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How To Charge More

How To Charge 10X More Than Your Biggest Competitors (And Still Have A Long Queue Of Customers Begging To Pay)How do you charge more than your biggest competitors, and you'll still have a long queue of customers waiting to buy?When I say more, I mean "more".Maybe 3X, 10X or even 100X more.And oh, I know the next thing that's going to crop up on your mind, "Is this for real?"I get the skepticism but...Yes, it is!The funny thing is, many businesses do not understand this singular thing.If you understand this, ...
effective pricing

Effective Pricing

How Effective Pricing Explodes Your Profits, and Your CompanyLet me tell you one ‘secret’, and I really need you to listen very carefully…What is the most singular thing (or element) that makes a huge fundamental difference in a company?I mean, here is a company that just got started, and in less than 5years, they are doing nearly 9figures in revenue…Of course, 9 figures in USD, not naira.What do you think is the big ‘growth element?’The # of customers they have?The type of product they sell?Their unique way of communicating their ...
The pricing strategies that grows cashflow

Pricing Strategies That Grows Profit.

How To Craft Pricing Strategies That Explode Profit, and Guarantees Predictable Cashflow"Johnson, how do we develop pricing strategies that grows revenue, and profit, while maintaining consistent cashflow?How do you craft pricing strategies that ACTUALLY maximizes (and explode) your profit?Some years back, I was asked a question, during a live video show.It was spontaneous and came from one of the persons in the audience.What to know what the question is?"Johnson, I have an option to sell something for a monthly fee of $1,5000 or a one-time fee of $9,000 for 6months ...
business mentorship by Johnson Emmanuel

Find Business Mentor

How To Find A Business Mentor That GROWS Your Business, and Transforms Your LifeIf you really, really want to transform your life, and business, this piece is a MUST READ.And that isn’t just an ordinary claim, it is fact.Finding a business mentor could be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make in your life, and I’ll tell you why.94% of successful, self-made business people say that one thing that completely changes their lives is mentorship.In 2012, one of my companies was doing extremely well.I was excited, and felt, “Kill ...
multiple revenue streams by Johnson Emmanuel

How To Increase Revenue Generation

Revenue Growth Formula: How To Discover, Tap and Increase Revenue Generation...A Personal Experience What's one of the top goals of most businesses?'How to increase revenue generation?"So, since revenue growth is such a big topic...Want to discover untapped revenue streams within your business, or what is the best revenue growth formula?And oh yes, there's a revenue growth formula but...Today, I’m going to share some “backroom” stuff.First, what do i mean by 'revenue generation?'.It's the process of planning, harvesting and increasing revenue generation for your company.Enough said, here's a real personal business ...

Modern Marketing Commandments

25 NEW Marketing Commandments To WIN BIG IN 2022 Ready to crush 2022 in a way you've never done ever? Then, you must pay close attention to these modern marketing commandments. When it comes to marketing, I'm a huge believer in RIO, i believe that you shouldn't run any marketing campaign that will not yield a strong RIO. That's why I wrote out my Growth Marketing manifestoes. You see, there are fundamentals, if you want your ad campaigns to yield results. I'm tired of seeing people screaming "my ad is ...
Market Differentiation:

Market Differentiation

Market Differentiation: How To Stand Out, Outsell Your Biggest Competitors...Even In A Rowdy & Saturated Market Over the last months, I did a lot of thinking and reading about differentiation, and it's flipside - sameness. Here's a summary of how I think about it. Differentiation is about standing out from the noise, and giving people a reason to choose you over others. You’d think companies would be all about that. Curiously, not so much. In fact, it’s the opposite—the world has a massive sameness problem. Sameness is the default for ...

How To Generate High Ticket Clients On Demand.

How To Generate High Ticket Clients On Demand. When i say high ticket clients, I mean... High networth clients. Premium clients or what i call Deep Pocket Clients. Look, some businesses are going to fail. Not because people don't want what they sell. Infact, alot of people want it. NOT because of low quality, quality might be the highest but a fellow with a crappy product might just be smiling to the bank. WHY? Now, listen carefully... Your business model will make or mar you. Alot of people work really ...


Derin Ogunmola

Founder,  Dorothy David Consulting

When it comes to marketing, Johnson Emmanuel knows his onion. His passion for marketing and business growth is infectious. It's really a privilege working with him

Who is Johnson Emmanuel?

Johnson Emmanuel is known as the most sought after Business Growth & Marketing strategist in Africa.

He is famous for creating wildly Profitable & successful  online marketing strategies that  resulted in massive customers acquisition and Rapid revenue growth for his clients...  

Johnson has also developed some of the most wildly successful digital marketing campaigns that has generated multiple millions of dollars for business owners, entrepreneurs and CEOs in 19 different industries...


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