Want to start a new business? These 7 Questions Will Help You Launch A Multi-Million Dollar Business.

The life that you want, the family that you want, the happiness that you seek, the money that you want to make all these will be fueled by the business you build.

You are currently working but really want to fire your boss or maybe you already have a business but want multiple streams of income but you not sure about what business to start.

Most people struggle to come up with ideas that will help them launch a thriving business, that shouldn’t be the case.

What if I tell you that you already have a million dollar business ideas inside of you, would you believe me?

You already have a million dollar business ideas inside of you

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To help you, I’m going to take you through a simple exercise and hopefully at the end of this ‘short exercise’, you’ll be able to have ‘blasting’ business ideas to start a new business that will help you launch a business.

Believe me, launching a highly profitable online business is very easy, dont over think it.

There are a series of questions you should ask yourself and depending on the answer you get, you’ll be able to launch your own highly profitable online business.

If you want to do a business that will make you a fortune, impact the lives of hundreds, thousands or even millions of people and leave your name in the sand of time, answer this questions correctly, and please, don’t lie to yourself.

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Once you think deep about this questions and provide the answers, you’ll be able to help start a new business without getting a loan from the bank.

Like I already told you, you have all the ideas inside of you, my goal today is to help you ‘bring them out’ so that you’ll see them.

#1: What Do You Love Doing?

As a person, there must be something that you enjoy doing, I mean things that you would do all day long and be happy even if you’re not paid to do it.

I have a friend who loves cooking, she can spend all her days in the kitchen.

She enjoys serving people good food.

She goes to the market, buys the food and cooks.

So, we got talking, and I helped her turn that ‘love’ into a business.

What do you love doing?

What can you do for hours without getting tired?

List all of them out, there’s a business there.

Don’t underestimate idea, no matter how small or weird it may seem, just list them out.

#2: What Hobbies Do You Have?

A hobby is something you do regularly for leisure.

To someone, it could be ‘walking’ the dog, to another person, it could be something else.

What is it that you enjoy doing at your leisure time?

There’s a million dollar business inside that thing you do for rest.

That thing that looks like a joke to you, there’s a business inside of it.

Take your pen and paper and list them out because a business will be born out of that your hobby.

#3: What Irritates You As A Consumer?

I’m not sure about you but for me, one of the things that get me angry as a consumer is shabby customer care service by businesses and many companies in Nigeria and elsewhere in the world.

Now, if I notice that most businesses do not provide good customers service, what kind of service will I want them to provide?

Then, it is now time to sell that kind of service to them and help them business grow more while also helping myself launch a new business.

In life, it is all about solving a problem and getting paid to solve a problem.

The reward you get is tied to the problem you solve.

So, what is it that gets your angry as a shopper, list those things out and you can build your business around it.

So, list out 7 things that irritate you when you go shopping.

#4: How Can You Help People Save More Time?

One thing we don’t have in abundance is time.

When you lose money, you can make another one but when you lose time, you will never ever get it back, never.

What do you think to differentiate the rich from the poor, the rich manage their time very well but the poor don’t, they waste their time on ‘useless’ things?

So, how can you help other people save more time?

Is there a way you can help people save time?

Michael Hyatt is a top productivity coach, he’s built a multi-million dollar business helping people save time.

If you check the internet, there are millions of productivity apps, why do people get these apps? They do because they want to save time.

They don’t just want to work, they want to spend their time wisely.

So, list out all the ways you can help someone save time.

#5: What Life Experience Do You Have That Will Help People?

One of my clients suffered from cancer. He almost died. When he shared the story with me, he said, ‘I just couldn’t die’.

He shattered cancer without any form of Chemos and all those things, today, he’s living a great life. That is his own life experience and he’s also helping other people living with cancer to overcome the sickness.

Another student of mine had a failed marriage and she later realized that the marriage failed because of her.

She took responsibility and today, she’s helping other people NOT to make the kind of mistake she made.

One of my students, Priscilla Obiye Canice had two caesarian sections in 12 months. That became her life experience and she launched a business with that immediately.

Today, she has turned that painful negative experience into a business.

All these are life experiences that gave birth to a new business.

No matter your experience in life, good or bad, it could be turned into a highly profitable business that will reward you financially and also transform the lives of others, which to me is priceless.

#6: What Do You Think People Tolerate-But Don’t Need To?

Take a closer look, what do you think a lot of people suffer-but don’t need to suffer?

How can you help them NOT suffer it?

Check our societies today, you will see that a lot of people suffer a lot of things that they don’t need to suffer.

For example, people suffer poverty yet they don’t need to suffer it.

People suffer relationship challenges that they don’t need to suffer, how can you help them NOT suffer this?

People are suffering so many things in silence, how can you help them solve that problem?

#7: What Can You Do To Make People Happy & Feel Fulfilled In Their Lives?

Take a close look at yourself, do you have people around you that you can make happy?

People need HAPPINESS, they will pay you anything if you can make them happy.

May be the man or woman is about going through a divorce process, how can you help them find happiness?

I'm sure you have made someone happy and feel relieved before, there's a business to be made.

Making people happy is pretty simple because people are happy for different reasons.

Some people are happy because they find love-so, can you help them find love?

Some people are happy because they got a new job-can you help them get a new job?

Conclusively, these 7 questions may look extremely simple but people have built mega businesses by answering them.

What you should do is that you should take each of them, list out atleast 7 possible answers to the questions, you would comeup with an idea of a new business.

Spend atleast 25 minutes on each of this question, come up with as many answers as possible, the one that resonates more with you could be your multi-million dollar business.

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Meanwhile, what question or comment do you have about what I this post, drop them in the box below, I'll personally respond.


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