Three Important Business (Money Making) Skills To Learn For More Profits

Business  growth doesn't just happen, if not, all business will be super successful.

There are somethings that make super successful business successful, there are business skills to learn, and master for yours to stand a chance in this brutally competitive business world.

If you can learn this business skills, you'll be able to make alot more money, and the chances of fighting (and winning over) your competitors will be way higher.

So, what are these top business skills to master?

Ready to know what these skills are?

#1: The Art Of Story-Selling

Let me tell you something really quick.

The business growth skills in the world doesn’t feel like marketing.

 As a business owner, you don’t only want to sell your product or service but you want to do it in such a way that your prospect and Customers will not feel like you’re selling to them.

Story-Selling is the art of telling a story that inspires and motivates people to buy your product or service.

One thing you should know is that people are not buying your product or service, they’re actually buying the story behind it with that hope that they’ll have the same story at the end of the day.

Afterall, the major reason your prospects and customers want to do business with you is because of their self-serving interest.

If you’re able to tell that story as it relates to their desired result, people will queue to buy what you’re selling.

Story-selling is so powerful that politicians have also used it to win elections.

Story-selling is so powerful that politicians have also used it to win elections.

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Let me remind you…

Can you remember Goodluck Jonathan in 2010/11 election year when he said ‘I had no shoes’, ‘I carried my books with bare hands’, ‘if I can make it, you can make it’.

What was he doing?

He was inspiring the youths to 'buy' his candidacy as a presidential election candidate.


He knows that the majority of people who vote are the youth and he was trying to sell story to them, making them believe that he's one of them, he understands their problem.

Do i need to remind you that he eventually won that election.

I believe that most people voted him, not because he was awesome but because they could relate to his story.

That is the power of story-selling. 

It inspires, it motivates and it makes people take the action that you want them to take.

The same is also true about your business.

People don’t buy what you are selling, they buy WHY you’re selling it.

No matter what you sell, you need to master the art of story selling in order to sell more.

#2: The Art of Content Creation

So, you want people to buy your stuff without ever feeling awkward about you or having a ‘buyers remorse?’

Then, you need to be able to create content that will gradually move your prospect to buy from you and make your existing customers buy more from you.

Let me give you a REAL life example.

If I want to buy a real estate property around Lekki and there are two agents.

Let’s call the first ‘agent A’ and the second ‘agent B’.

'Agent A' is always ‘shouting’ on top of his voice.

Come and buy my property, it is for N50 million naira (or $50,000) and you need to do it now or else you’ll lose the opportunity to buy it.

Then, 'agent B' comes but refuses to sell to me, instead gives me a FREE video with the title…

‘3 Things You Need To Know Before Buying A Property In Lekki’.

Agent B gives me that free video to educate me before even asking me to part with any money.

Of these two agents, who do you think I will likely do business with?

Agent B will win my business.

The question is ‘WHY?’

Because he has shown that he’s truly interested in me and he’s not just after my money because he’s educated me.

So, you MUST be able to give out value to your customers, in form of education content.

An educated buyer is the best buyer.

When you give them value in advance, you will be preframing their mind to buy from you without hesitation.

Never sell to an UNeducated buy. 

The goal of the free value is to preframe their mind, handle any objection they might have before they even raise it, that way, it becomes very, very easy to sell to them.

Let me warn you, there’s a right and wrong way of creating content.

#3: The Art of  Paid Customer Acquisition

‘You don’t have a business if you’re not advertising’.

Those are not my words, they are the words of billionaire Jeff Boaz, the owner of Amazon. 

If you are not currently advertising or if you don’t plan to do so in the next 3months, you don’t have a business that will stand the test of time.

All the most successful businesses in the world spend money to advertise and acquire customers at a profit.

Yes, acquire customers at a profit.

It is one thing to advertise, it is another thing to have an ROI.

All the big brands in the world are spending a lot of money advertising to business growth skills.

 Do you know that even Facebook still spends a lot of money advertising?

Facebook has over 2billion users and they generate billions of dollars, yet they still spend a lot of money advertising, trying to acquire new users.

In this day and age where competition is so stiff, you need to be able to spend money to acquire customers and do so profitably.

Now, I have shown you the three skill you need to master in 2019, which one of them are you going to start using immediately?

Leave your comments below and I will respond to every single comment.


Derin Ogunmola

Founder,  Dorothy David Consulting

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He is the founder of, Havanzer, one of the fastest growing marketing agencies. calls him the top 5 marketing influencials in Africa. He is considered the #1 authority on engineering profitable customer acquisition campaigns in Africa.Johnson is famous for creating multi-million dollars marketing strategies, campaigns and systems.

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  • Dare Taiwo says:

    Thank you Johnson, all three are very helpful.I will work on all.

    • Johnson Emmanuel says:

      Great, Dare! I’m glad you found it useful. Please, let me know how it goes, I’d love to hear about your result.

  • Okechukwu says:

    The three skills you are pointed to me are a must for every business. I am developing myself on all the three. Story telling to me is the first, because you must learn how to get our prospects attention using stories to make your content acceptable.

    • Johnson Emmanuel says:

      Okechukwu, glad you found the post useful. All skills are very, very important to sell your products massively. Let me know if you need help along the way.

  • Nwosu Kelsey Chukwunyere says:

    Those three skills are really impactful and result oriented. Thank you Mr Johnson Emmanuel for your service to humanity. You really want to see others succeed. Stay blessed Sir.

    • Johnson Emmanuel says:

      Thanks for your kind words,Nwosu. Please, share your result with me, I’d love to know how you are using this skills to grow your business.

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