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You missed out!

Join Me LIVE at BIG PROFITS & BIG MONEY Bootcamp, May 10-13, 2021!


APPLY NOW By Submitting Your Fully-Refundable N20,000 (or $100 if outside Nigeria) Application Deposit Below

How To Generate High-Paying Clients That Will Make You BIG Profits & BIG Money.

Here’s What You’ll Get at the BIG PROFITS  & BIG MONEY Bootcamp:

LIVE Virtual Training Experience

We’ll go step-by-step, using the "Magnetic Offers Protocol" to create your compelling offers so that big paying clients will pay you without any hassle:

We'd use the "Perfect Pricing" framework to pick the perfect price for your product so that you can easily hit you big revenue goals.

We'd use the "96/4 Method" to identify the exact clients who are starving to pay you big money, right now.

Plus, we’ll build your own high-paying clients funnel so you can easily generate clients, anytime, you want...

and I’ll show you how to easily, effortlessly close high-paying clients without hassle.

Dedicated Implementation Sessions

This is an implementation-focused event so there will be plenty of time to actually DO the work, right then and there.

Focus and Accountability

Team Johnson and our inhouse specialists will be there to help you focus, stay on task, and take it over the finish line!

1:1 Coaching Support
If you have specific questions, you’ll be able to chat 1:1 with my team to get help and support.



How To Use The "Magic Offer Protocol" To Create Irresistible Offers That Makes BIG Money.


No Offer? No Problem: How to Create a High-Value, Low-Stress High-Ticket Offer that’s SO GOOD it Gets People Begging to Buy from You…

  • How to create a magic offer that is a that customers love, and pay big money for…
  • How to ensure your magic offer goes to the right people who will pay you effortlessly.
  • How to come up with what to offer, even if you’re having trouble coming up with your own big idea…
  • What to include in your offer to justify the high-price, (including how & why customers who pay big money expect different things than those who pay low fees…)
  • How to package your offer so that it is compelling to big-money spenders, so they cant resist you.
  • How to move away from selling your time for money and building a pricing model that allows you build a small business that makes big profits and big money…
  • And much MUCH more…


Ultimate High-Paying Clients Funnel TEMPLATE/Pages

Value: N2,000,000

No Clients? No Problem: The Ultimate High-Paying Clients Funnel for 2021 and Beyond Already Pre-Built FOR You…

This is the exact templates you'll use to begin to generate your own high paying clients, almost immediately, all done for you.

  • With this Template, all you need to do is change the colors if you’d like, make a few copy tweaks (which we’ll be doing together AT the bootcamp…) and you are DONE…
  • And if you’re not TECHIE, you’re going to LOVE having this all completely pre-built for you…
  • Everything from FUNNEL PAGES… To your 3Ps APPLICATION Page it’s all pre-built, pre-created and pre-loaded into your account.
  • The amount of TIME… EFFORT… ENERGY… MONEY and GUESSWORK that this will save you from having to build this all out yourself is PRICELESS…
  • In fact, you’ll be able to USE this funnel while the bootcamp is still happening, and potentially generate leads for your high-ticket offer before the bootcamp is even over!
  • That’s how EASY this template makes things…


RIO Traffic Templates

Value: N850,000

Do you know there's a secrets?

Our clients spend $1 on ads, and they often get as high as $20 back, as RIO.

Imagine spending $10 on ads, and making sales worth $200 or more

We'd GIVE you our RIO Traffic Templates to deploy, and start generating big money paying clients, everyday.

This alone is priceless.


Ultimate BIG Money Making SELLING SYSTEM

Value: $7,000

No Experience? No Problem! Get the Actual, Internal Fool-Proof System We Use to Close High-Ticket Sales (Including Our Actual High-Ticket Sales Scripts, Tracking Sheets, Objection-Busting Checklists, & More!

  • Having a script like this makes it easy to handle questions that come up when you’re on the phone, especially if it scares you or makes you nervous OR you sometimes struggle to get the words out of your mouth…
  • How to explain your offer so that it’s differentiated from what your peers or competitors might be offering…
  • How to talk/write/sell to an emotion-driven audience that doesn’t come across as “selling”…
  • How to be both caring and sincere so that you’re actually thinking about your potential client’s needs…
  • How to filter out more people before you attempt to get on the phone with them to increase answered calls and conversions…
  • PLUS: How to follow this system to find and train OTHER people to handle all your sales calls for you…
 And much MUCH more…

REVEALED for the FIRST-TIME Ever: Our ENTIRE SECRET INTERNAL High Ticket "Client-Getting Playbook" The ENTIRE Internal Playbook We Use to Find, Attract, & Generate a Constant, Steady Stream of High-Ticket Leads & How We Convert those Leads into Paying Clients Step-by-Step…

$10,000 Value!

Create and Sell Your Own High-Ticket Offer in Just 3 Days!

  • A LIVE, Virtual 3-day Experience where we’ll map out every piece of your High Ticket Offer with Personalized, Step-by-Step, Detailed Feedback…
  • Craft your offer, decide on pricing, build out your funnel, and get the script to close high-ticket sales with the exact language to use!
  • Intimate special opportunity with limited remaining spots available...
  • Join me and my team for breakout small group sessions, 1:1 coaching opportunities, and more!
  • BONUS #1: Irresistible High-Ticket Offer Blueprint
    (N1,800,000 value)
  • BONUS #2: Ultimate High-Ticket Funnel TEMPLATE (N2,000,000 value)
  • BONUS #3: Ultimate High-Ticket SELLING SYSTEM ($7,000 value)
  • FAST ACTION SUPER BONUS: Our ENTIRE SECRET INTERNAL High Ticket “Client-Getting Playbook” We Use to Find, Attract, & Generate a Constant, Steady Stream of High-Ticket Leads & How We Convert those Leads into Paying Clients Step-by-Step…
    ($10,000 value)
  • Get PRE-EVENT access to my team of Tech & Marketing Experts.


Dates: May 10-13, 2021

You get a total value of N6,500,000 for just N235,000 ONLY!


APPLY NOW By Submitting Your Fully-Refundable N20,000 Application Deposit Below TODAY

*NOTE: I initially wanted to take just 8 people for this program, but due to demand, we raised it to 15 people. IF we'd ever offer this program again( which is most unlikely due to time limitation), it'll be N1,250,000. So, today is a good day to dive in.

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