Book Marketing Formula: How To Sell 27,000+ copies and Acquire over 300 High-Paying Clients...Even If You've NOT Written A Book Before

Today is a great day for you because, I'm going to show you some of my best book marketing strategies.

I hope you'll love it.

When I wrote my first book in 2011, I published it on Amazon and in less than 3hours...

I was named a ‘best-selling’ author in 5 categories.

I was very excited and I bragged about it to the high heavens but I was a broke best-selling author but guess what?

Till date, that book has NOT made me up to $400.

There are countless broke best sellers walking about the place, and there are people who teach you how to become a best selling author who are broke themselves.

So, if I had relied on that book to build my business back then, I would have been out of business.

So, when I was to released my latest book, I became wiser.

If you know anything about me, you know that I’m very, very, very big on strategy and execution.

I have had the privilege of helping known names in the industry launch their book successfully in the America market, and other places.

They did very well, so for my turn, I knew I had to do something  100X better.

Most Amazon best-selling authors are dead broke, you should NOT be a broke best-selling author.

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Want to ensure you sell atleast 27,000 copies of your next book?

Great ambition but...

Let me share another story with you, it will set the tone for this post.

Till date, we've sold  27,000+ copies of my book, Passion to Dollars.

(Meanwhile, there's no reason why you shouldn't pickup a copy of Passion To Dollars, it's a fantastic book that will help you launch a million dollar business)

 Our goal is now 40K and I know, we will hit the 40,000 mark very, very quickly.

I’m currently working on a another post to show you exactly what I did, it’s going to be 6,000+ words but let me give you something to run with today...

Raise up your left hand if you are like this...

You have an Idea, may be you decided to write a book or develop a product/service and within 60days or less, the product is created.

You post it on your timeline, tell your mum and friends about it and you scream about the it for a month or two and after that, you stop talking about it.

The next thing that comes to your mind?

‘I need to create another product or write another book’.


Listen carefully...

I have been promoting PASSION TO DOLLARS for over a year now and I won’t stop yet.

Infact, I took a copy of the book over the weekend and I read it again, I was blown away.

As a side note, I need you to know that if your book or any product  isnt good enough, this book marketing strategy isn't going to work for you, and if it does, you're going to get into alot of troubles.

So, make sure that you have done a great job, make sure you book is awesomely outstanding.

Ok, let me go back to the story.

When i read my latest book again over the weekend, I said to myself, 'this book is pure gold'

I need to get it into more hands, I need to help more people with the book.

I mean, if you have a great product you think will help people, it is your duty to get it into their hands by all means.

If you have a great product you think will help people, it is your duty to get it into their hands by all means.

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So, I raised my bar, ‘lets do 40,000 copies'

Don’t just write a book and move on to the next thing.

If you believe so much in it, promote the hell out of the book, that is how you  become a rich best-selling author.

I have been working privately with a very popular TV personality,helping him promote his book in the last 6months, till date...

He has done about 9,000 copies and acquire over 80 high paying customers who paid handsomely for his coaching program..

Dont just write your book and promote it for a few weeks or months.

Promote it consistently for 1year and you’ll be shocked what will happen to your bottom-line.

When i say 'consistently', I mean every single day for 12 months.

I've spent alot of money running marketing campaigns to promote the book

Now, let this also sink inside you...

If you are writing a book, the first thing you want to do is to clearly define why you’re writing a book, and unfortunately, most people don’t do this.

For me, I wrote the book because I wanted to reach new markets,expand my authority and most importantly, sell a backend coaching program that is very, very expensive.

That was while i had to develop a well oiled book marketing system in place.

As a marketer myself, I developed a very holistic book marketing plan for my book.

There are several things I did but I will share one or two tips.

My goal was to sell 40,000 copies of the book in 6months or less, and have at least 600 people who bought the book to buy my coaching program, which is a high ticket offer.

Part of my book marketing plan was to reach out to pastors.

I have a huge relationship with a lot of pastors and pastoral associations.

I asked my PA to activate my contacts and luckily, it worked.

So, they invited me to come speak to their churches but my condition was that they’ll buy between 100 to 1,000 copies of my book depending on the size of the church.

The pastor or the church pays before I step out to their church because I wanted to avoid stories that touch.

It turns out that this strategy worked so well that one big church around Gbagada even bought 1,200 copies of the book, another BIG pastor in Portharcourt bought 2,000 copies.

As at last year, I spoke in 18 different churches around the country.

And the least church bought 80 copies of the book while I didn’t charge them for speaking.

This strategy doesnt only work for book marketing, It also works for anything you want to sell-it could be coaching programs,Consulting, books, physical products or service.

Secondly, there's something else we did which was completely and utterly outstanding.

It was an idea i picked up from the bathroom.

I'm not sure why i pickup some of my best ideas when I'm having my bath but it's powerful one again.

Hosted an event,food, drinks and other cool stuff, and I got some of my friends to attend that event as speaker.

We started from Lagos, went to Ghana,Enugu and Abuja.

It was outstanding.

It's simple, the event is free and you will learn XYZ, only catch is that you MUST get a copy of my book.


That exploded sales for the book.

We struggled to catch up with orders.

The funny thing is, ,most people even said they wouldn't make it to the event but needed the book anyway.

There are other stuff we did but i'll share them shortly.

I'm curious, how would you feel If you sell 27,000 copies of your book and what is holding you from reaching that dream?

Leave your comment or question, I will reply everyone of them.


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  • Love the story my friend! I’m in the process of finishing my own book here soon and look forward to competing and seeing if I can out match you!


    • Johnson Emmanuel says:

      Sound great,Jonathan. Let me know if you need help along the way and do let me know how it turns out.

  • I wrote a book on crowdfunding Mr Johnson. I don’t know how to sell it. I know a lot of businesses in nigeria and overseas don’t still know much about crowdfunding or if they knew most of them don’t know how to go about it.

    I wrote the book not because i have reached my crowdfunding goals or ever successfully launched a campaign that did well. Infact, the campaign i did flopped and no single donation.

    But, i have been able to do a lot of reading and more research and even gathered more info on the reason why my campaign failed. So, i later wrote a book on how to raise money for your business through crowdfunding,

    My questions
    Am i fit to sell this ebook?
    can i also sell a high ticket coaching program? I have someone , a lady doing well in the crowdfunding industry who i can partner with and we work on projects . I know some people will want to pay me to help them organise their campaign.

    • Johnson Emmanuel says:

      Yes, you can sell it as an ebook. People will buy so long you have rich content. I’ve seen people buy ebook for $100. What matters is the information. You can sell high ticket programs if you have the skill. You may start by getting our international best selling book.

      Let me know if you need more help.

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