Deploy this 'Tightening the Nozzle' Method to Acquire High-Paying Clients Who Pay $15,000 or More - Irrespective of Your Product or Market

Can anyone acquire high-paying clients regardless of what they sell or what market they serve, even if they just got started last week?

The answer is a resounding YES!

I charged $15K AND $350/month for a minimum of 12 months to join my highest-level program until I recently stopped it because it was taking so much of my time but...

Here's the thing;

Anyone can charge even way more IF...

You listen to what I'm about to say.

I must add...

that we run two ad agencies that clients pay as much as $150K/year.

Here are a few things that have helped me.

1. Sell to "easy win" clients. If a client is going to pay you that much, he needs to see a clear ROI route.

Who's an "easy win" client?

For me, that person must meet some minimum qualifications.

A: He’s already getting some results and I’m basically coming to help him fly higher and faster.

“Result” here could mean different things.

For example, he’s already running ads. It could be on maybe Facebook and his conversions are like 3%, I could easily take that to 10%.

It could be that he’s running ads on TV but neglecting LinkedIn.

In the second example, maybe everything is working great but currently, his sales call-to-client conversion rate is 5%.

At a 5% close rate, he’s doing around $150K/year in revenue. I could easily improve that close rate to 15%.

By doing that, I’ve tripled his revenue without stress.

It’s not like a 15% close rate is fantastic but that it has already 3x the entire business.

As we keep progressing, we could then move from 15% to 25% and more.

By growing from 5% to 25%, we have 5x that business, taking it from $150K/year to  $750K.

Can you see that?

And oh, we’re not done yet…

We are barely scratching the surface.

For me, a client that has leverage is an easy-win client.

Now, compare that to a client who doesn’t have money to run ads or who doesn't even believe in it.

Of course, getting that client result will be crazy and near impossible.

2: High leverage clients bring the biggest money.

The reason I can charge what I charge is because I show clients the route to an outstanding ROI.

If a client knows that if they pay me $20K, they will get 5x of that in the next few months, they will pay me without hesitation.


It is an investment, not an expense.

If my client is selling stuff for $100, I will need to work my ass off to help that client get results.

Let me prove it;

If I charge $20K, to help that client get back that $20 I’m paid, I’ll need to help him make 2,000 sales.

Remember, these 2,000 sales are just to make the fees I’m paid but…

If the client is selling a $3K package, if I help you sell 50, he’s already doing $150K.

Aside from the $20K fees paid, he’s made an extra $130K.

Can you imagine that?

How many sales did I make?

NOT 2,000…

NOT 1,0000

Just 50.

Do you know it is way easier to make a $3K sale than a $100 sale?

Now, I can imagine the way you’re rolling your eyes but it’s the truth. I can tell you that because…

We literally wrote the book, Deep Pocket Clients.

Secondly, a $100 client probably has time but doesn't have money while a $3K client probably has money and no time.

Your mistake is that you’re selling to folks who DON’T have money but have plenty of time.

3: Intense Rejection creates wealth for anyone.

I know you’re wondering, what does this even mean?

Back in the day, If I wanted to sell to rich folks, I could easily target rich neighbourhoods on Facebook and sell to them.

And it worked….

Until it stopped working.

Think about it…

That a person lives in a rich neighborhood doesn’t necessarily mean that the person is rich OR…

A person might be rich but that doesn’t even mean they want what you sell.

For me, I love it when people raise their hands and digitally scream “I want this”...

Then and only then will they be able to even hear what I sell.

For us, we reject the people that we feel are not perfect for us through our filtration marketing system.

They never even get the chance to get to our sales team. The marketing guys have a system that automatically rejects these guys.

The more we did this, the more we saw a pattern…

Which is that, the more we rejected the wrong people, the more we attracted the right ones, and…

Our clients’ conversion rates jumped through the roof. In some months, we did as high as 80% close rate.

While most people believe in “basket marketing” which is, allowing everyone to pass through, and hopefully, they’ll be able to catch a few…

I believe in “tighten the nozzle” marketing, which means, allowing the best people to go through, while the others stay out.

That way, our sales guys are not overworked, and our prospects-to-clients conversion rate stays high.

Before I run away, I must add that there are other mix that I didn’t include like the magic offer system, and many more.

Anyone can get their sales appointment calendar filled up with hyper-ready prospects who spend big money.

Anyone can convert prospects on their sales appointment by 60%+, and if you’re not currently doing so…

It’s probably not the fault of the prospects, it’s probably the quality of a number of things.

Want 15+ daily sales appointments from pre-sold, high-paying buyers?

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