The Accelerators!

An 8 Week, PLATINUM COACHING & MENTORING PROGRAM, Where We Will Help You Develop (And SELL) Your Products & Services, Secure Your Future, And (Best Part) Never Run Out of  High Paying Clients Again…

In 8weeks, we will work with you to have all the clients attraction systems you need so that you can quickly grow your business. 

This program is focused on sales acceleration and revenue growth is and it is customized to suit your specific need and market,nothing generic.

It is strictly for people who want to take their businesses to the 'next level'.

This program is 8weeks but before we go any further, meet some of our amazing clients and students.

Ok, let's go into what you are going to get for this 8weeks.

Mind you, class starts On September 12,2018.

This is just a tip of the iceberg of what you will be learning during this 8weeks.

Week 1: Plotting your income goal

Week 2: Identifying and mapping out your best paying customers who are willing and ABLE to pay you high fees.

Week 3: Creating your irresistible offers and pricing. Offers that are both irresistible and unbeatable so that your prospects will always say ‘yes’ to your every single time.

Week 4: Building your entire clients attraction systems and machines so that we can attract clients on autopilot.

Week 5: Setting up your email sequences and followup systems so that we can convert clients who say ‘no’ to ‘yes’ on autopilot.

Week 6: Automated Systems & Leveraging Your Time For Scaling Your Business

Week 7: Paid Traffic (eg Facebook, youtube ads  and adwords) & Client Acquisition

Week 8: Doubling down on week 7 and customer satisfaction strategies and systems.

Mind you, this is just a tip of the iceberg. Also note that, everything we shall be doing will be specifically for you,customized to suit your need.

Johnson grew my business by 306%...

Johnson Emmanuel is what i will call a 'marketing beast'. He grew my business by 306%. Listen to Johnson. Do everything you can to have him work with you. If he agrees to work with you, he can deliver massive result within a short time. Again, Johnson is a marketing beast!

J'ine-Cerundolo  //  Holistic & Life coach

Johnson is a 'must have' business consultant

...Johnson immediately grasped our complex business model, which is not so easy for most so called consultants. In minutes, he was able to suggest legitimate business methods to raise our profit margins, without making us uncompetitive.

Johnson is a 'must have' business consultant. I will certainly work with him again in the near future.

Dr. Sami Fab  //  ​ CEO, Lake Libery

This program is result focused, no BS!

We are  100% focused on revenue growth.

Here's the value of the program and bonuses

The Accelerators 8weeks coaching program. Value =$5,000


  • Weekly Q&A Consulting – every week to keep you on track and fix any challenge. Value = $3,000
  • The 'LHF' revenue growth tools- the goal of this tool is to help you identified and get hidden revenue and profit centers within your business without spending a dime on advertising.

Value= $1,500

  • Facebook ad template to help you launch successful facebook ad campaigns.


  • Email Copies. You'll have be able to swipe our email copies to help you convert total strangers to raving fans.

Value = $997

Total Value = $10,994

But between now and Sepetmber 12,2018....

You can get the entire program for a one time payment of $3,500 or 3 payments of $1,500 each($1,500 today, and balance up in 6weeks) 

Our clients and students get life changing results like this one below...

Top Digital marketers in lagos Nigeria
Johnson Emmanuel
Johnson Emmanuel
Johnson Emmanuel

Elera Nwogu

CEO,  A'Dimes Symphony

Our Company was going through serious challenges. We had sink in over 25Million naira but nothing to show for it. I had to take a leap of faith to fly to Lagos from PH to go meet Johnson Emmanuel and that singular decision saved our business. We are still reaping the benefit of people who came to us through his marketing strategy , it would never have been possible without his help. Thank you so much, mentor of mentors, it’s a privileged knowing you.

Here's How To  Join the program now...

There are two ways to join this program...

Option #1:  You save $300 when you take this option. So,instead of investing $3,500, you pay $3,300 (save $300). Make direct wire or bank transfer to...

Account Name: Clickable Resources

Account number: 0152682070

Bank Name: Guaranteed Trust Bank PLC

Swift code: GTBINGLA

Sort code: 058215054

Bank address: Lagos,Nigeria

Option #2: Make a one time payment of $3,500 or 3 installment of $1,500 to this Paypal email address.

     Paypal account name: Alex Oguama


The accelerators  is for result focused people who want to take their lives and businesses to the 'next level'.

It is a coaching program that is practical, straight to the point, no BS program.

The BAD news is that training starts on September 12,2018 and runs all through  Nov. 7,2018.

Although, it is 8weeks program but we always give our clients 'post program' support.

Great Job , Johnson! I just closed the third sales in 6days at $5,000 each. Dude, this is Awesome! Your system works like gangbusters. Thanks for your help.

R.Chauhan, Webdeveloper

On our way to $2 million...

"I signed up for the Johnson Emmanuel's 'The accelerators' Business coaching program because I needed more clients. I remember signing up and not even knowing how I would pay for it. Two months later, I had made just over $80,000 dollars by embracing a no-excuses approach.  we took on a team, developed systems, launched a group program and began road shows. That year (2016), we made just less than $900,000 dollars.

What's really exciting is that I know how much money we will make in the next 12 months already. We will make nearly 2 million dollars."

Katie L.  Bradley

adaugo julia ugo

Quick & unbelievable results...

I believe Johnson Emmanuel is the best marketing expert I have seen so far. He’s passionate, plain, smart and very frank.  He produces quick  and unbelievable results. As a result of working with his marketing   firm, I see a 500% growth in revenue . Mr Emmanuel will push you until you succeed. I LOVE him!

Adaugo Ugo  //  CEO, Dafalcon's Place


NOTE: Every single day, we spend 15,406 united states dollars of our money and our clients money on paid traffic (majorly Facebook ads). While we would have loved to show you samples of these ads, we cannot do it due to the contract we have with our clients. As we start working together, you can also be sure that we will not reveal the kind of ads you are running to anyone.


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