you can do better, you know you want more and you know you can get more out of your business, I’m hosting this event because of you.

I’m not sure how long you have followed my work. I’m known as the most sought-after business growth & marketer strategist in Africa, it is NOT just my title, it is because my works have had dramatic impact in the bottleline of businesses, so naturally, a lot of businesses & companies reach out to me for me.

Unfortunately for some people, my fees are high so they cant afford me and for those who even have the money to afford me, sometimes, they don’t go scale my ‘clients’ selection’ process.

However, at this event, you’re going to have the opportunity of  seeing me live and in person giving you real strategies to help you accelerate (grow) your business for FREE.

My hope is that you will love this free class and would want to work with me in the future, and that is why I’m going to ‘WOW’ you

Let us not even get ahead of ourselves, who exactly is this event for?

  • It is for you if you already have a business, you are doing well already but you believe you can do more, you want to accelerate (grow) your business.
  • It is for you if you already have a product or service you are selling but you want to get more customers, make more sales and rapidly scale your revenue.
  • It is for you if you want to attract customers that will pay you high fees.
  • It is for you if you’re ready to immediately scale your business with proven, cutting-edge, latest strategies to help you grow your business.

How Much Is The Ticket?

I could have charged as much as N100, 000 for this event because of the massive value I’m going to be delivering but I decided to make it absolutely FREE.

I mean, it is 100% FREE.

However, you will need to pay N3, 500 for the superb meal that will be served on that day and to also cover a ‘tiny’ part for logistic.

Yes, just N3, 500 for your own plate of meal and to help us cover a tiny part of logistic, nothing more.

 Is that fair enough?


I know that you’re going to get massive value from this event, my hope is that it will transform you and your business, and if you have followed me, you know my clients get massive result. If you implement only 5% what I’m going to teach you, you will get massive result, I promise you.

The only bad news is that this event is ONLY for 20 people.

Infact, we are deliberately using a 20-person capacity room because we don’t want more than 20 person.

I love small classes because I want to be able to take everyone’s question so that I can provide customized solution for their specific need.

 When I say 20 persons, I mean 20 persons. I’m not one of those ‘shady’ people who don’t mean what they say, if you have followed me, you already know that.

So, 20 persons ONLY. It is best to register now!

So, when is this  awesome event holding?

Mark your calendar right now, it is holding on

wednesday, May 30, 2017

Time is 8.30am prompt, we kicking off at 9am, you need to get there much earlier.

Venue: I’m only going to reveal the venue to people who register to keep ‘gate crashers’ at bay.

It is actually at an exclusive location in Ikeja.

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About your host

Johnson Emmanuel is known as the most sought-after business growth & marketing strategist in Africa. He helps businesses rapidly scale revenue by getting more clients/customers using Customized Digital Marketing Strategies and he’s an expert at helping business to help discover hidden revenue within their businesses.

 He is very popular for creating highly profitable online marketing strategies & tactics that result in massive customers’ acquisition and Rapid revenue growth.

Johnson has also developed some of the most widely acknowledge digital marketing systems, campaigns that has generated multiple millions of dollars for top business owners, entrepreneurs and executives in more than many countries including America, New Zealand, Canada, Australia, Europe and some parts of middle east.

Only recently, he shared the stage with some Nigerian billion entreprneurs like Richard Nyong (Lekki Garden CEO), Akinwande Ademosun, Femi Osibona amongst others.

His customized marketing strategies include ‘The Riffle Marketing Method’, ‘Magnetic Marketing Machine or MMM’ for short, ‘The PPF machine’, ‘The Point & Kill System’, The LHF machine’ and many others.

He is mostly referred to as ‘the marketer of marketers’ or ‘the best of the best’ by top industry experts. London Graduate School recently recognized him for his works, and he has been featured on more than 8 top-ranked United States podcasts with more than 5 million listeners around the globe.

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