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You missed out!

How To Effortlessly Write One Book   That Continuously Generates Affluent (and Corporate) Clients Who Pay A Minimum of 7Figures...

Even if you have not written a book before, even if you're NOT sure what topic to write on, guarantee!


Hello friend!

I'm sure you're reading this because you saw the headline, right?

Anyway, it is true...

If you want to immediately position yourself as the authority in your market place, even if you dont have a huge social media following (like me)...

And you want to ATTRACT clients who will pay you hefty sum, and you want them continuously, you'll like this.

Did you notice what I just said?

I said "Attract" clients.

You know, there's a difference between "attracting" clients and "chasing" them.

When you write a book (the way I'm going to teach you), because that book positions you as an authority, you'll ATTRACT clients.

You dont chase them, they come to you.

Because they came to you, price is NOT an issue.

You wont need to spend time debating price and trying to justify your price.

You tell them, they just say "can I have your account number, please?"

How does that sound?

It is true, it has happened to me severally.

My "Write One Book" Story.

Before I tell you my story, let me quickly say this...

What I'm going to show you has NOTHING to do with writing a book or anything like that.

I mean, just go to Google right now, you'd find millions upon millions of material that shows you how to write a book.

BUT the thing is, most of those guys are broke...

Most professional authors are broke.


They wrote their book because they want to be rich, and they think that the quickest path to wealth is by writing and publishing books.

Believe me, that is the slow path to death, don't do it.

What I'm going to teach you is how you can get affluent clients who will pay you good money, but we're using your book as the vehicle to get those clients, coming to you, instead of you chasing them.

Can you spot difference?

Infact, there are some people who got my book without paying a dime, but as soon as they read it, they love it, and quickly brought us in as their consultants.

It is not about selling book, it is about making good money.

In 2012, I wrote my first book.

I wont lie, I was excited.

My entire family members and friends were proud of me.

I had read it severally online that once you write a book, money will start flowing into your account.

So, immediately, I started writing my first book, and published it on Amazon.

You needed to see the way I was jumping up and down, I didn't allow anyone to hear word.

I was so excited that finally, I'm now an author, and money will start flowing.

Then, about 12hours later, something happen...

Amazon told me that the book was a best-seller in 3 categories.

Oh, my God!

Look, back then, it was a very big deal.

It was like a badge of honor.

The news took my celebration to the next level, and I brandished my best-selling author's title to anyone.

My thinking was that "so, money will start flowing now".

Boy, I was dead wrong.

Yes, I wrote a book.

Yes, I was a best-selling author but they never translated to real money for me.

So, was I lied to?

I was not deceived at all.

The guys who said your book can actually generate you clients were right, but they didn't tell you the whole truth.

They didn't know how to do it correctly.

How  Do I Know?

Great question!

When I was to write my second book, I looked at all the mistakes I made, and promised myself I will never make them again.

They were costly mistakes and it took me years to realize them. 

You're lucky because you're reading this, so you don't have to make mistake. The smart man is the one who learns from his own mistake...


The smart man is the one who learns from other people's mistake.

So, you going to learn from me so you never make those stupid mistakes I made.

Anyway, when I wrote my second book, i flipped my entire strategy, and guess what happened...

2,000 Copies Sold Before I Even Started Writing.

As a matter of fact, I wasn't even sure what the title of the book would be, I wasn't sure about many things, yet we sold 2,000 copies before I eve put pen to paper.

As soon as I saw that 2,000 already paid, and I gave them deadline to pickup their books, I had no option than produce the book.

Yes, we made good money selling the book because we sold thousands upon thousands to people globally.

Yes, I'm pound of the numbers we sold, huge figures but...

Naturally, you'd say selling over 30,000 copies of your book in 3years is a huge success, but looking back, it wasn't.

Look, there's a "how" to writing a book that truly wins BIG clients.

Don't let anyone deceive you, there are secrets to these things, and if you don't calm down, swallow your pride, and learn, you'll pay direly for your mistake.

Personally, I believe in working with one client that pays me 10million than working with 40 clients that pay 250,000 each.

