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I call him the 'marketing beast'. He grew my business by 306%. If he agrees to work with you, he can deliver massive result within a short time. I highly recommend Johnson and his team.

Jaenin Cerud, CEO, Thrive.

The guys that skyrocketed our client closing rate to  60-70%%!

 Benito Bordoyi, Traffic Specialist

Benito Bordoy

Hi Johnson , it's official! We finally have a 6-figure month. $113k month. Dude, you just helped me restore back my confidence. 

Rushang Chauhan, Technology provider

They built our most trusted system for selling our highest-value package! Solid team. Solid leader!

 Miriam Khalladi, VP, Marketing @ Garten.

Johnson immediately grasped our complex business model, which is not so easy for most so called consultants.  He developed a method that got us over $1mil in revenue, without making us uncompetitive.  Johnson is a 'must have' business consultant

Dr. Sami Fab  // CEO, Lake Libery

Johnson's marketing advice are gamechanging!

David Raph , CEO, Public Media Marketing

David Raph

The team here understands the psychology of high-valued clients, and they know how to lock them in. We needed help bringing in high-valued clients to help you shorn up revenue, Johnson and his team made it happen! Big kudos!

Bryan Subreto, Consultant.

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