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I'll do 90% of the work, and...

"You'll Immediately Get A Dollar Windfall Blueprint That's Guaranteed To Jack-up Your Business To $10,000 Per Month Minimum...

or I pay you DOUBLE your money back!"

Join Us for the Dollar Windfall Traffic Bootcamp happening

LIVE on September 23, 2022

How to Start Making Sales to Top Countries, and Immediately Start Earning Dollars, Euros & Other Foreign Currencies In The Next 24-hours! 

Here's What You'll Get at the LIVE Intensive Dollar Windfall Bootcamp:

LIVE (Virtual) Training Experience

You get the Dollar Windfall Operating System with your access to the LIVE Intensive Bootcamp… so you can have GUARANTEED system that allows you to IMMEDIATELY start making sales in dollars in 24hours.

FULL, Unedited Recording

You get the Full, Unedited Recordings of the entire Accelerated Bootcamp… so you can get a refresher on the Dollar Windfall Operating System anytime in the future.

Double Your Money Back...

You get the 30-Day DOUBLE-Your-Money-Back Guarantee! We're so confident that this intensive Bootcamp will change your life, or we'll double your money.  Eitherway,  you make more money!

PRIVATE 1:1 Session

You get the PRIVATE, One-On-One Dollar Windfall Blueprint Session with a member of my personal marketing team… so you’ll have a customized ROADMAP to hit your $100K, $1M, or $5M goal with predictability, we're doing 90% of the work here!

PLUS, 7 Other Life-changing Bonuses Totally 9.8M Including...

Bonus #1: Emergency Money ($$$) Maker Bundle.

1,200,000 Value

You get the Dollar Windfall Construction Bundle… the Cheat Sheets, Templates, Checklist, Worksheets, and all the Winning Dollar Windfall Secrets… it’s brain-dead simple and easy for you to IMMEDIATELY start getting clients and customers who will pay you in dollars, literally overnight.

Bonus #2: The BIG Five!

250,000 Value

You get the HOT LIST Of 5… the top 5 countries have made our students and clients a combine $63M in the last 2years, so you that can literally start making money overnight …no guesswork, no mistakes. The list of these countries will shock you, and they spend big like a sailor on almost anything, eCommerce, Physical products, Software, Digital products, Services, Consulting, Coaching, etc.

Bonus #3: The Partners Magnet

600,000 Value

No money to run marketing or buy ads? No worries…you get the Partners Magnet System… The exact same one our top clients and students are CURRENTLY using to blow up bursting sales WITHOUT spending a cent on marketing…it’s a newest tricks that’s only known to our premium clients, it’s yours,...It has been proven to work for any type of products or services under the sun.

SUPER BONUS! No Team, No Tech, No Money, No Experience, No Software, NO PROBLEM!  "Dollar Windfall BLUEPRINT" Will Be Made For You "AND"  You Get 3 Softwares To Run Everything!

₦450,000 Value

FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER: Our team of senior marketers who receive hefty pay every month will get on the phone with you, and build you a customized Dollar Windfall BLUEPRINT specifically for you...so you can hit your $100K, $1M, $5M (or more) goal in record time and with precision, AND...

FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER...discover (and get access) to the exact software that our 6,7,8 figures (In USD) making clients use to automate and run their operation so that your business can run 24/7, and Make Sales (and Money) while you sleep.



Get Sales From Top Countries, Charge In Dollars, and Get Paid Handsomely In Dollars!

You'll have a "Dollar-Windfall Tactical Blueprint" so that you’ll immediately start getting clients, customers, and buyers from abroad who will pay you in dollars, euros, or any other currency of your choice. (See GUARANTEE below.)

You'll have a "Dollar-Windfall Tactical Blueprint" so that when your competitors are charging N100,000 you could be charging $1,000…

…that way, you’ll have made more money than your competitors, and eventually, be able to crush them.

You'll have a "Dollar-Windfall Tactical Blueprint" that shows you exactly how to move from wherever you are now to an additional $100,000 (or much more) in revenue within the next 12 months or less.

You'll have a "Dollar-Windfall Tactical Blueprint" so that instead of selling to just one country, you could be selling in over 30 countries almost overnight, and…

Regardless of what type of product or services you sell, even…

If you’re small, without much experience or a big marketing budget, PLUS...

You get a 30days Double Your Money Back Guarantee! So, either way, you'll make more money...

We're so confident that this Bootcamp will change your game, and we're literally saying, we'll DOUBLE YOUR MONEY BACK if it doesn't!

APPLY NOW by Submitting Your Fully-Refundable  N30,000 ($50) Seat Deposit Below NOW!

NOTE: Because I expect this opportunity to SELL OUT, application will be on first come, first serve basis. Once we hit our goal of 7 participants for this Bootcamp, or, if the timer on the page reaches zero, this opportunity goes away, whichever comes first.


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