Working with clients like that will help you make alot of money, and your entire business will explode, fast.

How do I know?


I'm the king of premium clients attraction.

When I wrote my latest book, Deep Pocket Clients.

I was stunned.

People loved it like crazy.

While the book has NOT sold like my second book, it has by far made me alot more money than my second book.

People get the book, they love it, and the next thing...

"Do you offer consulting?"

"Can you come and consult for our team?"

"Can you coach us"

"Can you train our team".

What's going on here?

These are people I have not known previously.

They're not asking for my CV or anything like that, why?

The book has already done all the work for me. ALL OF IT.

BUT, NOT all book can do that.

It is not about just writing a book to sell, it is about writing a book that wins BIG deals for you, there's a great difference.

In my latest book, there are some 5 secrets elements that I added in the book, even if you bought the book, you wont see it until I pin-point them to you.

Those "5 secret elements" are the game changers.

It is why clients will pay me hefty and healthy 7figures, and even 8figures, as a result of the book.

When I say "7figures", I'm not talking of 1million, something way better.

So, I want to show you those "5 secret elements" that is making people pay me that much, and how to use it so you get paid very well

I'm releasing a special AUDIO PROGRAM + "Book To Clients Report".

So, that is a two in one!

Audio and a special report.

Why audio?

Because you can plug it into your eyes as you drive, you can play it in your car, or anywhere at all.

And the special report to help you internalize things.

Here's A Few Tips Of What You'll Learn...

  • How To come up with a book idea that will naturally attract customers with deep pockets, repel broke buyers, and attract only affluent clients.
  • How to use a simple book to build a business that thrives even in pandemic or recession, no matter what type of business you do, no matter your price point.
  • How to write a book that people actually LOVE to read. (HINT: This is the difference between a sucking book, and a book that generates affluent clients. This is 70% of the battle)
  • The easiest way to guarantee ateast 100 customers will buy BEFORE writing the book.
  • How to "test the market" to ensure your book doesn't fail both in the long and short run.
  • How to make your book your sales machine so that clients will apply to work with you, without YOU uttering a single word
  • How to write the book so that your dream clients will value it, and beg to work with you.
  • How to start and finish your book in 30days or less.
  • The  critical 5 secrets elements you must add to your book, or you'll never get those affluent clients who pay really, really well.
  • The 2 major mistakes authors make, and why you MUST avoid it (HINT: If you dont, you'll attract clients who will only love your book, but they'll not pay you)
  • Why NOW is the best time to write a book, or else, you suffer in the hands of your competitors.
  • The EXACT type of book to write now, and the perfect number of pages.
  • How to present and position your book so that the clients will sell themselves to you, instead of you selling yourself to them (HINT: Once you master this, you'll never ever debate on price, never)


So, how much do you think i'd sell this?


Yes, N100,000.

BUT, I wont sell it at that price.

Infact, I'm adding some crazy bonuses to it.

Bonus #1: The exact simple "book funnel" that generate affluent clients for us, and how you can copy us.

I didn't want to add this one, but I just decided to do it in the last minute. You'll get the exact "book funnels" I personally use. 

Value: N75,000

Bonus #2: The exact simple "email template" that sold 2,000 copies of my book before we wrote a single word.

Again, I didn't want to add this one, but I just decided to do. You'll get the exact email script, just edit name and use.

 Value; N37,000

Total value: N212,000


If you pre-order today, you'll get 48hours, and at the craziest price ever.

Just N12,500.

money back


60 day guarantee

100% Money Back Guarantee for 60-Days

The risk is on me 100%!

Get the program, do everything it ask you to do, and if you don't get result, show us that you did the work, and we'd refund you without a question. Yes, it is that simple.

The bad news...

This is only available for the next 48hours at this price. And it a pre-order that will be delivered in 48hours.

Once the timer reaches zero, It'll not longer be pre-order, and I'll raise the price to N75,000.

If you have followed me long enough, you already know i mean what I say. If i say a thing is going away, it is going.

NOT some stupid marketing gimmick.

So, the best thing to do now is click the link to grab it, and you'll thank me for many years to come.

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